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Shipping carriers set their rates based on shipping zones, or grouping of predetermined zip codes. The farther a package must travel, the longer a package’s transit time and the more it will cost to ship. Many Bay Area-based companies choose a Bay Area fulfillment center to ship their products. But if most of your customers don’t live in the Bay Area, then you’ll have to ship your packages long distances to the Midwest or East Coast, which will run up your shipping costs.

ShipBob can help you serve the Bay

Here’s how ShipBob can help. We give you access to a national network of fulfillment centers located in strategic areas around the US, including one in the Bay Area. You can store your products in whichever regions your customers reside. That means shorter transit times, better rates, and a broader shipping reach.

ShipBob customers have seen their average order value go up and cart abandonment decrease by providing 2-day ground shipping from a network of fulfillment centers. Read on to learn what ShipBob can do for your business.

What do ShipBob customers think?

San Francisco-based Ample Foods, used to work with a different 3PL. As an emerging company, brand recognition and loyalty were key to their business, so they ultimately decided to move to ShipBob. As a result, they increased their 2-day ground shipping coverage by 103% while saving a lot of money using ShipBob’s distributed inventory model.

“From expanding into a second ShipBob fulfillment center, we are excited to be able to offer 65% of our customers with 2-day shipping, up from 32% by only having a single West Coast facility. Soon, this will be 100%. Not only is this better for our customers but we also gain a 13% savings to our bottom line.”

Pablo Gabatto, Business Operations Manager at Ample Foods

Men’s grooming company BAKblade can compete with platforms where customers are looking for 2-day shipping, because ShipBob helps them deliver on our customer expectations by getting products into their hands’ faster and faster.

“We’ve seen a spike in conversions since applying ShipBob’s 2-Day Express feature, which lets us to stay ahead of the competition that offers similar products and is seen by our customers. Our job is to drive traffic to our website and ShipBob’s 2-Day Express shipping is certainly an option that a lot of our customers have taken advantage of and are very happy with.”

Matt Dryfhout, Founder & CEO of BAKblade

ShipBob’s Bay Area ecommerce fulfillment services

There’s a reason so many ecommerce companies struggle with order fulfillment. You might be the master of your product space, but shipping and logistics are a more complex territory for many online businesses. ShipBob is here to help you not just navigate this area, but offer a better customer experience through their expertise.

Manage everything from your ShipBob dashboard

Your ShipBob dashboard is your one-stop shop for all order and inventory matters. ShipBob’s fulfillment platform has built-in order and inventory management systems that let you do everything from calculating an automatic reorder point formula for each SKU to tracking orders.

Optimize your shipping

ShipBob’s proprietary technology and distributed retail fulfillment infrastructure makes your shipping more efficient and speeds up delivery times. When ShipBob is notified that an order was placed on your site, our technology and algorithm automatically route the order to the nearest fulfillment center that has your inventory. That means more affordable and faster shipping for both you and your customers.

Make data-driven business decisions

Data and analytics should be used to inform all important decisions. Generate inventory reports and easily forecast inventory to know how much you should order or which products you should stock. ShipBob’s platform delivers insightful distribution metrics that break down ways to optimize your supply chain.

ShipBob + all of your ecommerce solutions

Connecting ShipBob to your tech stack doesn’t require any coding or programming expertise. With our integrations, you can augment each step of ecommerce process. Additionally, we partner with top marketing agencies, technologies, and more to help you with other pain points you face. Here’s a selection of our partners.

Ecommerce stores and platforms:

Shipping platforms:

Packaging solutions

What makes ShipBob the best 3PL in the Bay Area?

ShipBob’s commitment goes beyond just handling pick, pack, and ship services for your ecommerce business. Our distributed inventory model and best-in-class technology give you a shipping advantage over your competitors that can propel you to greater success. Here’s how.

Refocus your time

You probably didn’t get into ecommerce with a passion for packing boxes. With a 3PL you can stop wasting time and resources on fulfillment and start focusing on bigger priorities. For example, food storage brand, Food Huggers, went viral and saw an order volume increase of 786%. They were able to rely on ShipBob as their trusted fulfillment partner to send out their orders so they could focus on other aspects of the business. ShipBob fulfilled 97.3% of orders on-time which helped them achieve 497% growth in sales month over month. 

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Ship orders faster

Many ecommerce businesses can’t bring down their inventory carrying costs enough to offer the fastest shipping options. But with the cost savings, multiple distribution centers, and enhanced shipping capacity that you get with ShipBob, you can. Luxury pillow brand Doris Sleep partnered with ShipBob, and now 99.7% of orders placed on their site before noon are shipped the same day, without them having to think about it.

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Ace last-minute fulfillment

Launching a new product? Just received inventory and want to start selling it fast? ShipBob can get you started much quicker than other 3PLs. Menswear brand Brummell Co. received 15,000 units of inventory for their holiday launch, and with ShipBob’s help they were shipping orders just 4 days later, on the way to 5,000 units sold in the first month.

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Knowing the right time to outsource fulfillment

Any ecommerce business that doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of ecommerce fulfillment can benefit from a 3PL. But if you only have a few orders coming in a day, then it may not be necessary for your business quite yet. How can you tell when you’re really in need of a 3PL? If you’re struggling with any of the following factors:

  • Order volume: Your in-house fulfillment system is already spread too thin and order volume continues to grow.
  • Order and inventory management: You need a reliable system for organizing customer orders and inventory.
  • Storage: You don’t have the space in your warehouse (or house) to keep inventory organized.
  • Shipping costs: You are using one Bay Area fulfillment warehouse, but your customers live elsewhere and you’re overpaying for shipping.

If you’re looking for a fulfillment company that can help optimize ecommerce warehousing, give you access to multiple distribution centers around the US, help you ship in cost-effective ways and offer 2-day shipping, ShipBob may be the fulfillment solution for your online store!

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