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The cost and speed of shipping are two of the most important considerations for ecommerce customers making a purchase. Yet, businesses often want to focus on getting customers, and in turn look at shipping as just a logistical problem to be dealt with.

In fact, shipping can and should be a major part of any ecommerce strategy. If you can offer your customers better shipping options, then you’ll convert more sales and build more customer loyalty. So how do you ship faster and more affordably?

ShipBob is a fulfillment company that can speed up delivery times and bring down fulfillment costs.

Partner with ShipBob and gain access to our national network of fulfillment and distribution centers and best-in-class technology. You can offer same-, next-, and 2-day shipping to customers across the country — without a Miami fulfillment center.

“ShipBob has been a great ally as they have fulfillment centers all over the US, facilitating a 2-3 day delivery time for any customer in the US. This is helpful especially when weather challenges happen; being able to have different locations to ship from allows for a more seamless supply chain.”

Andrea Lisbona, Founder & CEO of Touchland (based in Miami, FL)

Read on to learn how ShipBob can handle retail fulfillment for your Miami-based ecommerce business.

What is a 3PL?

Not every ecommerce business wants to master the nitty-gritty details of warehousing and distribution. And even fewer are prepared to build the infrastructure necessary to scale fulfillment. Third-party logistics (3PL) providers take fulfillment off your hands and can help:

How it works

The fulfillment process is simple and straightforward when you partner with ShipBob:

1. Sync your store with ShipBob

2. Ship your products to our fulfillment centers

3. ShipBob receives notification when an order is placed on your site

4. The order is picked, packed, and shipped (with ecommerce order tracking info to be sent back to the customer)

Order fulfillment services for Miami ecommerce businesses

True full-stack fulfillment involves more than just storing, packaging, and shipping your products. Our technology gives you total control of the fulfillment process, so we can build a well-designed fulfillment solution for you.

Connect your store to ShipBob

Syncing your store with ShipBob’s technology is simple you don’t need any programming knowledge. We’re integrated with top ecommerce and shipping platforms, so you can seamlessly manage fulfillment.

Keep track of orders and inventory

You can find everything you need to know about inventory and orders from your ShipBob dashboard:

  • View and track inventory levels  in real-time at each fulfillment center
  • Receive notifications when you need to order more product to prevent stockouts
  • Monitor orders and find what you need
  • Track shipments

Custom-design your packaging

Unlike other 3PLs that charge additional packaging costs, standard packaging materials are included in your ShipBob quote. You can also use your own branded packaging to provide a more unique unboxing experience for your customers.

ShipBob’s world-class integrations

Part of what separates ShipBob from other fulfillment companies and makes us a true modern 3PL  is that we streamline your workflow by integrating with your stack. Sync ShipBob with the following top solutions.

Ecommerce platforms:

Shipping platforms

Packaging solutions

Our full partner network covers everything from financing and marketing to tax tools and inventory management.

Picking the best 3PL in Miami

ShipBob develops unique data-based fulfillment solutions that optimize your shipping and help you reach more customers.

Store your products in multiple fulfillment centers

If you only have a single Miami fulfillment warehouse but your customer base is spread across the country, then you’re going to be shipping long distance often. Access to multiple fulfillment centers allows you to store your products in regions closer to where your customers are located. The result is shorter distances, faster shipping, and cheaper rates.

ShipBob client BAKblade used 5 fulfillment centers to offer all of their customers 2-day shipping and immediately saw a spike in orders. They’ve gone on to double in size each year since partnering with ShipBob.

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Expand your customer base

High shipping rates frequently scare off ecommerce buyers, so reducing your logistics costs with ShipBob can bring in new customers. Luxury bath brand Bathorium saw a 70% decrease in US shipping costs after partnering with ShipBob and subsequently expanded their US customer base by 20%.

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Grow your business faster

ShipBob gives you the infrastructure, technology, and industry knowledge to scale fulfillment rapidly and make yoru shipping more cost-effective. A great example is Touchland, a fast-growing brand that has successfully upgraded the hand sanitizing experience to a whole new level. Touchland launched in 2018 and grew quickly after a successful Kickstarter campaign, and then grew even faster after the COVID-19 pandemic hit with 34,000 customers on the waitlist.

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