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Fulfillment is one of the biggest timesucks for ecommerce businesses, eating up precious resources and manpower that could better be spent elsewhere. That’s one reason why so many ecommerce businesses outsource fulfillment to a 3PL.

Ecommerce fulfillment requires not only a warehouse and fulfillment team, but also technology that links with your online store. ShipBob is a 3PL with proprietary software that optimizes your shipping, with technology being just one of the things that makes ShipBob a different kind of 3PL.

We also have a unique distribution model called distributed inventory that allows ecommerce brands to store their inventory in multiple fulfillment centers. Let’s say half of your customers are on the East Coast, and the other half are spread across the Midwest and South. Rather than using a single New York fulfillment center, you could store your products in our Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Texas warehouses.

With your inventory stored closer to your customers, each package has a shorter distance to travel, which lowers your shipping zones, delivery rates and speeds up deliveries. This means you can pass savings along to customers and improve their experience by getting products into their hands faster. ShipBob has helped thousands businesses do exactly this.

ShipBob helps New York businesses

ShipBob has customers all over the world, including many in New York state. One New York-based customer, Dossier, has partnered with ShipBob since 2019 and went from 0 orders to hundreds of thousands.

“Logistics is something you never think about until it stops working, and we’ve never come to that point with ShipBob. Everything just works. We are super happy with ShipBob and very impressed by how well they’ve pumped out our large volume of orders.”

Sergio Tache, CEO of Dossier

Order fulfillment services in New York state

Before we dive into all the features you get with ShipBob, here’s a brief summary of how order fulfillment works with ShipBob:

  • Start with syncing your store with our platform (it takes a few minutes), getting full onboarding, and shipping your products to the ShipBob fulfillment and distribution center that will save you the most money and reduce transit times for your customers.
  • Orders placed on your ecommerce store are routed automatically to a ShipBob fulfillment center, and the retail fulfillment process begins.
  • Our professionals prepare and ship the order, with order tracking details forwarded to your ecommerce store and sent to the customer.
  • You get better shipping rates and your customers get faster deliveries, with no need to a lot of money for a single New York fulfillment center!

Track inventory levels

ShipBob’s platform comes with built-in inventory tracking technology that ensures you always have the right amount of product at the right time. You can view inventory counts at each fulfillment center, and even set reorder points so you’re automatically notified when you need to order more product.

“We have a Shopify store but do not use Shopify to track inventory. In terms of tracking inventory, we use ShipBob for everything — to be able to track each bottle of perfume, what we have left, and what we’ve shipped, while getting a lot more information on each order.”

Ines Guien, Vice President of Operations at Dossier

Monitor outstanding orders

Your ShipBob dashboard provides easy access to all the order management functionality you need. Search for specific customer orders, track packages, and get real-time updates from each stage of the fulfillment process.

Offer 2-day shipping

ShipBob’s technology routes orders to the optimal fulfillment center and finds the fastest, most affordable shipping route for each package. The result? You can offer 2-day shipping to customers no matter where they live in the United States.

The unique value ShipBob offers New York State-based ecommerce businesses

Our combination of cutting-edge technology, fulfillment infrastructure across the country, and industry expertise makes us uniquely positioned to help ecommerce businesses grow. Here are some of the ways we can benefit your business.

Access to multiple fulfillment centers

Following the data and storing your inventory in multiple fulfillment centers closer to where your customers live provides a wealth of benefits, including reduced shipping costs and delivery times. Health and wellness brand Synchro started using two US fulfillment centers and can now offer ShipBob’s 2-Day Express Shipping to 80% of their entire customer base.

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Flexible inventory management

Once your store is synced with ShipBob’s platform, you can manage your inventory virtually from your dashboard. Adding new SKUs is a breeze and you can set reorder points so you never run out of product. Sportswear brand FLEO Shorts rolls out new products and designs each month, and with ShipBob’s inventory management system they’ve been able to achieve 30% year over year growth without running out of their hottest sellers.

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Faster growth

The enhanced ecommerce shipping capacity you get with ShipBob, along with all the time and energy you save on fulfillment, allows you to focus on driving growth. ShipBob can help your business grow in a cost-effective way while improving overall customer experience. Sunglasses brand Rainbow OPTX saves a minimum of 120 weekly hours per week and has grown 115% since partnering with ShipBob.

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Improved conversion rates

Dog footwear and accessory brand, RIFRUF, switched to ShipBob from a competing 3PL because they continued to experience high loss and slow shipping. After switching to ShipBob, they noted a lift in conversion rates because they were able to offer faster shipping options, including 2-Day Express shipping.

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ShipBob’s integrations

ShipBob is a fulfillment solution built specifically for ecommerce, and we’ve built a network of partnerships in the industry that can make scaling your business easier than ever. Here are just a few of them:

Ecommerce platform integrations:

Shipping carriers:

How to know when you’re ready to outsource fulfillment

There are many different components of fulfillment, and most ecommerce businesses struggle with many of them. Sometimes these are small, manageable problems, but as order volume grows, these small problems compound and start damaging your business. If you are having issues in any of the following areas, then it may be time to outsource fulfillment:

  • Inventory management: Your inventory counts are off and you experience stockouts that hamper your ability to fulfill orders.
  • Warehousing: You no longer have space to store your products in an organized, affordable, and accessible fashion.
  • Shipping speed: You are struggling to offer fast shipping at a decent margin.
  • Shipping costs: You are using one New York fulfillment center and pay for premium shipping when sending packages to customers in the Midwest, West Coast, or in the South.

Sounds familiar? Get in touch with ShipBob today and take control of your fulfillment needs.

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