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Weekly insights into ShipBob’s performance, support times, carrier updates, and product releases.

ShipBob Shipping Status 

The data below is based on ShipBob’s standard ground carrier transit times from click-to-delivery, meaning the time it takes once an order is placed until the customer receives their order.

ShipBob Zone Index 

The data below is based on ShipBob’s standard ground carrier transit times from click-to-delivery broken out by shipping zones across the United States.

Receiving Times 

The data below shows how many business days it takes for ShipBob to identify inventory that arrives at our Fulfillment Centers and store it.

2-Day Shipping Performance

The data below is based on ShipBob’s standard ground carrier 2-day shipping performance percentage.

Support Performance 

The data below is a weekly snapshot of our customer support performance, including our time to first response and the time to full resolution.


Time to First Response

(in hours)


Time to Full Resolution

(in hours)

2023 Product Releases

While we are releasing changes continuously across our merchant-facing application, our fulfillment engine, and our warehouse management system, we are highlighting only those most important to our customers. See what’s new at ShipBob in 2023:

🌱 Spring ’23 Release: Simplify Logistics with ShipBob

Our latest Seasonal Product Release is full of new innovations to help you simplify logistics and fulfillment.

🌱 Explore new Spring ’23 features 

🌱 Save your seat for our LIVE Spring ’23 webinar on May 23rd hosted by ShipBob’s CEO

April 2023 🌱

💳 Local Currency Now Available for Australia, Canada, the UK, & EU
ShipBob has released the option to view pricing in the ShipBob dashboard and pay in the local currency of the countries we fulfill in. Merchants using ShipBob’s fulfillment centers in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, or Europe can choose between AUD, CAD, GBP, EUR (or USD). To enable local currency, reach out to your Merchant Success Manager or ShipBob’s Merchant Care team. Learn more.

❄️ Winter ’23 Release

Unlock control and flexibility to fulfill your way. Winter Releases

March 2023 ❄️

📍 Optimal FC Order Allocation Rule
We’ve added a new order allocation rule to help you optimize for the lowest fulfillment cost, even when inventory isn’t immediately available. For background, our default logic allocates each order to the closest fulfillment center (FC) that has available inventory, and if the closest location doesn’t have any inventory, we’ll look at the next closest FC to check for inventory until we allocate the order to the closest FC with available inventory. When you enable this new optimal FC order allocation rule: Orders shipping to a destination in the US will always be allocated to the fulfillment center that’s closest to the order destination, irrespective of inventory levels. This means orders will go into exception until inventory is replenished in the closest FC. Orders shipping to a non-US destination will be fulfilled from the most cost-effective FC (which is not necessarily going to be the closest distance each time). This also means orders will go into exception  until inventory is replenished in the most cost-effective FC. Learn more. 

⏰ New B2B Order Timestamps & Photos
We’ve added new timestamps and photos to improve B2B order visibility, including details when a freight or prepaid parcel order has been sorted and picked up. We’re also now attaching photos of all outbound B2B shipments for added transparency and to help you dispute chargebacks. 

February 2023 ❄️ 

⚙️ NetSuite Integration
Thinking about using NetSuite as your ERP? ShipBob’s new direct, general-purpose integration helps you centralize your business-critical ecommerce data. Automate real-time data sync between platforms, so you can keep using NetSuite as your source of truth without switching between platforms. NetSuite is available in ShipBob’s App Store. Learn more.

💻 Developer API Improvements for Self-Service Personal Access Tokens  Connect & Build Anything 
Save time generating API access tokens when you want to connect your tools to ShipBob. We’ve added the ability to generate personal access tokens (PATs) directly from the ShipBob dashboard. Learn more.

January 2023 ❄️ 

⚙️ Bulk Upload for Manual B2B Orders
ShipBob has updated our bulk order upload template with the ability to support B2B orders. With this new template, you can upload up to 1,000 orders per spreadsheet and 50 items per order. You can also include any special packing or SKU instructions. Learn more.

⚙️ Auto Split Allocation Rules
With our new (optional) auto split allocation rules, you can optimize for delivery speed by automatically splitting orders into multiple shipments (instead of having orders go into exception because not all items are currently available at the most optimal fulfillment center). Getting your products into customers hands’ faster by shipping what’s available now is applicable to the following scenarios: 1) Multi-warehouse auto split if distributing inventory across multiple fulfillment centers and the products ordered are available now from different fulfillment centers. 2) Partial fulfillment auto split when using a single fulfillment center and at least one product is out-of-stock (having the available SKUs ship now and the rest of the order ship separately once it’s back in stock) To enable auto split allocation rules, please reach out to Merchant Care. Learn More.

🇬🇧 New United Kingdom Fulfillment Center 
ShipBob’s newest UK fulfillment center is now open. It’s located in Swindon, a 2-hour drive from London with excellent transport links to reach the majority of UK shoppers in just 1 day. With expanded coverage and capacity, you can accelerate your in-country growth while also shipping globally from the UK to anywhere in the world, and you have the flexibility to choose DDU or DDP shipping. Learn More.

2022 Product Releases

 🍂 Fall ’22 Release | 🏖 Summer ’22 Release | 💐 Spring ’22 Release | ❄️ Winter ’22 Release

October 2022 🍂

⚙️ Product Bulk Upload for Warehouse Receiving Orders (WROs)  Optimize Your Supply Chain
Save time sending inventory to ShipBob with a new WRO product bulk upload feature that allows you to upload products, quantities, and product lot information to WROs using a spreadsheet file, rather than searching for each product individually and manually entering quantity and lot information. This feature is generally available for all merchants, but is especially helpful for those with a higher SKU count and those who place many WROs. Learn more.

💻 Developer API Improvements for Self-Service Testing  Connect & Build Anything
Merchants using ShipBob’s open API have a faster way of testing integrations with new Simulation APIs. With this release, developers can simulate marking an order as shipped and marking an order as delivered without requiring support from ShipBob. Learn more.

September 2022 🍂

🚢 FreightBob Now Sailing Weekly  Optimize Your Supply Chain
We are officially doing weekly freight sailings with FreightBob! Get unparalleled flexibility when sending freight to the US from China, without having to wait for specific sail dates. Enjoy guaranteed capacity via fast and affordable rates, just in time for the holidays. Learn more.

📦 FBA Prep Automation  Sell Everywhere
Tired of entering FBA prep orders on Amazon Seller Central and your ShipBob dashboard? Looking to reduce endless hours of data entry, and prevent orders from going on hold? We’re excited to announce our newest FBA automation release for the United States!
With this release, you now have the ability to create FBA prep orders, and submit FBA prep parcel orders directly from the ShipBob dashboard without going back and forth between ShipBob and Amazon Seller Central. Once submitted in your ShipBob dashboard, orders will automatically appear in your Amazon account and eliminate the need for you to attach box or shipping labels to the orders. Learn more.

🌏 Amazon FBM Now Available for Australia, UK, and Select EU Marketplaces  Sell Everywhere
For the first time, ShipBob’s Amazon Integration for FBM now supports marketplaces outside of North America! We’ve updated our Amazon integration to support Amazon’s marketplaces in Australia, UK, and popular markets in Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Poland).
The integration setup and settings are the same as the updated North America integration; You can easily sync your product catalog, orders (through manual, bulk and auto-sync options), shipment tracking, and inventory quantity between platforms. Learn more.

⚙️ Get Multiple WROs Developer API Endpoint   Connect & Build Anything    Optimize Your Supply Chain 
Merchants using ShipBob’s open developer API can now request for an array of multiple WROs, including expected and received inventory quantities for every item in each WRO. Previously, users could only retrieve WRO data one-by-one and only if they had the specific WRO ID. The new endpoint supports several query parameters, including multiple WRO IDs, WRO statues, Fulfillment Center IDs, and Purchase Order Numbers. Learn more.

🇬🇧 New Carrier, EVRi, in the UK   Grow Global  
EVRi (formerly known as Hermes) will be used for Standard domestic UK orders from ShipBob’s Birmingham and Manchester fulfillment centers. This will help us mitigate the impact of planned Royal Mail driver strikes.

🇺🇸 New Next-Day Carrier Services in the US  Optimize Your Supply Chain
We will be adding new US regional carriers with Next-Day service to provide faster shipping and improved margins for Standard domestic US orders, including: Veho: from Forrest Park, GA (ATL-1) and Atlanta, GA (ATL-2) starting September 6 (this is Next-Day delivery, but should expect 1-2 day delivery times due to pick-up schedules) BetterTrucks: from Cicero, IL (MDW-1) starting September 6 and TForce: from Moreno Valley, CA (ONT-1) starting September 13

🇺🇸 New Standard 5-Day Ship Option in the US  Optimize Your Supply Chain
We have added a new US ship option called “Standard 5-Day” that only includes services from the big 4 US carriers (DHL, FedEx, UPS, and USPS). This ship option is available by request through contacting Merchant Care or your Merchant Success Manager.

August 2022 🏖

🇬🇧 Second Fulfillment Center in the United Kingdom   Grow Global  
Due to the high demand in the United Kingdom, ShipBob added a second fulfillment center in Birmingham, England. With expanded coverage and capacity, you can accelerate your in-country growth while also shipping globally from the UK to anywhere in the world. Learn more. 

🛍 Inventory Sync by Retailer for Retail Dropshipping    Omnichannel  
Leveraging ShipBob’s EDI-enabled B2B Suite to fulfill orders for multiple retailer dropshipping programs? We’ve rolled out a new feature to automate inventory syncs across all of your retailers! When you enable the retailer inventory sync feature, ShipBob’s platform will share accurate and up-to-date inventory counts with your retailers, so that you don’t oversell or have stockouts. Connect with Merchant Care (or our Implementation team) to have this feature turned on. Learn more.

⚙️ Integration    Connect & Build Anything  
To better support anyone using, the popular ERP for ecommerce and wholesale, we’ve built a direct integration to unlock accurate and real-time communication between Fulfill and ShipBob for a better way to manage orders, inventory, and fulfillment in a single place at scale. Create and send WROs from Fulfill to ShipBob to have the inventory properly packaged and shipped to ShipBob, and automatically sync tracking information to ensure order records are updated between platforms for transparency. Learn more.

July 2022 🏖

🇮🇪 New EU location in Dublin, Ireland   Grow Global  
We’ve added additional capacity in the EU with a new fulfillment center located in Dublin. This site is ideal for Irish-based merchants. For merchants that want to reach their customers in mainland Europe, we still recommend our Poland location. Learn more

🌍 International shipping from any fulfillment center   Grow Global  
ShipBob now supports worldwide shipping from any of our fulfillment centers! Tap into endless growth opportunities by reaching customers in 200+ destinations from our US, UK, EU, Canada, and Australia fulfillment centers. If you want to edit which countries this is enabled for, follow the instructions here to turn on destination-based rules.

⚙️ New Amazon integration for FBM in North America    Omnichannel  
As Amazon makes improvements to their Seller Central page, we have updated our integration to ensure our customers don’t experience any delays or errors. You can easily sync your product catalog, orders (through manual, bulk and auto-sync options), shipment tracking, and inventory quantity. Learn more.

📦 New SendCloud integration to enable new carriers in Europe   Grow Global  
We’ve developed a new integration with European label vendor, SendCloud, to seamlessly add new carriers to our standard and expedited shipping options in Europe. Via SendCloud, a new standard carrier service, DHL Paket, has been added in our Poland fulfillment center. The average transit time for DHL Paket is 4-8 business days. Learn more. 

June 2022 🏖

📦 FBM Update: New North America Amazon Integration with Inventory Quantity Sync    Omnichannel  
Fulfill orders for Amazon’s marketplaces in the US, Canada, and Mexico with our new and improved integration for Amazon Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM). Easily sync products and tracking like you did before, but now also enjoy faster order sync (from 2 hours to just 30 minutes) and a new inventory quantity sync that uses smart logic to sync your inventory counts between platforms every 15 minutes.

💻 New Claims Tool from Within the ShipBob Dashboard    Merchant Experience  
You can now create a claim directly from the Orders page of the ShipBob dashboard. From the Actions dropdown, choose Submit Claim. Or, click here directly to generate a claim.

 !Edit Key Product Attributes When Submitting WROs    Merchant Experience  
When submitting a WRO, you will now see the option to update a product as a lot item, or toggle if an item is a dangerous good. Make these changes when creating a WRO to reduce time spent going back and forth between pages on the dashboard for a more seamless experience. Learn more.

May 2022 💐

⏰ Real-Time Tracking Upload for All Platforms    Shopper Experience  
Give your customers faster access to accurate order tracking with new real-time tracking for Shopify, Squarespace, Ebay, ShipStation, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and BackerKit integrations. Order tracking details will automatically sync between ShipBob and store integrations within minutes (upgraded from previously 1-hour syncs).

🏷 Prop 65 Labels: Now Supporting API, Manual, Excel, & Edited Orders    Merchant Experience  
For all B2C orders shipping to California, you can rely on ShipBob to complete each order correctly and in accordance with Prop 65. Proposition 65 requires businesses to notify California residents of significant exposure to chemicals that cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. Learn more.

⚙️ Shopify Tariff Code Sync    Grow Global  
For Shopify merchants that want a faster, more accurate way to ensure tariff codes exist in Shopify and ShipBob platforms, ShipBob now offers tariff code sync. Automatically sync tariff codes from your Shopify store to the ShipBob dashboard to save time, minimize human error, and ensure seamless cross-border shipments delivered to happy customers. Learn more.

✉️ New Klaviyo Integration    Shopper Experience  

  • We launched a new integration with Klaviyo to provide:  
  • Enhanced personalization for more transparent and personalized communications related to order processing, fulfillment operations, carrier tracking, and delivery with the ability to sync order and tracking information from ShipBob, directly into Klaviyo.
  • Real-time segmentation and automation to leverage live order, fulfillment and customer data to enrich new segments and create automated campaigns, contextualizing each step leading up to the delivery of an order from merchants to customers.
  • Elevated customer experience to help bridge the communication gap between an order being placed and the next available marker with fulfillment center updates — without waiting several potential days until it’s updated and with a carrier — to reduce WISMO (“where is my order”) questions and tickets for your support teams by 30-50%.

Learn more here.

April 2022 💐

🇦🇺 🇬🇧 Expanded International Shipping from Australia & the UK     Grow Global  
ShipBob now supports shipping to expanded international destinations from both our United Kingdom and Australia fulfillment centers! Fulfill your cross-border shipping needs by reaching customers in the US, EU, Canada, and 200+ more countries from these fulfillment centers. 

Note: This is automatically enabled for merchants that are already shipping out of our UK and Australia fulfillment centers. If you want this disabled for all or some countries, follow the instructions here to turn on destination-based rules. 

🌎  DDP Update: Break Out Duties From Shipping at Checkout     Grow Global  

For those who have enabled FlavorCloud for DDP shipping on international orders originating in the US, you can now break out duties from shipping costs on your Shopify store’s shipping methods at checkout to drive further conversions.

Are you on Shopify but don’t have DDP shipping enabled yet? We can help you get set up quickly! Learn more here.

🚚  Ship freight from China to the US with FreightBob    Freight  
ShipBob’s managed freight program that ships freight weekly from China to the US on our own chartered container ships for our customers only. Learn more here.

⚙️ New Shopify Settings Management Experience     Merchant Experience  
Manage all settings for your Shopify store integration from a single location in your ShipBob dashboard (instead of multiple places across Quick Setup and Account Settings). In addition to making this easier to manage, this release includes 2 new self-serve settings: Fulfill ShipBob Line Items Only and Payment Status. Learn more here

🛒 Shopify Bulk Order Import Functionality    Merchant Experience  
Use the new bulk order import feature to import historical orders or a large set of orders all at once, given an input date of your choice. This is a great “catch-all” feature to capture order gaps that may need to be imported for any reason (like clean-swept orders, a period of time when auto-fetch was off, or when first onboarding with ShipBob). Learn more.

✅ Self-Serve Option to Add Custom Poly & Bubble Mailer    Merchant Experience  
You can now select custom poly mailer or custom bubble mailer as a custom packaging option from your dashboard (‘Custom box’ was formerly the only option). Learn more here.

➕ Add PO or Reference to WROs via Public API     Merchant Experience  
If you create WROs through ShipBob’s public Developer API, you can now add a PO number or external reference and query for WROs with that PO or Reference in order to access WRO status updates and other receiving information. Learn more here.

 Enhanced Recycling Efforts at ShipBob   Merchant Experience  

We partnered with Link, a sustainability solutions service, to improve recycling rates at all ShipBob operated fulfillment centers through training and data reporting. In piloting this with Link, we were able to achieve 97% recycling at our fulfillment center in Moreno Valley, CA, preventing 430 tons of waste from reaching the landfill in 2021 alone. We have since expanded this project to all of the other fulfillment centers we operate.

 Important Information on Returns    Merchant Experience   

When creating a customer return to send products back to a ShipBob fulfillment center, you’ll want to ensure that you include a unique Reference ID (or RMA) and upload the tracking ID as soon as possible if you are utilizing prepaid labels. The RMA and tracking number allow our staff to identify your return(s) and associate them with your ShipBob account. Failure to provide this information will classify the return as unidentifiable and result in the disposal of the product(s). 

Note: There’s no need to worry about unidentifiable inventory related to WROs — we will create a URO on your account if we suspect the inventory is related to an inbound WRO instead of a return (if there are 10+ units of a single product). Read more on returns here

🌏 International Inventory Allocation by Merchant Cost     Grow Global  
For merchants fulfilling orders in multiple countries, we’ve simplified inventory allocation across all countries we ship from. Instead of defaulting to shipping from the US when the non-US in-country fulfillment center is out-of-stock, we can now automatically assign the order to the fulfillment center with the lowest shipping cost. Learn more here.

📊 Improvements to Analytics and Reporting Tool     Merchant Experience  

We’ve upgraded our Analytics and Reporting tool (ART) to improve load times and also made the following changes:

– The Daily Inventory History report shows all fulfillment centers that currently have or previously held your inventory. 

– View late but upgraded orders as a new status on Fulfillment Turnaround Time report.

– The Inventory Distribution report in ART now redirects to the Ideal Distribution tool, which you can access in the Locations page in your dashboard.

March 2022 ❄️

🇨🇦 New Canada Fulfillment Center     Grow Global  
Due to the high demand in the region, ShipBob has added a second fulfillment center in Toronto, Ontario! With expanded coverage and capacity, you can accelerate your in-country growth while also shipping globally from Canada to anywhere in the world. By storing inventory in ShipBob’s Canada FCs, you can meet the Amazon-level expectations of Canadian-based customers and reduce the taxes and tariffs that come with international shipping. Having the ability to ship from Canada also means reduced transit times and less delays, charges or tariffs in customs.

ShipBob’s Toronto location is ready to start shipping orders on March 23rd! Learn more.

🇨🇦 🌎 International Shipping from Canada    Grow Global  
ShipBob’s Canadian fulfillment centers now supports shipping to destinations outside of Canada. Reach customers in the United States, Australia, the UK, EU, and 200+ more countries. Learn more.

February 2022 ❄️

😍 🛒 2-day Badges with Estimated Delivery Date     Merchant Experience  
ShipBob now allows merchants to customize their shopper experience at checkout by adding 2-day shipping badges to their product pages. This is a complementary value-add to boost Shopify conversion and shopper selection of the 2-day shipping option. Merchants are now able to select a ShipBob product to generate a unique preview link that will display the badge settings selected to preview the badge on their site. Learn more.

📜 🛒 CartBob Rules     Merchant Experience  
ShipBob’s CartBob application for Shopify merchants now includes customizable rules. Specify different rates based on the value, weight, or destination location of a shopper’s cart during checkout on their Shopify store rather than the real-time rates displayed by CartBob. Learn more. 
Learn more.

⚙️ 🛒 Restrict PO boxes and military addresses for 2-Day using CartBob    Merchant Experience  
PO boxes and military addresses are now restricted in CartBob to ensure these orders do not get assigned to ShipBob 2-Day Express.

📥 Order Details Page: Submit a Claim     Merchant Experience  
Save time when you submit a claim from the actions drop-down on the order details page.

⏱ New order status: pick in progress     Merchant Experience  
We’ve added another order status to provide you visibility! Merchants now have transparency into when a pick is in progress, and can clearly see when the order can no longer be updated or canceled.

⚙️ System-Driven Order Splitting    Merchant Experience  
ShipBob’s box algorithm can now be used to automatically split large B2C orders upstream, ensuring orders are shipped in consistently cost-effective packaging. 
Learn more.

January 2022 ❄️

🇪🇺 🌏 Mainland Europe fulfillment center in Western Poland     Grow Global  
Our first mainland European fulfillment center is located in Poland (Gorzów Wielkopolski). With the fulfillment center strategically located near the Germany border, you can reach the local Polish and German markets in 1 business day, France in 2-3 days, and Spain within 4-5 days. Learn more about getting started in ShipBob Europe here or request access in your ShipBob dashboard.

🇺🇸 🌏 DDP Shipping     Grow Global  
Ensure a seamless cross-border experience to convert more international shoppers into loyal customers. DDP shipping will allow the customer to prepay duties and taxes so that their order does not get held up in customs. DDP is available at select US warehouses for shipments originating from the US with international destinations. Learn more.

See 2021 Product Release Notes Recap here.