Growth Plan Premium Onboarding

Premium Onboarding offers exclusive access to a dedicated onboarding specialist and the following virtual calls, all for a USD $499 one-time fee (and if paying via credit card in USD, you will be charged a 3% fee on top of that: USD $513.97).

  • Introduction Call
  • Pre-Inventory Call
  • Post Inventory Call
  • Go-Live Call
  • 7-Day Check-In

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Derek C., Premium Onboarding Merchant

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What is the ShipBob Growth Plan?

Our Growth Plan is designed to help pre-launch startups and existing companies grow their business by outsourcing fulfillment without giving up control.

What Are The Growth Plan Requirements?

  • A minimum fulfillment spend of USD $275/month (and if paying via credit card in USD, you will be charged a 3% fee on top of that: USD $283.25). Learn more about fulfillment minimums here
  • Have no more than 50 products – this includes size and color variation
  • Individual items must not exceed 50 lbs
  • Individual items must not exceed 48 inches
  • No dropshipping or long-term storage

Is the Premium Onboarding Program Right For Me?

Our USD $499 Premium Onboarding fee (note: if paying via credit card in USD, you will be charged a 3% credit card processing fee: USD $513.97) is the hand-holding experience you need to get your ShipBob account up and running.

Can I Get Setup With ShipBob Without Paying An Onboarding Fee?

No, we require that you go through our Premium Onboarding Program. We recommend reviewing our linked resources below to familiarize yourself with our Growth Plan policies and requirements.  Please submit the form on this page when you are ready to proceed with Premium Onboarding.