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Ecommerce customers have never had higher expectations. Amazon has made 2-day shipping the industry standard, and studies show that too-high shipping costs are now the #1 reason shoppers abandon their carts. The upshot: offering more affordable shipping options to your customers can help you close more sales and sell more products. But how do you provide faster, more affordable shipping without breaking the bank?

ShipBob is a 3PL with a fulfillment model designed to reduce shipping costs. With ShipBob, your products are stored in multiple fulfillment centers in different regions across the US. That means you can store your products in regions closer to your customers, rather than a single Denver fulfillment center.

The result is shorter shipping distances and transit times. This enables faster deliveries, lowered fulfillment costs, and a broader reach for your business (not to mention a better customer experience).

“With ShipBob, we are able to offer 2-day shipping via ground to 80% of our customer base, which is much cheaper than expedited air. We definitely see benefits with ShipBob’s 2-day shipping capabilities. With Amazon Prime and shoppers expecting 2-day shipping at this point, it’s definitely being chosen when it’s offered on our store.”

Lindsay Louise, Fulfillment & Retail Manager at Synchro

How ShipBob works for Denver brands

Retail fulfillment with ShipBob works like this:

  • Sync ShipBob with your store
  • Ship us your products
  • Your products are stored in our fulfillment centers
  • Orders placed on your ecommerce store are pushed automatically to ShipBob
  • Our fulfillment professionals get auto-generated picking lists and packing slips to pick, pack, and ship the order to your customers
  • You keep track of the whole process from your ShipBob dashboard

Fulfillment services offered to Denver businesses

ShipBob not only picks, pack, and ships customer orders, but gives you oversight of each step of the fulfillment process from the moment an order is placed to when the package arrives at your customer’s door.

Order management

With ShipBob, you maintain control of the entire order fulfillment process. From your dashboard you can:

  • Track ecommerce orders and changes in volume
  • Track orders throughout the fulfillment journey and provide updates to customers on their shipments
  • Search and find individual orders quickly

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Inventory management

ShipBob offers a valuable toolset for streamlining inventory management. Track inventory levels at each fulfillment center and use reorder point formulas, so you’re automatically notified when and where you need more product, plus analytics to understand your ideal reorder quantity.

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Picking, packing, and shipping orders is a logistical challenge that takes up valuable time and manpower. Let our fulfillment professionals take it off your hands. Orders are pushed to the optimal fulfillment center, prepared, shipped, and tracking info is sent to the customer.

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ShipBob: the best fulfillment choice for Denver-based ecommerce companies

ShipBob combines fulfillment logistics expertise with an innovative warehousing model and cutting-edge, proprietary technology. The result is a modern 3PL that will not only handle your shipping, but make your business more efficient, profitable, and customer-friendly.

Scale faster

ShipBob optimizes your shipping and saves you manpower, enabling rapid growth. Menswear and sock brand Brummell partnered with ShipBob for their holiday launch. Brummell received their first shipment of inventory (15,000 units) on November 22, sent the product to ShipBob on the 23rd, and ShipBob started to ship orders for them by November 25. They went on to sell 5,000 units in their first month and had ShipBob fulfill them all on time.

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Offer 2-day shipping

If customers can get their products cheaper and faster, then average order value tends to rise and conversion rates improve. Dog accessory brand RIFRUF partnered with ShipBob and joined the 2-Day Express Program. As a result, they were able to speed up shipping speeds by 38.5% and improve their conversion rate.

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Improve conversion rates

Better shipping options for your customers also means less cart abandonment and more sales. Weighted blanket company My Calm Blanket reduced their abandoned carts by 18% after partnering with ShipBob.

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Easily integrate ShipBob with your ecommerce stack

ShipBob’s technology is intuitive to use and connects easily to your existing tech stack and brand. We’re partnered with the the best solutions at every step of the ecommerce process. See some of them below.

Ecommerce platforms and online stores:

Shipping partners:

Packaging solutions:

Is it time to use a third-party logistics provider for your business?

A 3PL can help grow your business in numerous ways and at different stages of growth. Ecommerce businesses can benefit from a 3PL if they have a major brand launch, or if they’re struggling to keep up with fulfillment as they scale, or if they’re just sick of packing boxes.

Furthermore, many ecommerce businesses get bogged down with high logistics costs and are unable to meet customer expectations for cheap, fast shipping.

A 3PL like ShipBob — who partners with major shipping carriers and ecommerce platforms — can vastly and immediately enhance your shipping capacity. Your margins improve, and you can turn that savings over to your customers.

For a better ecommerce fulfillment experience, with multiple distribution centers across the US, unrivaled customer support, and cost-effective shipping practices, contact us here at ShipBob!

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