Ecommerce Fulfillment by ShipBob

Ecommerce fulfillment for Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Squarespace, and more.

We already work with your online store

We integrate with market-leading software – Shopify, Amazon, WooCommerce, and more – to reduce data entry and import your orders without you lifting a finger.

It’s time to streamline your shipping process.

We already work with your online store

Total control over the fulfillment process

We have shipping centers all over the country, staffed with our own employees. No outsourcing. No “that’s not our problem” attitudes.

And we pass all of the savings of doing it ourselves along to you.

Total control over the fulfillment process

Ship orders the same day, just like the big guys

We’re based in Chicago, but have locations in NY, LA, SF, and Dallas, too. That means we can deliver anywhere in the continental US within two days, without it costing you (or your customer) an arm and a leg.

Ship orders the same day, just like the big guys

The Best Shipping Rates Available

We get quotes from all the major carriers before shipping every order. Then we use the best value carrier and pass the savings on to you.

Bulk discounts (without the bulk)

However much you ship per month, whether it’s 100 packages or 100,000, we offer some of the lowest rates around.

Big or small, you’re all superstars to us.

Bulk discounts (without the bulk)

Manage orders in one place

Track inventory, orders, and shipments from a single dashboard; no more browser tab overload. Plus, access reports that empower you to supercharge your business performance.

Manage orders in one place

Your brand, not ours

We go the extra mile. We shop around for the best rates and carriers, but you won’t see us trying to take any of the credit.

It’s your branding, or plain packaging.

Your brand, not ours

What Our Customers Say



“Anyone currently considering ShipBob as a partner should understand the power behind their geographic footprint, as well as their technology platform.”

Jordan Diab, COO and CFO, Interior Define



“The benefits are tremendous. We could not be growing our business in the way that we are right now without ShipBob.”

Susanne Goethals, Co-Founder & CEO, Creepy Co.



“Coming in and actually speaking with someone and kind of getting that family feel — it’s really good to have someone like that.”

Justin Siriann, Co-Owner, Bierstick



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"Working with ShipBob has allowed us to focus on the important parts of running our business and lets someone else take care of the shipping."

"What makes me stay with ShipBob is that we can have open, honest and transparent conversations about what my expectations are as a client, and how they will provide solutions and options to move forward. I feel 100% secure that they have my back."

“What I love is if you have any questions, there’s always someone there to help you along the way and provide answers. The ShipBob team is incredibly attentive, helpful, and respectful.”

"VIDA has seen explosive growth over the past year and ShipBob remains a support system to our expansion. We've been able to work together beautifully to create a system that works with our unique and specialized set up."

“I really like that the pricing structure was simple and there were not any additional add-on charges. I didn’t really have any alternatives I was considering, because ShipBob was the easy choice.”

"When we were launching our diabetes subscription service, we knew we needed a fulfillment partner who offered tight Shopify integration, great service, and the insights to help us grow our business. We made a great choice with ShipBob."