Best 3PL Ecommerce Fulfillment Services on the East Coast

East Coast fulfillment services for ecommerce businesses.

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Shipping is a critical part of any successful ecommerce strategy. It’s not just about what you sell, but how quickly and affordably you can get products into the hands of customers. Offering your customers better shipping options fosters brand loyalty and results in more sales.

But if you’re only using a single east coast fulfillment center, then shipping to the west coast or heartland will be expensive.

ShipBob is a 3PL that reduces shipping costs and transit times by giving you access to multiple fulfillment centers including their east coast fulfillment center. This allows you to store your products in regions closer to your customer base, so you can ship fast to customers on the east coast and everywhere else.

ShipBob’s partnerships with all the major shipping carriers get you the best rates, and ShipBob’s best-in-class technology streamlines the retail fulfillment process.

Outsource fulfillment to ShipBob and you’ll immediately see an improvement in your bottom line (and your customers will be pleased with lower shipping rates as well).

How our east coast fulfillment services work

Order fulfillment with ShipBob works like this:

  • Sync your store with ShipBob and ship your products to our fulfillment centers
  • Orders placed on your store are forwarded automatically to ShipBob
  • ShipBob’s technology routes the order to the nearest fulfillment center to the customer
  • Our fulfillment professionals pick, pack, and ship the order (with tracking info sent to the customer)
  • You track the fulfillment process from your ShipBob dashboard in real-time
  • Your customers get faster, cheaper shipping options

ShipBob’s east coast 3PL order fulfillment services

When you partner with ShipBob you get more than just picking/packing/shipping services. We share insightful inventory reports and analytics, provide tools for keeping track of inventory, and let you monitor and control each step of the fulfillment process.

Warehousing and inventory management

ShipBob gives you access to a national network of fulfillment centers where your products are securely stored. Our technology makes inventory management simple and lets you view inventory counts, use built-in reorder point formulas, and distribute your inventory strategically based on the location of your customers.

[Read more about inventory management]

Order management

Stay on top of your daily orders from your ShipBob dashboard. You can:

  • Monitor orders from when they are placed until they are delivered
  • View order volume, orders fulfilled, and much more
  • Search for specific orders and resolve problems quickly
  • Forecast inventory thanks to efficient inventory reporting

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2-day shipping

Many ecommerce businesses can’t offer affordable 2-day shipping via ground because their fulfillment center is too far from their customers. The shorter shipping distances and faster transit times you get with distributed inventory let you offer 2-day shipping to customers anywhere in the US (without breaking the bank).

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Analytics and reporting tool

Partner with ShipBob and access a wealth of data-driven analysis that can inform business decisions and help you grow faster. Keep track of distribution metrics, purchasing trends, predict demand, and forecast inventory to make your business more efficient than ever. Save time and use this data for accurate inventory accounting. You can even keep us accountable with transparent fulfillment performance data.

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ShipBob integrates with your existing platforms

ShipBob has a diverse partner ecosystem that covers everything from packaging to tax assistance. We are integrated with top ecommerce platforms such as:

Shipping carrier partners include:

How ShipBob’s east coast fulfillment services can grow your business

Unlike other fulfillment companies, ShipBob’s goal isn’t only to take shipping and logistics off your hands. We help businesses gain efficiencies, scale, and ultimately grow more profitable. Here’s how.

Make your business more agile

The ability to manage your ecommerce inventory virtually means you can add SKUs and restock inventory easier than ever. Sportswear company FLEO Shorts rolls out multiple designs and products each month, and the flexibility they gained from ShipBob’s inventory management platform was a major factor in their 30% year over year growth.[Read more]

Spend less on shipping

If you follow the data and store your products in regions close to your customers, then shipping distances, fulfillment costs, and transit times all go down. Luxury bath brand Bathorium cut shipping costs by 70% in the US after partnering with ShipBob and grew their reach in the US by an additional 20% of their total customer base.

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Is it time for you to hire a 3PL?

Shipping isn’t usually the strongest point of expertise for most ecommerce businesses, yet the benefit of a 3PL is that they can make shipping one of the strongest points of your business. Faster, cheaper, more efficient shipping gives you an advantage over your competitors. But some businesses can benefit more from a 3PL than others. Here are some signs that your business may be ready:

  • You lack the infrastructure or resources to scale fulfillment in-house
  • You are devoting too much manpower to picking, packing, and shipping
  • Your storage space is overcrowded and disorganized
  • Your order volume has rapidly increased and you’re struggling to keep up
  • You have a single east coast fulfillment warehouse and want more cost-effective cross-country shipping.

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