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Two things that ecommerce customers have come to expect are fast deliveries and affordable shipping rates. 

But not every business has the resources and infrastructure of Amazon (really, no merchant does). If you are shipping orders from a Kansas City fulfillment center, then shipping anywhere else nationwide will be expensive. 

Any 3PL can hand you shipping expertise and infrastructure, but ShipBob is a 3PL that can do much more. We have a number of strategically located fulfillment centers across the US, and best-in-class technology that optimizes your shipping. With ShipBob, you can follow the data and ship your products from the fulfillment centers closest to your customers. 

When you reduce shipping zones like that, you get better shipping rates AND improved delivery times. And that’s not all you’ll get with ShipBob. Keep reading and see what else we can do for your business.

ShipBob helps thousands of ecommerce businesses. Hear their experiences here

“I was leashed to my label printer and my house to fulfill orders constantly. Now, I’m free. Since switching to ShipBob, my company’s orders have more than tripled now that I’m able to spend more time looking at the big picture. To say that switching to ShipBob has been life-changing is an understatement.”

Anastasia Allison, Founder of Kula Cloth

Interested in partnering with ShipBob? Here’s how it works:

  • Connect your store to ShipBob’s technology and ship your products to our fulfillment centers.
  • Orders placed at your store are automatically forwarded to a ShipBob fulfillment center.
  • Picking lists are generated, and our retail fulfillment professionals then prepare, package, and ship the order.
  • Tracking info is sent to the customer and is accessible from your ShipBob dashboard.

Distribute your inventory based on customer location

Let’s say your customers are evenly split between the East Coast, the West Coast, and the South. Well, ShipBob has an East Coast fulfillment center, one on the West Coast, one in the Midwest, and one in the South. You can split your inventory and shorten shipping distances while at the same time broaden your shipping reach.

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Pick and pack services

ShipBob’s technology routes orders to the right fulfillment center, then picking and packing begins. There are no additional charges for packing materials and our free white label service lets you keep packaging on-brand. 

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2-day shipping

Shorter shipping distances, better rates, and faster deliveries allow you to offer 2-day shipping to customers in any region of the US without taking a loss. 

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Why ShipBob is the best choice for Kansas City order fulfillment

Other 3PLs make all kinds of promises, but ShipBob has the cutting-edge technology, infrastructure, and industry knowledge to actually lower your shipping costs. We also have a track record of tangible results in helping businesses grow. Here are just a few examples. 

How ShipBob helped Synchro keep up with exploding order volume

Health and wellness brand Synchro was fulfilling orders in-house using ShipStation, but found themselves struggling to keep up. They partnered with ShipBob at first, but then decided to leave and test out other 3PLs. Lo and behold, the other 3PL they tried couldn’t follow through on their promises to cut costs. ShipBob did. So they came back to us, and now we fulfill 3,000+ orders for Synchro each month. 

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How ShipBob handled Brummell’s last-minute holiday fulfillment

The founder and CEO of menswear brand Brummell received his first inventory for his holiday launch the day before Thanksgiving, and needed a quick turnaround. So he partnered with ShipBob and shipped his products to our fulfillment center the next day. Three days later and ShipBob was fulfilling orders, en route to 5,000 first month sales. 

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How ShipBob’s WMS helped optimize FlutterHabit’s warehouses

Cosmetics company FlutterHabit handled fulfillment out of their own Kansas City warehouse — but to support their growth, the faux lash brand realized they needed a more efficient, accurate, and scalable WMS. By implementing ShipBob’s WMS in their warehouses, FlutterHabit achieved better visibility, inventory tracking, and customization — plus capabilities they didn’t even realize they needed.

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Integrations and partners

You probably have an entire tech stack with different apps devoted to various areas of ecommerce, and who wants a stack that isn’t fully integrated? ShipBob will plug right in and grow with you. Here’s a selection of our partnerships:

Ecommerce stores:

Shipping platforms:

Ecommerce apps: 

Packaging solutions: 

When is it time to outsource fulfillment to a 3PL?

One of the tough things about ecommerce fulfillment is that so much goes into it and so much can go wrong. Inventory counts that don’t match, a disorganized warehouse, human error; any one of these can throw off your process and result in errors or delays. 3PLs like ShipBob, on the other hand, have mastered fulfillment by excelling in all these areas. 

You know it’s time to outsource fulfillment to a 3PL when you’re struggling in areas like warehousing, inventory management, or order management. But a 3PL can do much more than that, here are some other scenarios in which outsourcing fulfillment can be hugely beneficial:

  • If your order volume is growing rapidly and in-house fulfillment is lagging.
  • If you are struggling to offer fast shipping options at affordable rates.
  • If you ship are always shipping cross-country from a Kansas City fulfillment warehouse and want better shipping rates. 
  • If you want to improve metrics like average order value or cart abandonment.

Learn more about ShipBob to see if we’re the right fit for your unique business.

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