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Many businesses hesitate to ship internationally because the potential added cost and difficulty outweighs the benefit. This is where an international 3PL can be a game-changer. 

Rather than using a single order fulfillment center, ShipBob operates a network of fulfillment centers across the globe, including a location in Melbourne, Australia.

By distributing inventory across our international fulfillment network, you can speed up delivery times and reduce costs for both domestic and international deliveries. 

Read on to learn more about the benefits of partnering with ShipBob

Why choose ShipBob for Australia fulfillment

In 2020, ecommerce revenue exceeded $34.5 billion in Australia, and is expected to grow 6.2% annually.

Whether you’re an Australian-based business or a brand looking to expand into Australia, ShipBob has you covered. We operate fulfillment center locations across the globe, including a location in Melbourne.

With ShipBob, brands are able to sell more in Australia, as well as launch into other international markets with ease.

“As an Australian business, we’re excited to gain access to ShipBob’s fulfillment solutions in our home country. With physical distance, time zones, and regulatory differences always playing a factor when expanding internationally, finding a trusted 3PL years ago was definitely not easy.
However, with ShipBob’s easy-to-use, functional, and reliable software, as well as their knowledgeable, responsive team, ShipBob has done a stellar job of supporting our growth in North America, our largest market. We’re keen for and confident that they will bring the same expertise to Australia.”

Zula Badral, Head of Operations at Karst

Fast, affordable shipping across Australia

When you bulk ship inventory to our Melbourne location, you can easily reduce shipping costs and transit times. With ShipBob, you can choose between standard or expedited shipping options for Australian orders.

The average transit time to all of Australia is 1-7 business days. ShipBob partners with Australia Post for shipments within Australia and will continue to add more carriers and shipping destinations in the future.

Navigating international markets

Each country has its own set of import duties, tariffs, taxes, and rules for international orders. ShipBob’s experts know all the ins and outs of international shipping and can streamline the process for you. 

Since we have a location in Melbourne, we make it easy for you to better serve Australian-based customers. You can bulk ship inventory to Melbourne, and from there, Australian orders can be picked, packed, and shipped domestically.

ShipBob will walk you through the process of sending freight to our Australian fulfillment center. We’ll work with your current carrier or freight partners, or you can leverage ShipBob’s relationships with cross-border freight specialists.

How ShipBob works

Once you sync your online store with our technology, you can ship your products to one or more of our international locations, including Melbourne.

Once we receive your inventory, our fulfillment experts will begin picking and packing your orders. Picking lists are auto-generated at our fulfillment center with tracking info forwarded to the customer. 

We’re a technology-enabled 3PL, which means you can outsource logistics operations and still maintain control. Here is what else ShipBob has to offer. 

Best-in-class technology

By outsourcing fulfillment to ShipBob, you get access to premium fulfillment technology that offers real-time updates on your orders processing, inventory, shipping costs, and more.

Managing inventory can be a huge hassle when fulfilling in-house, but with ShipBob it’s easy. ShipBob’s technology offers built-in inventory management tools, including SKU performance data, real-time inventory tracking, inventory forecasting insights, and much more.

From your ShipBob dashboard, you can view inventory counts at each fulfillment center and set automatic reorder points, so you can optimize inventory levels and keep logistics costs low. 

Meet delivery time expectations

Keeping your inventory near your customers and shipping from the closest location reduces the time in transit, allowing for international orders to get to customers faster. It’s not uncommon for it to take a month for an international order to be delivered.

With ShipBob, you’re able to create a better experience for your international customers.

A vast partner network

Whether you need a DDP shipping solution or a freight partner, ShipBob has a vast partner network that can help optimize your international supply chain. Launching internationally can be a challenge for businesses, so it’s important to have the right network of partners that will provide the tools, resources, and expertise you need to be successful in new markets.

Are you ready to work with an international 3PL?

If you have been experiencing growth very quickly with your ecommerce business, it may be time to work with a fulfillment company. Here are some of the common pain points customers experience before switching to a third-party fulfillment provider:

  • Costly ecommerce warehousing and storage fees 
  • Customers are scattered across the globe
  • Complicated inventory management systems 
  • Inability to compete with two-day shipping competitors 
  • Inability to track accurate inventory levels in real time 
  • Spending too much on international shipping rates

“ShipBob is the only 3PL that had a startup program that allows me to outsource fulfillment without worrying about monthly order minimums.”

Lee Nania, Founder of SubSubmarine (based in Melbourne, Australia)

If you have experienced the above fulfillment needs when shipping your ecommerce orders, it may be time to partner with ShipBob.

We help fast-growing online businesses grow a global business by taking logistics off their hands. 

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