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ShipBob helps WooCommerce merchants exceed customer expectations with faster, more affordable shipping. ShipBob’s software seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce to automate order fulfillment and inventory management for a more streamlined supply chain.

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Easy Software Integration

ShipBob seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, making it possible for you to link your store with just a few clicks, then import your products and orders — no developer work needed. ShipBob’s software lets you view the status of each order as it moves from processing to shipping.

Fast WooCommerce fulfillment

As soon as an order is placed on your WooCommerce store, ShipBob chooses the fastest and most cost-effective shipping option based on you and your customer’s preferences, from standard ground to 2-day shipping.

Ship from major US cities

ShipBob has fulfillment centers in major US cities, allowing you to split your inventory across strategic locations. Storing inventory and shipping from multiple fulfillment centers near your customers can reduce time in transit and shipping costs.

100% Coverage Across the US

ShipBob’s 2-Day Express Shipping provides 100% coverage for 2-Day Express across the continental United States, even from a single fulfillment center.

Real-time inventory management

Transparent, real-time inventory management, tracking, and forecasting in the ShipBob dashboard help prevent stockouts and predict demand. You can even set automatic reorder notifications when you need more inventory for your WooCommerce store.

ShipBob’s platform is easy to use and navigate, the interface is intuitive, and the analytics are very clearly laid out. I give ShipBob’s technology a 9/10. Getting our WooCommerce shop integrated with ShipBob was easy, and it’s been fantastic to have; we had no problem with it.

Yannick Crespo,

Co-Founder & President of Pot d’Huile

Our store is on WooCommerce, which integrates well with ShipBob. I loved how easy it was to set up my products in the dashboard for all SKUs. I’ve already referred a friend and fellow founder to ShipBob, who already loves how easy the dashboard is to use, since he was using a 3PL’s technology that was less than ideal and very manual.

Leonie Lynch,

Founder & CEO of Juspy

Does WooCommerce calculate shipping?

WooCommerce’s software makes it easy for ecommerce sellers to calculate shipping rates based on zones and product weights. Whether you fulfill orders in-house or work with ShipBob, WooCommerce offers a variety of tools to group products, apply different shipping methods to different groups, and more.

Can I offer free shipping on WooCommerce?

You can offer free shipping on your WooCommerce store for all orders, or ones that meet a specific criteria, such as cart value or shipping zone.

Working with ShipBob can help you offer free WooCommerce shipping without breaking the bank. Fulfilling orders from fulfillment centers near your customers helps reduce delivery time. In turn, this makes fast options like 2-day shipping more affordable by using ground shipping instead of expedited air.

How do I manage stocks in WooCommerce?

Viewing, managing, and predicting inventory levels for your WooCommerce store is easy with ShipBob’s inventory management tools. With automatic reorder notifications and real-time inventory tracking, ShipBob gives you actionable, transparent insights to help you better manage your inventory, whether you ship from one fulfillment center or five.

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