Clear order fulfillment pricing

ShipBob’s pricing is reflective of a total fulfillment cost for direct-to-consumer order fulfillment, so you’ll know exactly what your costs will be. Standard fees for ShipBob include:

  • One-time implementation fee for 30 days of support
  • Receiving your inventory
  • Warehousing your products
  • Shipping each order
ShipBob’s pricing structure is simple without any add-on charges. With most 3PLs, you will see a lot of hidden fees when you do your homework. ShipBob doesn’t play games — the pricing is clear and easy to understand. Matt Dryfhout, Founder & CEO of BAKblade
Other 3PLs gave me confusing pricing with many per-item fees, which were hard to grasp and calculate ultimate costs. Thinking big picture, ShipBob was an incremental cost for me to ultimately sell a lot more. My business has tripled and I got my life back. Anastasia Allison, Founder of Kula Cloth
We now save a lot of money and ship faster based on distributed inventory, shipping out of two of ShipBob’s fulfillment centers. We use the locations that optimize and reduce the distance traveled to get our products into our customers’ hands faster and cheaper. Lindsay Louise, Fulfillment & Retail Manager at Synchro

Included for all
ShipBob customers:

  • icon ShipBob’s merchant dashboard (inventory and order management software) and integrations
  • icon Standard boxes, mailers, and packaging supplies
  • icon Discounted shipping rates
  • icon Same-day shipping (pre-noon orders)
  • icon World-class support and fulfillment expertise
  • icon Dedicated account management (for large customers)
  • icon Advanced reporting and analytics

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Customized for you

If you have unique needs (e.g., kitting and other needs), ShipBob can accommodate your business at an additional cost. All quotes are customized for each customer.


More than a 3PL

ShipBob is not just a pick-pack warehouse. We offer best-in-class technology, analytics, and scalability to grow fast and expand into new locations — at no additional cost.


Built-in support

Our fulfillment centers have on-site customer success reps at each location to help troubleshoot any issues that may arise.


ShipBob offers simple, transparent pricing with no hidden fees.

Service Pricing model Cost
receiving Receiving Flat rate $25 for the first two hours ($35/man hour after the first two hours)
storage Storage Monthly charge $40 per pallet/month, $10 per shelf/month, $5 per bin/month
store Pick and pack Included in the cost Free for the first five picks in an order, then $0.20 per pick for the sixth pick and after
packing Standard packing Included in the cost Free plain boxes, mailers, tape, and dunnage used to pack orders
ship Shipping Specific to the order Varies based on destination, weight, dimensions, shipping service, and more

Each pricing quote is adjusted to your unique needs. Ready to get started?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does ShipBob offer international shipping outside of the US?

Yes! ShipBob can ship orders to more than 220 countries and territories. Quotes for international shipping are available upon request.

How much does ShipBob’s software cost?

ShipBob’s software is completely free for all customers. As a ShipBob customer, you will use the dashboard to connect your ecommerce store(s) and manage your inventory, orders, shipments, and more.

Does ShipBob let merchants use their own custom branded boxes?

Yes, ShipBob lets ecommerce merchants use their own custom branded boxes (and even custom dunnage) as separate line items. All you do is pay to store them.

Does ShipBob offer any boxes and packing supplies for free?

Yes! ShipBob uses plain brown boxes of many standard sizes, as well as plain poly mailers, bubble mailers, tape, dunnage, and shipping labels for all orders unless the customer requests their own custom branded box to be used.

Does ShipBob offer kitting?

Yes, ShipBob’s fulfillment associates can perform kitting services to accommodate your unique needs for the way in which your items are being shipped to your customers.

Does ShipBob fulfill B2B/Wholesale/EDI orders?

Yes, ShipBob can fulfill larger wholesale/B2B orders at an additional cost, including labeling, pre-paid, pallet preparation, freight quote, and more.

Does ShipBob offer FBA prep services?

Yes, to eliminate the tedious work of preparing inventory for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), ShipBob can prepare your orders with FBA item labels and box labels, and help transfer inventory from a ShipBob fulfillment center to any FBA facility.

Which shipping carriers does ShipBob negotiate rates with?

We have negotiated bulk discounts from UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL for both domestic and international rates across different service levels, and pass those savings on to you.

How do I get a quote?

Fill out this form and a fulfillment expert will be in touch.