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Ecommerce businesses often underestimate the importance of shipping. Regardless of how cool your site is or how unique your products are, if customers see excessively high shipping costs or long wait times in their shopping cart they tend to jump ship. The solution is to offer better shipping options, but how exactly do you do that? ShipBob is a third-party logistics (3PL) provider that has an answer.

The key to cheaper, faster shipping is to store your products closer to where your customers are located. While you can use any of ShipBob’s fulfillment centers across the globe (including the West Coast of the US to service the Western and Pacific Northwest portions of the United States), you can also use ShipBob’s global network of fulfillment centers and store your products in different regions based on how your customers are dispersed.

Shorter shipping distances means cheaper rates and faster deliveries. Our ecommerce clients report a range of benefits from being able to offer better shipping options, including increased average order value and reduced cart abandonment rate. Read on to see how we can do this for your ecommerce business in Portland, Oregon and beyond.

Hear from a ShipBob customer

“Using ShipBob’s 2-Day Express Shipping Program, which leverages ground shipping and is an inexpensive alternative to expedited air shipping, we’ve seen an 18% reduction in cart abandonment.”

Founder of My Calm Blanket

How it works

Order fulfillment with ShipBob is simple to set up. The first step is syncing your store with our technology, so we are notified when an order is placed on your site. Then, you ship your products to our fulfillment centers where we handle warehousing and inventory.

Orders are routed to the closest fulfillment center to the customer. Then, fulfillment professionals pick, pack, and ship the order. Your customers get faster shipping and you get ShipBob’s technology complete with oversight of each step of the process.

Portland order fulfillment services

ShipBob’s 3PL services come with a wealth of features in addition to end-to-end fulfillment, order management, and inventory management. Keep track of inventory and cut hours from your inventory accounting process. Our cutting-edge technology and customer support professionals make sure that every aspect of fulfillment goes smoothly.

Sync your ecommerce store with ShipBob

You don’t need any programming knowledge or resources to connect your store to ShipBob’s technology. Our platform is integrated with all leading ecommerce platforms, which lets you organize and streamline your inventory reporting and ecommerce fulfillment process.

Offer affordable, 2-day shipping

Offering 2-day shipping is a crucial decision-making consideration for ecommerce customers. ShipBob optimizes your shipping by giving you access to multiple fulfillment centers. With shorter shipping distances and lower inventory carrying costs, you can offer your customers better shipping options without overpaying yourself.

Get help from dedicated account managers and onsite support reps

We’re always there to make sure our technology and infrastructure is working for you. Enterprise customers get dedicated account managers, and you can contact onsite report reps at any time to resolve problems in real-time.

Choosing the best Portland 3PL

What makes ShipBob’s model special? We don’t settle for just shipping your products; We help your business grow. Here are a few examples of what we can do for you.

Convert sales more efficiently

Poor shipping options will lead customers to abandon their carts. My Calm Blanket, a company that sells weighted blankets, saw an 18% decrease in abandoned carts after partnering with ShipBob and offering 2-Day Express.

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Get better shipping rates

Following historic order data and storing your products closer to your customers means more cost-effective shipping: shorter shipping distances and transit times, and better rates. Bath bomb brand Bathorium partnered with ShipBob and reduced US shipping costs by 70%.

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ShipBob’s ecommerce integrations

Another way ShipBob optimizes Portland ecommerce fulfillment is by seamlessly plugging into your existing platform(s) and giving you access to a diverse partner network. Here’s a brief list of some of our partners in each area of ecommerce.


Ecommerce platforms


When is a third-party logistics provider right for your Portland ecommerce business?

Any business that doesn’t have the desire or inclination to fulfill orders in-house can benefit from a fulfillment company, but 3PLs provide the most value for ecommerce businesses that are experiencing growth. Here are some clues that your business may need a 3PL:

  • Your team spends too much time picking, packing, and shipping orders, or you are struggling to ship orders in a timely and accurate fashion
  • Your customers live far from where you are storing and shipping your products
  • Your warehouse is overpacked or disorganized, or your inventory levels don’t match product you have on hand
  • You lack an inventory or order management system
  • You are losing sales due to lack of shipping options

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