Amazon Fulfillment Suite

Understanding the options for selling on Amazon can be overwhelming, especially when trying to determine the right strategies for your business. As the world’s leading ecommerce site, Amazon provides unmatched exposure for your products to a wide audience. As your omnichannel fulfillment partner, ShipBob is equipped to amplify this advantage through several Amazon-specific solutions. 

With our best-in-class direct integration with Amazon, ShipBob can handle all of your Amazon fulfillment needs, ensuring swift delivery to your customers. ShipBob has the scale, technology, and expert support needed to manage your Amazon orders effectively, regardless of volume.

“We’ve saved a lot of time using ShipBob’s FBA prep automation feature for parcel. With the FBA prep automation, we don’t have to lift a finger outside of submitting the inventory transfer request in the ShipBob dashboard. Then ShipBob handles retrieving all of the box and shipping labels from Amazon Seller Central through the direct integration. Now, it takes 20% of the time it used to take to send a shipment over to Amazon.” 

– Nadine Joseph, Founder & CEO of Peak and Valley

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Automated FBA Prep

ShipBob’s direct integration powers FBA orders for 1P and 3P so you can save time managing your Amazon wholesale fulfillment.  

  • Get end-to-end visibility into your FBA prep orders in ShipBob’s dashboard. 
  • Process FBA orders without the hassle of toggling between multiple platforms. 
  • Ensure compliance for packages and pallets with ShipBob’s advanced packing validation process. 
  • Unlock ShipBob’s competitive freight and parcel rates. 
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Create a new FBA prep order in your ShipBob dashboard. 

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ShipBob shares your order info via API to Amazon Seller Central. 

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ShipBob picks and packs your order.

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ShipBob prints the Amazon box, pallet, and shipping labels.

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ShipBob books freight or parcel for you. 

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View tracking updates and signed BOLs in your ShipBob dashboard.

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Amazon FBM

Capture a larger Amazon market by integrating with Amazon stores in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Poland. 

  • Have ShipBob ship FBM orders from the same pool of inventory as your DTC orders. 
  • Delight shoppers with real-time tracking and elevate your brand by using custom packaging, marketing inserts and gift notes.
  • Avoid overselling with automated inventory quantity syncs and customizable inventory thresholds.
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Connect your Amazon store to ShipBob, and sync your products. 

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ShipBob stores your inventory in any of our fulfillment centers across the world.

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Your customer places an order on Amazon. 

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ShipBob fulfills your orders in accordance with Amazon’s SLAs. 

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Seller Fulfilled Prime

Apply for our early access program to unlock the power of the Prime badge on Amazon with Seller Fulfilled Prime, fulfilled by ShipBob.  

  • Boost your Amazon store’s visibility and credibility with the Prime badge. 
  • Increase conversions and average order values with free one and two-day shipping. 
  • Own the unboxing experience with custom packaging and marketing inserts to elevate your brand. 
  • Leverage ShipBob’s expansive fulfillment center network across the United States for smarter, cost-effective shipping. 
We’re also glad to partner with ShipBob so we can use their facilities in the US, the EU, Australia, and beyond. Some 3PLs we worked with also didn’t have any flexibility to offer things like custom label jobs for Amazon and other customization capabilities such as kitting at scale, like kitting.

Jesse Leeworthy,

Director & Co-Founder at memobottle

We’ve been leveraging ShipBob’s automated FBA prep solution. Doing manual FBA prep is always a nightmare, so we’re really happy to streamline the process for selling on Amazon as well.

Steven Weinstock,

Co-Founder of Pick Up Bricks

ShipBob’s omnifulfillment solution could handle every sort of order we had, and had no qualms whatsoever about facilitating our FBA prep orders for Amazon. Multichannel fulfillment with ShipBob is affordable, too, as not having to do any shipping ourselves enables us to keep low overhead, and ShipBob’s transparent pricing across channels provides even more cost-savings.”

Nathan Garrison,

Co-Founder and CEO of Sharkbanz

How can I connect my Amazon account with my ShipBob dashboard?

Connecting your Amazon account with ShipBob is a breeze with our quick setup. Follow the instructions in this support article to integrate your store and sync your products. 

How do I create an inventory transfer order for FBA prep?  

Creating an automated parcel or freight inventory transfer order for our fulfillment centers in the United States is a breeze with ShipBob’s automated process. Click here to both watch an instructional video and read through the steps to transfer inventory to Amazon. 

Using our fulfillment centers located outside of the United States? Click here for instructions on how to submit a manual order for your FBA inventory transfer order. 

How can I set up my Amazon FBM orders to be fulfilled by ShipBob? 

Follow the steps in this support article to connect ShipBob to your Amazon store, and then follow the steps in this support article to have ShipBob start fulfilling your Amazon orders. 

What kind of Amazon orders can ShipBob fulfill?

ShipBob can fulfill Amazon FBM from any of our fulfillment centers.  

Amazon FBA inventory replenishment orders can be fulfilled from ShipBob’s fulfillment centers. Our Automated FBA Prep services are only available in our United States fulfillment centers, while our Manual FBA Prep services are available at any of our international fulfillment centers. 

Contact us today to gain access to our Seller Fulfilled Prime beta program.