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If your ecommerce business wants to offer the cheapest, fastest shipping options, then you’ll need to understand shipping zones. Shipping zones are what shipping carriers use to determine the distance a package has to travel to reach its destination. The farther the delivery address is from where the package was sent, the more zones the package must travel.

The number of shipping zones a package crosses also determines the cost of shipping. That’s what makes shipping zones important for ecommerce: If you want to speed up deliveries and reduce shipping costs, then you need to reduce the number of shipping zones your packages cross.

This is where ShipBob comes in. ShipBob is a 3PL (third-party logistics) provider with a model designed to reduce the number of shipping zones your packages cross. We have a national network of fulfillment centers located in different areas across the US.

Instead of storing your inventory in one Indianapolis fulfillment center, you can store it in multiple fulfillment centers. Our technology routes orders automatically to the fulfillment center located nearest to each customer.

The result? Shipping distances are reduced, costs go down, and delivery times speed up. These are only a few of the positive effects that optimizing your shipping with ShipBob has on a business. Keep reading to find out more.

What do customers have to say about ShipBob fulfillment?

Hear from a ShipBob customer who has split their inventory in multiple locations based on where their customers reside.

“We now save a lot of money and ship faster based on distributed inventory. So far, we are shipping out of two of ShipBob’s fulfillment centers. We use the locations that optimize and reduce the distance traveled to get our products into our customers’ hands faster.”

Lindsay Louise, Fulfillment & Retail Manager at Synchro

Indianapolis order fulfillment services with ShipBob

Setting up retail fulfillment with ShipBob requires syncing your store with ShipBob’s platform (using our built-in integrations) and shipping your products to our fulfillment centers. We can help analyze your data to see where your customers reside, then store your inventory in the fulfillment center(s) located close to your customer base.

From there, it works like this:

  • When a customer places an order at your site, ShipBob is notified automatically.
  • The order is routed to the optimal fulfillment center, where a picking list is generated.
  • Fulfillment professionals pick, pack, label, and ship the order, packing slip included.
  • Order tracking info is sent to the customer.

Indianapolis 3PL services aren’t always going to provide the most most cost-effective shipping options and help you meet customer expectations around the country (or world). ShipBob goes beyond just pick, pack, and ship. Here are some other services you get when you partner with ShipBob.

Monitor orders and inventory

ShipBob takes care of fulfillment for your business, but we also provide you with tools for detailed oversight of the entire process. The ShipBob dashboard has everything you need to stay on top of orders and track inventory in real-time, while we handle the nitty-gritty details of warehousing. Checking inventory levels, setting reorder points, searching for outstanding orders, tracking shipments you can do it all.

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Streamline your business with analytics

Analytics help your business find new ways to grow, enhance efficiencies, and optimize your supply chain. With all your data on orders and inventory in one place, ShipBob generates reports and distribution metrics that make tasks like forecasting inventory easy.

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Access top-notch customer support

ShipBob’s customer support team is always there to respond to any questions or problems you have. Enterprise customers have dedicated account managers, and we also have onsite support reps who can provide quick solutions to fulfillment issues.

ShipBob’s Help Center

How ShipBob’s fulfillment can grow your business

ShipBob isn’t your ordinary 3PL. Other 3PLs often use antiquated technology and outdated fulfillment models. ShipBob stays on the cutting edge with best-in-class integrations, proprietary software, and our distributed inventory model that’s designed to reduce shipping costs.

Offer two-day shipping

Using multiple fulfillment centers expands your shipping capacity and lets you ship fast and low-cost to customers all over the country. Health and wellness brand Synchro started using two ShipBob fulfillment centers in different US regions to fulfill 3,000+ orders per month. Since partnering with ShipBob, 80% of their customer base can receive 2-day shipping via ground.

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Boost AOV

Online shoppers typically account for shipping costs when they’re deciding what to purchase. Sunglasses brand Rainbow OPTX partnered with ShipBob and saw a 24% increase in their average order value after offering 2-Day Express shipping. They’ve gone on to grow 115% since partnering with ShipBob.

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Decrease cart abandonment

ShipBob customers often see a decrease in cart abandonment for the same reasons they see average order value increase: the better the shipping options, the better the chance that customers will buy. Weighted blanket company MyCalmBlanket partnered with ShipBob and took advantage of 5 ShipBob fulfillment centers to start offering 2-Day Express shipping. They then saw cart abandonment fall by 18%.

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Build a high-performing tech stack

Your tech stack is a crucial part of ecommerce success, and ShipBob is an easy addition, with no programming knowledge or coding required to get set up. Take a look at some of our industry partners.

Ecommerce platform integrations:

Shipping platforms:

Ecommerce tools:

Is a 3PL right for my Indianapolis-based ecommerce business?

A fulfillment company can transform your business by providing you with access to a fully-built system of distribution, complete with integrated technology and a team of order fulfillment professionals in place. This can not only spare your business a ton of time and resources, but significantly enhance your shipping capacity overnight. Still not sure if you’re ready for a 3PL? Here are some common growing-pains many businesses experience that a 3PL can alleviate:

  • Your in-house ecommerce fulfillment process is basic or outdated and you are always scrambling to fulfill orders on time.
  • You want to cut delivery times and shipping costs but lack the infrastructure to do so.
  • You are using a single Indianapolis fulfillment warehouse and want to improve your business’s ability to ship cross-country or even internationally (ShipBob is in several countries).
  • You are struggling to manage and organize your inventory in-house.

If you’re thinking about making a change, get in touch with ShipBob.

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