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Streamline your Shopify order fulfillment with ShipBob

ShipBob helps Shopify merchants fulfill orders as quickly and cost-effectively as possible to meet customer expectations every day. Shopify seamlessly integrates with ShipBob’s software to automate fulfillment and inventory management, letting you focus on growing your business — not worrying about fulfillment.

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Why outsource Shopify shipping and fulfillment to ShipBob?

easy integration

Easy integration

Connect your Shopify store to ShipBob’s fulfillment software in just a few steps.

Link your store with the click of a button, then import your products and orders in minutes. The backend work is already done for you, so it’s easy to get started without any developer work.


Automated order fulfillment

As soon as an order is placed on your Shopify store, it’s automatically pushed to ShipBob, where it’ll be picked, packed, and shipped from one of our fulfillment centers.

You can track the entire order fulfillment process in real-time from the ShipBob dashboard — from purchase through delivery and even returns.


Fast Shopify shipping

Today’s customers expect fast, affordable shipping everywhere they shop online. When an order is placed on your Shopify store, ShipBob chooses the fastest and most cost-effective shipping option, from standard ground to same-day options.

As soon as the order ships, tracking information is automatically pushed back to your Shopify store and shared with your customers.

Guaranteed 2-day shipping

Guaranteed 2-day shipping

ShipBob’s integrated technology and network of fulfillment centers power 2-Day Express, a program that provides guaranteed 2-day shipping for qualified customers.

If a customer’s address qualifies, they’ll be offered a guaranteed 2-day ground shipping option at a significantly lower price than expedited 2-day air. ShipBob also offers same-day shipping for your customers located close to our fulfillment centers in major US cities.

inventory management

Inventory management for Shopify

Prevent stockouts and predict demand with real-time inventory management, tracking, and forecasting in the ShipBob dashboard. Track how much stock you have available at each of ShipBob’s fulfillment centers and receive automatic notifications when you need to reorder inventory for your Shopify store.

Is ShipBob the right fulfillment solution for your Shopify store?

  • You are looking to automate fulfillment for your Shopify store
  • You ship more than 100 orders per month
  • You spend too much time packing and shipping orders
  • You want to offer guaranteed same-day and 2-day shipping without breaking the bank
  • You want to beat customer expectations, reduce cart abandonment, and increase conversions

If you meet some or all of the above criteria, ShipBob can help your Shopify store scale.

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Customer Stories

What our Shopify customers have to say

Working with major brands at Shopify in addition to my own company, I’m very familiar with the need for faster, cheaper shipping options and long-term scalability. Because ShipBob can meet those needs, I even recommend ShipBob to my customers who need a reliable and scalable fulfillment provider.

Greg MacDonald,

CEO of Bathorium and Customer Success Manager at Shopify

Since our store is powered by Shopify, the integration between ShipBob and Shopify has made it really easy to manage everything from inventory and warehousing to customer communication.

Steve Staffan,

Founder and CEO of Brummell

We researched several different fulfillment providers before choosing to partner with ShipBob. We were impressed with the transparency of pricing and services provided by, as well as the easy onboarding and tech integration with our Shopify store.

Nicole Humphreys,

Founder of August Effects


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Shopify provide shipping?

Shopify offers a few built-in shipping options, including Shopify Shipping. So why choose a third-party option? It’s simple: ShipBob’s bread and butter is order fulfillment, and that’s that. Shopify Shipping requires you to ship out orders from your post office of choice, can require a lot of manual backend work, and can be difficult to scale as your business grows. ShipBob is built to integrate seamlessly, automate your fulfillment, and scale with your business — no post office visits needed.

Does Shopify calculate shipping?

Shopify Shipping offers a real-time shipping app that calculates accurate shipping costs to display to your customers at checkout. It’s done automatically for any product and is based on the customer’s location and delivery preferences.

How do I offer free shipping on Shopify?

Working with ShipBob can help you offer free shipping on your Shopify stores without breaking the bank. Fulfilling orders from fulfillment centers closer to your customers helps you reduce the time in transit, speeding up deliveries. This makes fast options like 2-day or even same-day shipping more affordable by using ground shipping instead of expedited air. You can also require a purchase threshold for free 2-day shipping — a strategy that led ShipBob customer iloveplum to a 97% increase in average order value on their Shopify store.

Does Shopify provide shipping labels?

With Shopify Shipping, you’ll need to purchase shipping labels for each order through Shopify, then print and attach labels to each package. With ShipBob, shipping labels are automatically generated as soon as an order is placed on your Shopify store — then we’ll pick, pack, and ship the order for you. No printer necessary.

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