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Ecommerce customers expect fast, affordable shipping. But this becomes increasingly difficult to deliver at a decent margin as your shipping volume grows and your customer base spreads across the country. The further a package must travel, the more it costs to ship it, so how do you keep costs low and customers happy? ShipBob offers a solution.

Rather than fulfilling orders yourself, store it across ShipBob’s network of fulfillment centers, including our fulfillment location in Atlanta.

By using multiple fulfillment centers shortens transit times, lowers fulfillment costs and shipping rates, and broadens your reach.

With ShipBob, you can offer customers two-day shipping at a more cost-effective margin. In turn, your customers will spend more and abandon their shopping carts less.

ShipBob’s fulfillment model

If your customers are spread out across the country, then your ecommerce inventory should be too. Brands that follow the data and store their product in different regions near their customers will come out on top.

ShipBob’s model is simple. Send us your products and sync your ecommerce store with our platform so we are notified when an order is placed. The order is picked, packed, and shipped from one of our several fulfillment centers across the nation — so there is no need for fulfilling orders out of a single Atlanta fulfillment center.

Manage your inventory

View your inventory in real-time at each fulfillment center and schedule notifications to reorder your optimal quantity, so you always have the right amount of product in the right place. Stay on top of inventory levels and keep a safety stock on hand.

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Sync your ecommerce platform

Connect ShipBob’s technology to your ecommerce platform with no coding required. When an order is placed on your ecommerce website, ShipBob is automatically notified and the retail fulfillment process begins.

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Monitor orders throughout shipping and fulfillment

ShipBob’s tools let you stay in the know throughout each step of the order process, from pick and pack to ship. Your ShipBob dashboard puts all the most important order information in one place, so you can easily search, organize, and track ecommerce orders.

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What makes ShipBob’s model special

You need a 3PL that can provide low-cost two-day shipping and plug seamlessly into your workflow and tech stack. ShipBob’s technology automates ecommerce fulfillment and optimizes your shipping with access to multiple fulfillment centers, so you can cut delivery costs and transit times without an Atlanta fulfillment center.

Multiple fulfillment centers

Store your inventory at multiple fulfillment centers across the country instead of one that is maybe close to you but not the best option or scalable solution to ship orders countrywide. When a customer places an order, the order is routed to the nearest fulfillment center automatically. That means shorter transit times, lower logistics costs, and affordable two-day shipping for your customers.

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Onsite support reps and dedicated account managers

ShipBob gives you detailed oversight of every part of the fulfillment process. You can contact onsite support reps at each fulfillment center, and if you’re an enterprise customer, your dedicated account manager to get instant solutions to any problems.

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Reports and analysis

Ecommerce businesses need to accurately forecast demand for inventory planning and track purchasing trends to make the right business decisions. ShipBob’s technology provides insightful inventory reports and detailed distribution metrics for your business, so you can understand your customers better and manage inventory accounting with ease.

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Integrations: shipping, ecommerce, packaging, and more

See ShipBob’s list of integrations for each part of the ecommerce process. We connect with all of your top ecommerce, shipping, and packaging solutions.


ShipBob integrates with your ecommerce store, so you don’t have to pause your workflow or jump back and forth between apps. Our ecommerce integrations include:


ShipBob partners with prominent shipping platforms and mail carriers, including:


Design inserts and custom-branded packaging with our partners:

Other integrations

With ShipBob’s other partnerships, you can customize your brand, enlist the help of ecommerce expeorts, and plug valuable ecommerce tools into your platform.

Leverage shipping to grow faster with ShipBob

Companies often view shipping as a burden, but in reality you can utilize shipping to enhance the customer experience and accelerate your growth. When customers see low shipping costs in their shopping cart and fast delivery times, they convert at a higher rate and will even spend more money.

Cut shipping costs and deliver faster

Distributed inventory lowers shipping costs and delivery times by reducing the distance a package must travel. Luxury bath brand Bathorium reduced shipping costs by 70% and cut transit times as well, even as they experienced 20% growth in the US market.

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Increase conversions

Customers are more likely to purchase when you offer affordable two-day shipping. Weighted blanket company My Blanket was able to offer free two-day shipping with ShipBob, and reduced cart abandonment by 18%.

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Reduce manual labor

Outsourcing to a 3PL lets you focus your time more efficiently at crucial stages of growth for your business. Before partnering with ShipBob, sunglass brand Rainbow OPTX was spending 20 hours per day just packing boxes. Since transitioning to ShipBob, they’ve experienced 115% growth and more than doubled their order volume — while saving over 120 hours of manual labor each week.

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Am I ready for a 3PL?

You’ve seen how a fulfillment company can grow a business and save time and money. But how can you tell if your business is ready for a 3PL? If any of the following sound familiar, you may benefit from outsourcing order fulfillment:

  • You are struggling to scale fulfillment as your business grows
  • You don’t have the manpower, money, infrastructure, or desire to keep fulfilling in-house
  • You are struggling with ecommerce warehousing or running out of storage space
  • You want better shipping margins
  • You want to offer affordable two-day shipping to your customers
  • You have been shipping out of one Atlanta fulfillment center but your customer base is spread across the country

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