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Hey, we're ShipBob. Welcome. Our aim is to level the playing field for all e-commerce businesses so that even the fresh upstarts can offer the same level of service and speed as the biggest multi-nationals.

We're doing this by building smart software and distributed logistics.
Read on to learn how we got to where we are today, then check out a free demo of our technology-first order fulfillment solution.

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The ShipBob Story

Back in 2013, Dhruv and Divey (ShipBob’s founders) were doing what all the cool kids were doing: building a startup! Not ShipBob, mind you, but SnailMail Pics. This app allowed users to quickly send physical pictures to loved ones near and far.

Being technical types, Dhruv and Divey had automated the whole process except for the postage and packing aspect. They had to manually haul thousands of photographs to the post office every week, ultimately being banned from one Chicago post office that shall remain nameless…

While at that post office, they met other burgeoning online business owners who were also waiting in long lines to ship their goods by hand. It gave them an idea. Namely, to automate e-commerce fulfillment. Would business owners pay to have someone else take care of the storage, management, picking, packing, and shipping of their products?

Turns out they would.

In creating ShipBob, the guys have built some incredible software (if we say so ourselves) that makes fulfilling e-commerce orders a breeze, opened four fulfillment centers strategically placed around the country, and have allowed customers to scale at will whether they ship 300 orders a month or 30,000.

Not to mention focusing on their business, rather than how long it would take for their garage or spare room to fill up with incoming stock…

In less than 3 years, ShipBob has grown from working out of Dhruv’s apartment to several warehouses across the country. But the goal remains the same: to make life easier, faster, and better for small business owners.

ShipBob Investors

We've been lucky enough to attract some of the best investors in Chicago, Silicon Valley, and beyond.

Y Combinator
Hyde Park Venture Partners
Funders Club
Bain Capital

Meet the People Behind ShipBob

As a company that’s growing fast, we’re extremely proud of the team we’ve assembled and that we’ve managed to maintain the passion and talent that makes a startup especially productive while scaling.

But we’re not done yet. We’re building an exceptional team of smart, passionate, talented people who love what they do, and we’re always looking for more individuals who fit that description. If you want to come and help online business owners thrive, check out our current job postings.

Dhruv Saxena
Divey Gulati
Jivko Bojinov
Strategic Projects
Nick Jensen
David Pickel
Anthony Watson
Business Development
Ashley Mundell
Human Resources
Cole Wenzel
Customer Success
George Wojciechowski
Market Development

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