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Ecommerce fulfillment is an ever-shifting puzzle that influences every part of your business. Building the infrastructure and technology necessary to keep up with fulfillment as your business grows can take years. And most ecommerce businesses lack the industry expertise and resources to offer the fastest, cheapest shipping options at cost.

That’s why so many ecommerce companies leverage the experience of a 3PL. But even 3PLs vary widely in their ability to scale quickly and offer the best options. Many 3PLs use old technology or outdated retail fulfillment models.

ShipBob is a 3PL that stays on the cutting-edge. With ShipBob, you can store inventory in our Phoenix fulfillment center location, plus get access to our entire international fulfillment network. You can follow the data and store your products in regions closer to where your customers reside for reduced shipping costs and transit times.

ShipBob’s best-in-class technology connects to your tech stack and enables comprehensive inventory and order management. The result is a true modern 3PL that can help take your business to the next level.

How we handle Phoenix fulfillment

Fulfillment with ShipBob starts with connecting your ecommerce store to ShipBob’s platform. You then ship your products to our Phoenix location where we store them securely.

ShipBob is notified when an order is placed on your online store, and our technology routes the order to the nearest fulfillment center to the customer. Automatically a picking list and packing slip are generated, and the order is picked, packed, and shipped.

You can easily track inventory and monitor orders throughout the fulfillment process from your ShipBob dashboard.

ShipBob’s 3PL fulfillment services in Phoenix

Technology and infrastructure are just two of the things that make ShipBob a different kind of 3PL. Here are some of the tools and features you get when you partner with ShipBob.

Reports and analytics

To stay prepared and make the right decisions, ecommerce businesses need to accurately forecast and track inventory and improve inventory accounting. Syncing your store with ShipBob puts all your most valuable data in one place, and our technology generates precise reports and analytics.

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Customer service

Our customer service team collaborates with you to optimize and refine the fulfillment process. Dedicated account managers support our enterprise customers, and onsite customer service reps quickly respond to and solve any fulfillment problems.

ShipBob’s help center

2-day shipping

The cheaper rates, faster transit times, and more extensive reach that you get with distributed inventory lets you offer 2-day shipping to your customers — no need for only using one Phoenix fulfillment center.

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Grow your Phoenix-based ecommerce business with ShipBob

Partnering with ShipBob frees up time for your team, makes your business more efficient, and gives your customers more, better shipping options.

Bring down shipping costs

With your products stored in regions closer to your customers you’ll pay less to ship cross-country.

Health and wellness brand Synchro left ShipBob for another 3PL and saw their logistics costs dramatically rise; they returned to ShipBob and immediately started saving money and shipping faster. They now use two ShipBob fulfillment centers to offer 80% of their customers guaranteed 2-day shipping via ground while averaging 3,000 monthly orders.

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Save manual labor

Ecommerce business have more productive ways to devote manpower than packing boxes. The CEO of lifestyle brand Juspy spent 50% of her time packing boxes and shipping orders each day before ShipBob. After partnering with us, she not only saved manpower but got time back to focus on scaling the business.

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Boost average order value

High fulfillment costs and long transit times often scare off ecommerce customers. On the other hand, fast, affordable shipping prompts customers to spend more. Once they started offering 2-day shipping by splitting inventory across ShipBob’s fulfillment network, sunglass brand Rainbow OPTX saw a 24% increase in average order value.

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Ecommerce platforms

ShipBob integrates easily and intuitively with the top ecommerce solutions, including Amazon, Squarespace, BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, and more. No programming necessary to sync with your online store!

Shipping carriers and partners

Get better shipping rates and bulk shipping discounts from ShipBob partners USPS, DHL, and UPS. ShipBob is also integrated with top shipping platforms, including ShipStation and Freightos, so you can further optimize your shipping service.


Provide your customers with a special, branded unboxing experience with ShipBob’s packaging partners: Packlane and noissue.

Are you ready to outsource your order fulfillment?

Building a smooth fulfillment process is a huge challenge without expertise in fulfillment logistics. Few ecommerce businesses can devote significant time to mastering fulfillment, but a 3PL can hand you the fulfillment centers, technology, and industry knowledge you need. You can likely benefit from a 3PL if:

  • Your order volume is rapidly increasing and your in-house fulfillment is lagging behind
  • You are running out of space to store your products
  • You want to speed up delivery times

If the above points match your fulfillment needs, it may be time to talk to an order fulfillment company like ShipBob. ShipBob specializes in inventory storage and ecommerce warehousing, inventory management, ecommerce order fulfillment, and many other types of order fulfillment services. Whatever you need to scale your shipping and logistics, ShipBob can help!

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