​​How 100 Thieves Utilizes ShipBob to Fulfill Tens of Thousands of Orders Per Drop [Case Study]

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Discover how competitive gaming, entertainment, and apparel company 100 Thieves partnered with ShipBob to help their small startup team automate and scale their order fulfillment process.

About 100 Thieves

100 Thieves (“Hundred Thieves”) is the premier lifestyle brand and gaming organization. Based in Los Angeles, the company was founded in 2017 by former Call of Duty World Champion and YouTube sensation Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag. 

100 Thieves has leading esports teams competing in League of Legends, Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Valorant. The brand is recognized globally for its streetwear-inspired apparel, known for rapidly selling out new drops. In 2020, the company opened its brand new headquarters, the 100 Thieves Cash App Compound, which is a 15,000 sq ft esports facility. 

100 Thieves produces top gaming podcasts and massively popular YouTube content, created by its world-class gaming talent including Valkyrae, CouRageJD, 2HYPE, Yassuo, Kyedae, and many others. 

We sat down with 100 Thieves CFO, JasonTon, and Apparel Operations Manager, Jasmine Ortega, on how they went from having their Graphic Designer fulfill orders to partnering with ShipBob.

“As we saw our small startup business beginning to gain traction, we needed to find a 3PL that could help us manage the thousands of orders we would get in minutes. When I was researching companies, I knew they had to be tech-enabled, integrate with Shopify, and a company that could scale with us. We found exactly that with ShipBob.”

– Jason Ton, CFO of 100 Thieves

Finding a fulfillment partner that automates the process

As told to ShipBob by Jason Ton, CFO of 100 Thieves.

When I first joined 100 Thieves in 2018, our graphic designer who designed our early apparel was also our fulfillment team. Acting as a mom and pop warehouse, he did a great job fulfilling a service we desperately needed. 

However, over time, we grew tremendously, selling out of our limited releases in minutes. Then there would be thousands of orders that needed to be shipped and we didn’t know how much inventory we had because there was no enterprise software available.

We realized that we couldn’t scale if we continued to rely on this fulfillment process.

That made me ask the important questions — How do we operationalize this business, and what can we do to automate the fulfillment process?

I began researching 3PLs we could partner with to help answer both of those questions. When I started looking, I had a checklist of what I was looking for that included a fulfillment company that:

  • We could scale with
  • Has a tech-forward product that gives essential data on our products
  • Integrates with Shopify Plus
  • Has a fulfillment center near LA

After talking to quite a few 3PLs, I realized that ShipBob checked all of my boxes, especially the tech and service that they provide. Other 3PLs didn’t offer as much transparency as ShipBob.

I knew that any other 3PL would not be able to give us the care and attention we needed at the time, so choosing ShipBob was a no-brainer.

“When I was looking for a 3PL, we were a startup growing at a rapid pace and felt that ShipBob understood what that meant because they were also in the same stage. We were able to grow beside ShipBob and they scaled with us.”

– Jason Ton, CFO of 100 Thieves

How ShipBob simplifies running a business for a small team

As told to ShipBob by Jasmine Ortega, Apparel Operations Manager of 100 Thieves.

With a small apparel team, every second we spend working is essential in ensuring that each launch is successful. Before ShipBob, 100 Thieves did not have a system, and it became overwhelming trying to manage thousands of orders per drop.

I was amazed at how we were able to do so much with so few internal resources. 

Once we outsourced to ShipBob, we were able to automate the order fulfillment process to focus on what’s important — creating more buzz around future apparel drops than the last.

“Since partnering with ShipBob, we now have an automated system for shipping and can focus our time on new product launches. We continually are able to reliably and quickly fulfill thousands of orders during a single apparel drop.

This partly has to do with ShipBob saving us time by automating the order fulfillment process.”

Jason Ton, CFO of 100 Thieves

If we continued trying to manage order fulfillment on our own, Jason would have had to find a warehouse, which is a considerable investment, hire people, find a way to integrate with Shopify Plus, and much more.

This is not scalable for us, so partnering with ShipBob saved us time and money by providing all of this for us.

On top of all of this, ShipBob’s dashboard is super intuitive and easy to navigate. After being trained on it the first day, our team mastered it right away.

I also love how fast our ShipBob fulfillment center ships out orders — a customer placed an order late last night, which was shipped out this morning.

There is an instance that always sticks out in my head. We had to ship out VIP packaging on a stringent timeline, and we didn’t know who the packages were going to until the last minute.

We reached out to our Account Manager, Kaleigh, to let her know about our situation. She answered promptly and was able to relay the message to the fulfillment center. All of the orders got out on time and correctly, and we definitely could not have done this without ShipBob.

What’s next for 100 Thieves?

This month, 100 Thieves launched the Foundations collection — our first always on apparel line. We created this product with the intent to provide something foundational for anyone, every day.

We’ve grown every year in units and sales, and ShipBob has helped us scale without any issues. We look forward to our continued partnership with ShipBob as we evolve our store even more.

“If it weren’t for ShipBob, we wouldn’t have the resources to offer the Foundations collection at scale. The resources provided, the time and cost savings, and the shipping speeds that ShipBob provides has been a game-changer for 100 Thieves.”

– Jasmine Ortega, Apparel Operations Manager at 100 Thieves

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