ShipBob Growth Plan

At ShipBob, we have built the best tech-enabled logistics solution for ecommerce brands of all sizes.

Our Growth Plan is designed to help pre-launch startups and companies shipping under 400 orders a month grow their business by outsourcing fulfillment without giving up control.

When you’re ready to get started, a Premium Onboarding Specialist will walk you through account setup, step-by-step. You can also join our live office hours to get your questions answered.

See why ShipBob is the fulfillment provider of choice for thousands of merchants.

Lee Nania,

Founder of SubSubmarine

ShipBob pulls me out of having to deal with the physical labor side of the business, which allows me more time to focus on making and marketing music. It’s an automated flow that lets me spend less time on things that aren’t making me money.


Connect your store and complete account setup with a Premium Onboarding Specialist.


Send us your products following our WRO process and we’ll store your inventory securely.


Your customer places an order on your store and it’s automatically sent to ShipBob.


We pick, pack, and ship the order to your customer fast, and send back tracking information.

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Our experience with ShipBob has been outstanding thus far. I went through ShipBob’s Growth Plan program for startups, which made it easy to outsource fulfillment from the start.

Josh Hollings,

Founder & CEO of Drop FX

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What’s included in the Growth Plan?

With ShipBob, you can outsource your fulfillment to proven experts with a distributed network to get orders to customers safely and on time.

The following benefits are afforded to all merchants enrolled in the Growth Plan:

  • Full access to our proprietary software, integrations, and analytics tool at no additional cost
  • The ability to store inventory in ShipBob fulfillment center(s)
  • Fulfillment services including pick, pack, ship, and customization
  • On-demand resources and step-by-step calls to go through Premium Onboarding
  • Help from our support team and live office hours sessions
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The best outsourced fulfillment model for startups

While the ShipBob dashboard is very intuitive, you don’t have to go at it completely alone; you get a dedicated Implementation rep when you go through Premium Onboarding.

We also offer human email support through our Merchant Care team and host open office hours held each week, where you can bring questions and work through solutions with our Growth Plan team of experts.

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Is there an onboarding fee for the Growth Plan?

Yes, there is a one-time onboarding fee that includes dedicated Premium Onboarding. Learn more about Premium Onboarding here.

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What are the Growth Plan fees?

We offer simple pricing that consists of three core fees: receiving inventory, storing products, and shipping each order. Learn more about ShipBob’s pricing structure here.

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Does ShipBob have a fulfillment minimum?

Yes, our fulfillment spend minimum is USD $275/month (if paying via credit card in USD, you will be charged a 3% fee on top of that: USD $283.25). This minimum spend encompasses spending on B2C, B2B, and kitting orders (fulfillment fees, pick fees, etc.). It does not include warehousing, inbound receiving (WROs), or other fees outside of fulfillment and kitting. View our Additional Services Pricing to learn more.

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What are the requirements to use ShipBob’s Growth Plan?

You must:

  • Be shipping under 400 shipments per month
  • Have no more than 50 SKUs
  • Have products that weigh under 49 pounds

If you’re unsure if your products are the right fit, just ask by filling out our form here!

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Does the Growth Plan come with human support?

Yes! The Growth Plan includes a dedicated support team through email and live office hours offered so you can troubleshoot any challenges you run into or have your questions answered by an expert. Plus, you get a dedicated rep as you go through the onboarding process.

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What happens when my order volume grows?

You can also expand into additional fulfillment centers as you please. Our partner network even provides a variety of services and tools to help you hit the next scale of growth.

I was terrified to outsource fulfillment, but I knew that what I was doing was completely unsustainable. To go on a trip, I’d have to bring my label printer, products, and packing supplies. To say that switching to ShipBob has been life-changing is an understatement.

Anastasia Allison

CEO of Kula Cloth

We went through ShipBob’s Growth Plan process when we started. Once I got the hang of it and figured out the ins and outs, it was smooth sailing. ShipBob’s platform is easy to use and navigate, the interface is intuitive, and the analytics are very clearly laid out. I give ShipBob’s technology a 9/10.

Yannick Crespo

Co-Founder & President ofPot d’Huile

I felt like I couldn’t grow until I moved to ShipBob. A lot of entrepreneurs underestimate the cost-savings and power of choosing your entire supply chain and partner network wisely. These choices will make or break your business.

Courtney Lee

Founder of Prymal