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If you want to offer ecommerce customers the best shipping options, then you need to understand shipping zones. Carriers like USPS, UPS, and FedEx use shipping zones to measure how far a package must travel. The farther a package must travel and the higher the shipping zone it’s sent to, the more it costs to ship the package and the longer it takes to reach its destination.

By reducing the average shipping zones your packages ship to, you reduce shipping costs and get orders delivered quicker.

So, how do you reduce shipping zones if your customers don’t magically move to more advantageous regions that reduce zones?

With a method called distributed inventory that lets you control where the shipping point of origin is. Distributed inventory allows you to store your products in multiple regions, rather than in one Nashville fulfillment center. If your customers are dispersed across the US (as is the case for most ecommerce businesses), then each delivery will ship to lower zones than if you only shipped from one Nashville fulfillment center.

Ecommerce requires distributed inventory

Think about it: If you have a lot of customers in California, and you shipped all of those orders from California rather than Nashville, you could save a lot of money.

ShipBob is one of the few 3PL (third-party logistics) providers that uses a distributed inventory model with a large network of fulfillment centers across different regions of the United States. Your customers get cheaper, faster shipping and you can even see a range of benefits yourself: more conversions, greater brand loyalty, and higher average order value (AOV), to name a few.

Read on for a breakdown of how ShipBob can do this for your Nashville-based ecommerce business.

How our fulfillment services work

Working with ShipBob is a breeze. Here’s our process:

1. Connect your online store to ShipBob’s technology.

2. Ship your products to our fulfillment centers (based on where your customers live).

3. When an order is placed on your ecommerce store, ShipBob is notified automatically and our order fulfillment professionals pick, pack, and ship the order.

4. Tracking info is forwarded to the customer.

5. Your customers get faster, cheaper shipping — no Nashville fulfillment center necessary!

Full-stack fulfillment services for Nashville ecommerce businesses

ShipBob has mastered each step of ecommerce fulfillment, from picking and packing to customer service and distribution metrics. We do the legwork of getting packages to your customer’s door, so you can focus on the more important challenge of growing your business.

Picking and packing services

Once an order is placed on your online store, ShipBob takes it from there. Our technology routes orders to the optimal fulfillment/distribution center to create a picking list where our professionals pick, pack, and each orders. There are no surprise packaging fees, either: Standard packaging materials are included, or you can send your custom-branded boxes, poly mailers, and/or inserts to be used.

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Order management and inventory tracking

Your ShipBob dashboard is a one-stop shop for viewing and monitoring all of your orders and inventory. Track inventory counts, monitor on hold orders, search for specific orders, automatically send customers ecommerce order tracking info, and much more. Inventory reporting helps you stay on top of changes and reduces the extra time and paperwork involved in inventory accounting.

More on order management and inventory tracking  and inventory management

Customer service

Our support reps are here to help you every step of the way. From understanding how to set something up to filing a claim for a damaged order, you’ll get quick answers and solutions from your dedicated Merchant Care team.

ShipBob’s Help Center

ShipBob: the best solution for Nashville ecommerce order fulfillment

What makes ShipBob better than the rest? We leverage technology and distributed infrastructure to help you offer a better customer experience and improve your shipping margins for faster growth as the end-result.

Scale growth rapidly

Partnering with a full-stack 3PL like ShipBob means instantly lowering inventory carrying costs and expanding your shipping capabilities. Menswear brand Brummell partnered with ShipBob just prior to their holiday launch and had only four days from receiving their inventory to shipping orders. ShipBob helped them navigate the launch and successfully fulfilled 5,000 orders off the bat.

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Improve your shipping margins

Saving on logistics costs improves your margin and also helps manage your budget in other parts of the business. Founder of bath brand Bathorium, Greg MacDonald, said, “It makes it a lot easier to spend marketing dollars when we know exactly what shipping costs are going to be. With ShipBob, we can comfortably assign a shipping cost to each order by pinpointing the product weight and destination zip code.”

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Expand your shipping reach and enhance the customer experience

With ShipBob’s infrastructure in place, you can ship cheap and fast to customers across the US (or the globe). Mens grooming company BAKblade has grown both internationally and in general order volume as a result of a several year partnership with ShipBob. In addition to cheaper shipping rates and using ShipBob fulfillment centers around the world, they’ve also seen customer satisfaction go up.

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ShipBob connects to your ecommerce solutions

Other 3PLs have clunky integrations and limiting, outdated technology. ShipBob’s proprietary software connects easily to your tech stack, including ecommerce platforms such as:

  • Squarespace
  • Ebay
  • Amazon
  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce
  • And more!

ShipBob works with top shipping carriers:

  • USPS
  • UPS
  • DHL
  • FedEx
  • And more!

ShipBob grows with you by making it easy to plug in to new apps and solutions. Dig into our full partner ecosystem, which encompasses nearly every area of ecommerce.

Should I outsource order fulfillment to a Nashville 3PL?

Fulfilling orders in-house is easy when you only have a low number of orders, but keeping up gets more difficult as your customer base grows. Online businesses often find themselves devoting more time, resources, and energy to retail fulfillment — hardly the area most want to focus on.

A 3PL can spare you this hassle and offer significant upside for your business. Here are some signs that you’re ready:

  • You want to lower shipping costs with minimal upfront investment.
  • Your fulfillment team makes too many errors so you want fulfillment done professionally.
  • You lack the desire or inclination to build a system of distribution or logistics network yourself.
  • You don’t have enough storage space for your inventory.
  • You want to offer faster shipping options but your margins are too tight.

If your business needs a streamlined fulfillment process with cost-effective ecommerce warehousing, 2-day shipping, and fast customer order processing, ShipBob may be the fulfillment solution you need.

Ready to get started with a 3PL? Request a quote from ShipBob. 

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