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When it comes to fulfillment, many ecommerce businesses make the mistake of not thinking big enough. They assume that their only option is to ship from a fulfillment center near their HQ or self-fulfill orders from home or the office. 

This might work for ecommerce businesses with only local customers, but it’s hardly the most efficient or cost-effective way to stay on top of fulfilling orders when your customers are scattered across the US.

Not to mention the fact that many of the biggest competitors in the ecommerce space have extensive distribution and fulfillment networks that allow them to offer cheaper and faster shipping options. 

So, how do you keep up? If you’re only shipping from an Arizona fulfillment center, then shipping to out-of-state customers will be expensive and deliveries will take longer. With higher shipping costs and longer wait times, customers will be less likely to buy. 

Fortunately, there’s another option. With the help of a 3PL like ShipBob, you can store your inventory across the US, reduce shipping zones, and cut costs and delivery times. And that’s only part of what ShipBob can do for you — our platform comes with built-in order and inventory management technology, data analytics, and other tools that will optimize your fulfillment. 

What do ShipBob customers think?

Thousands of ecommerce businesses use Shipbob’s fulfillment solution. Because ShipBob has hundreds of employees to handle millions of orders and many warehouses across the country (even allowing customers to expand into multiple of them), businesses can scale up with ease as they grow. Hear from one brand that started working with ShipBob before they launched and has taken off ever since:

“We are growing really fast and won’t slow down anytime soon. With ShipBob, we have the option to use more of their warehouses to further reduce shipping costs. Because If we ran our own warehouse, it would be much harder to hire people and we’d inevitably outgrow the space.”

Oded Harth, CEO & Co-Founder of MDacne

Order fulfillment services in Arizona

ShipBob has a network of fulfillment centers on the East Coast, West Coast, Midwest, and in the South of the US. When you partner with us, you can access any and/or all of ShipBob’s locations

Here’s how fulfillment with ShipBob works: 

  • Ship your products to one more ShipBob fulfillment centers located closest to your customers.
  • Easily connect your online store(s) to our platform.
  • Each order placed on your site is automatically sent to the optimal ShipBob fulfillment center, where it is picked, packed, and shipped. 
  • Tracking info is sent to the customer, and you can check the status of any order or shipment from your ShipBob dashboard. 

Here are some other 3PL features for our Arizona fulfillment customers: 

Track your inventory levels in real-time

Having accurate inventory and SKU counts and ensuring you always have enough product in place is easy with ShipBob. You can set reorder points so you’re notified when product is running low, and view counts at each fulfillment center in just one click from your dashboard. 

Supervise the order process

Although ShipBob takes care of the entire order fulfillment process, you still get comprehensive oversight and transparency into the fulfillment process. You can view outstanding orders and track them as they move through the fulfillment process, and on-site support reps are always available if you have any fulfillment questions. 

Customize the unboxing experience

Unboxing is a critical part of the customer experience in ecommerce, and you probably don’t want our name plastered all over your boxes.

That’s why we offer free white label service, so our name doesn’t appear anywhere but on the shipping label. You can also work with one of our packaging partners to create custom-designed packaging that will put your brand in the spotlight.

The ShipBob difference: how we can transform your ecommerce business

Outsourcing fulfillment can help your business grow. With ShipBob, you get best-in-class technology and distribution infrastructure that will lower  shipping costs and help you convert more sales. 

Better shipping coverage

With multiple fulfillment centers at your disposal and ShipBob’s technology optimizing your shipping, you can offer fast shipping to customers all over the country.

For example, ShipBob client Ample Foods increased 2-day shipping coverage by a whopping 103% after partnering with ShipBob and using multiple fulfillment centers — and they will quickly increase that number even more.

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Conserve your team’s time

Retail fulfillment often eats up a huge amount of time, and up-and-coming ecommerce businesses have enough on their plate without having to deal with inventory tracking, shipping estimates, and pick/pack/ship. 

With ShipBob, you can refocus your business and spend time on strategy. Sunglass brand Rainbow OPTX was spending 20 hours per day packing boxes until they partnered with ShipBob, and once they were able to focus their energy on the important stuff their order volume increased 2.5x, and their average order value (AOV) went up 24%.

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Fast turnarounds

Most ecommerce business use an in-house fulfillment method that’s not efficient or cost-effective. But we at ShipBob are fulfillment experts — it’s all that we do, and our fulfillment expertise and processes minimizes the lag time between when an order is placed and when it’s shipped. 

For instance, menswear brand Brummell received their first 15,000 units the day before Thanksgiving in anticipation of a December 1st launch, and they needed a 3PL that could provide rapid turnarounds.

One day later ShipBob had received the inventory, the first order was shipped just 2 days later, and Brummell went on to sell 5,000 units in their first month.

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Is your Arizona-based business ready to outsource order fulfillment?

There’s no easy rule about when to outsource fulfillment. Here are some common signs and symptoms that the time is right to outsource: 

  • Order volume is growing fast and you don’t have the resources or desire to scale fulfillment.
  • Your team spends too much time on fulfillment and shipping orders.
  • Your team makes too many errors and you want to professionalize fulfillment. 
  • You want to expand your business but don’t have the infrastructure to offer low-cost shipping to customers all over the country.
  • You want to offer two-day shipping but fulfillment costs are too high.
  • Your are shipping from an Arizona-based fulfillment center and shipping to customers on the East Coast or in the Midwest is expensive.

If your fulfillment needs match the above problems, working with an order fulfillment company may help. Whether you need help with ecommerce warehousing, setting up your inventory management system, getting lower shipping rates, or just fulfilling ecommerce orders on time, ShipBob is happy to help.

If you’re ready to outsource fulfillment, partner with ShipBob. Request a quote by filling out the form below. 

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