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How ShipBob Works


1. Connect

Connect your store, import your products, then send us your inventory.


2. Store

We store your inventory in any combination of our fulfillment centers.


3. Ship

As soon as a customer places an order, we ship it from the nearest fulfillment center.

How ShipBob serves the US

Broadening your customer base across the US presents a huge opportunity for your business, but it can also raise unique challenges that impact your order fulfillment strategy and growth potential. 

To do this successfully, you need to be able to ship across the country — from Portland, Maine and Los Angeles, California; to Chicago, Illinois and New Orleans, Louisiana — quickly and affordably.

Say your fulfillment center is located in New York City. Orders from East Coast customers will be relatively inexpensive to ship since your fulfillment center is located on the East Coast. But what about when someone places an order from the West Coast? Those packages will cross more shipping zones, will be much more expensive to ship, and will take longer to deliver. 

That is, unless you use multiple fulfillment centers. ShipBob’s unique distributed inventory model consists of storing your inventory in fulfillment centers located in different areas of the US, so your products never have to travel too far. 

Each order is automatically shipped from the fulfillment center closest to the customer, and the result is lower shipping costs and faster deliveries.

ShipBob doesn’t stop there. We’re a full-service 3PL with proprietary technology that’s loaded with valuable features and tools for ecommerce businesses. Read on and see how we can transform your business and make your US fulfillment more efficient than ever. 

Hear from a ShipBob customer

After partnering with ShipBob, BAKblade was able to grow their business by easily managing inventory across multiple ShipBob fulfillment centers. 

“We have access to live inventory management, knowing exactly how many units we have in Texas vs. Chicago vs. New York. It not only helps with our overall process in managing and making sure our inventory levels are balanced but also for tax purposes at the end of the year. ShipBob made that entire process very simplified for our accountants and us.”

Matt Dryfhout, Founder & CEO of BAKblade

How fulfillment with ShipBob works

Many ecommerce companies look at fulfillment as a costly and time-consuming burden. But ShipBob’s goal is to help ecommerce businesses be more successful online, and we do this by simplifying the retail order fulfillment process. Here’s how it works: 

  • Start by syncing your store with ShipBob’s dashboard, so there is a two-way push of information, including order and SKU details sent from your online store, and order tracking sent from our carriers to your customers. 
  • Ship your products to a ShipBob fulfillment center(s). 
  • Picking lists are auto-generated at our fulfillment center with tracking info forwarded to the customer. 
  • Your packages are delivered faster and at a lower cost.

Here are other ways we help streamline the order fulfillment process: 

Manage your inventory

Staying on top of ecommerce warehousing is a big challenge for many ecommerce businesses. When counts don’t match physical product on the shelves, orders are delayed and business is lost.

With ShipBob, we keep your inventory secure and organized. We also let you check inventory counts in real-time and set reorder points from your ShipBob dashboard. 

Monitor order volume

It’s just as important that you stay on top of daily orders and can access order information quickly in case a customer has a question. 

ShipBob helps simplify the order management process. Through our dashboard, you can search and find information on specific orders easily and track packages in real-time.

Customize your packaging

No ecommerce brand wants the name of their fulfillment provider plastered all over their packages. With ShipBob, you get free white label service. (Our name only appears on the label.) You also have the option of using your own custom, branded packaging.

How fulfillment with ShipBob can help your business grow

ShipBob is a tech-enabled 3PL that helps businesses scale by simplifying the order fulfillment process. By partnering with ShipBob, you’re able to save time by outsourcing fulfillment, offer faster shipping, reduce cart abandonment, and make your shipping more cost-effective. 

Save time

The ins and outs of fulfillment can eat up a huge amount of time and manpower — two things that few up-and-coming ecommerce businesses have to spare. Outsourcing fulfillment allows you to redirect your time to more productive and profitable ventures. 

Sunglasses company, Rainbow OPTX, partnered with ShipBob and saved 120 hours each week packing boxes. The result? They grew 115% and more than doubled their order volume (while also seeing a 24% increase in AOV).

[Read the full case study]

Offer 2-day shipping

Amazon has set the standard with affordable 2-day shipping. When customers see affordable 2-day shipping they often convert at a higher rate. CBD company Nature’s Ultra was able to offer 2-day shipping to 100% of their customers after partnering with ShipBob, and have since experienced 9,900% year-over-year growth. 

[Read the full case study]

Reduce cart abandonment

Customers are more likely to ditch their cart if shipping rates are too high (or delivery times too long). Many of our customers see an uptick in sales and lower rates of cart abandonment after using multiple fulfillment centers and optimizing their shipping. 

Weighted blanket company, MyCalmBlanket, reduced cart abandonment by 18% after partnering with ShipBob. 

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ShipBob’s integrations and partners

Partner with ShipBob and you gain access to our extensive partnership network of plugins and ecommerce solutions that cover every area of ecommerce, including: 

Ecommerce stores:

Shipping partners: 

Crowdfunding platforms:

Packaging solutions:

Knowing the right time to outsource USA fulfillment

There are so many different components that go into fulfillment: picking and packing, order and inventory management, data and analytics. Partnering with a fulfillment company can help. But when is it time to outsource? How long should you self-fulfill orders

The answer is different for each business. Fulfillment companies can help solve numerous problems and gain efficiencies for your business in different ways. Here are some signs that a 3PL will be beneficial for your business:

  • Your order volume is increasing and your fulfillment team is struggling to keep up.
  • You are spending too much time picking orders and packing boxes. 
  • Your fulfillment team makes too many errors and you want to ensure orders are fulfilled as quickly and accurately as possible.
  • You are shipping cross-country from a single fulfillment center and want lower rates and faster deliveries. 

If you’ve seen any of these signs, then it might be time to partner with a 3PL. Learn how ShipBob can help grow your business.

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