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Build & customize your brand with ShipBob and Packlane

With ShipBob’s partnership with Packlane, you can now use their custom packaging solution to scale your business with our fulfillment experience by optimizing for time and shipping costs.

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ShipBob + Packlane

Why use ShipBob + Packlane for order fulfillment?

Increase Sales

40% of online shoppers say custom packaging makes them more likely to recommend a product to friends (Dotcom Distribution). Increase sales and revenue through word-of-mouth marketing via social media.

No more boring boxes

Send customers beautifully branded boxes instead of boring brown boxes. Put your brand front and center with custom packaging that’s shareworthy, grabs attention and keeps your customers coming back.

Size Matters

Customizing your box to your exact specifications ensures your product is always protected and helps reduce shipping costs by not sending oversized packaging.

Brand Perception

Custom packaging gives your customers a reason to identify with your brand and helps reinforce loyalty. Remind customers your product is worth the price by delivering a premium experience.

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ShipBob + Packlane

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