Retail Dropshipping

Test the digital waters of retail dropshipping before moving to brick-and-mortar stores. By selling your products directly on retailers’ online platforms, not only do you meet more customers where they already shop, but you also benefit from the retailers shouldering the customer acquisition costs.

Matt Dryfhout,
Founder & CEO of BAKblade

“As we expand with B2B and B2C orders, ShipBob’s pricing structure remains simple without any add-on charges. With most 3PLs, you will see a lot of hidden fees when you do your homework. ShipBob doesn’t play games — the pricing is clear and easy to understand.”

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Seamless Retailer Integration & Management

  • Connect with retailers for order intake using any EDI provider.
  • Efficiently manage and track orders using ShipBob’s unified platform, tailored to all your retailers and commerce channels.
  • Stay ahead by meeting both consumer and retailer shipping expectations, with features like 2-day shipping coverage across 100% of the continental US.


Connect to preferred retailers through an EDI integration.


We store your inventory in any combination of our fulfillment centers.


We ship orders placed on retailer websites from the nearest ShipBob fulfillment center.

Retailer Integrations

Turnkey EDI integration with your preferred retailers

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Until recently, Synchro was predominantly doing B2C orders with the exception of working with a couple small wholesalers. Today, it’s more of a split for our business. Now we’re working with UNFI, getting into Whole Foods in California to start, in addition to several independent retailers. We’ll continue to get Synchro products into more natural grocers across the country. We look forward to continuing our partnership with ShipBob and seeing how each company will evolve even more.

Lindsay Louise,

Fulfillment & Retail Manager at Synchro

We want to continue to become a more multichannel brand and work with bigger retailers. We’ve done some B2B orders with ShipBob, including Urban Outfitters, and now we’re in talks with some larger wholesale accounts. We’re also testing subscription box partnerships.

Manuel de la Cruz,

CEO at Boie