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Self-fulfillment can be time-consuming and inefficient, but by using a 3PL such as ShipBob, through sending inventory to one or more of our fulfillment centers, companies in New York can eliminate the time staff spends on packing and shipping as well as reduce shipping rates.

ShipBob’s order fulfillment services for NYC based ecommerce companies

ShipBob has multiple order fulfillment centers strategically placed across to the United States, including one in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania that provides guaranteed 2-day shipping to the greater New York City area. If you’re looking for a New York fulfillment center, learn why ShipBob is a great option.

When choosing a 3PL, you want to make sure they’re offering the services you need. These are just some of the benefits of outsourcingecommerce fulfillment to ShipBob.

Distributed inventory

ShipBob’s fulfillment center in the Northeast is part of a network of warehouses that allows ShipBob’s clients to strategically distribute their inventory across the United States. This practice, called distributed inventory, helps ecommerce retailers fulfill orders more quickly and affordably than self-fulfillment or storing all inventory at one centralized location. You can efficiently reach your customer in New York city while saving lots of money on shipping costs and warehousing.

Working with a third-party fulfillment provider that owns its own fulfillment center network provides a wide variety of benefits for your ecommerce store, including the ability to offer two-day shipping to customers across the continental US.

Inventory management 

With ShipBob, it’s fast and easy to track inventory levels so you know when to repurchase items or send additional inventory to their fulfillment centers, ensuring that customers never experience a stockout. ShipBob even sends automatic reorder notifications when your inventory runs low. Working with a third-party fulfillment provider can help you manage inventory in an efficient and transparent way, even when it is stored in the fulfillment center.

Order management

When you need to track the delivery of a package, look up customer information, or pull up order metrics, it’s easy to do from the ShipBob dashboard. It’s updated in real-time and always available. ShipBob’s easy-to-use software allows you to track the entire fulfillment process in any of their fulfillment center in real time.

“I love that you can view orders based on when they are processing, completed, on hold, and in other stages. It is super helpful for us to have that and track the order every step of the way.”

Ines Guien, Vice President of Operations at Dossier

In addition, ShipBob integrates with the major ecommerce platforms, which helps automate the retail fulfillment process in a way that saves you time and money, making it easier for orders to be picked, packed, and shipped as soon as they are submitted.

Guaranteed support

Above all else, as a third party logistics company, ShipBob wants to help your business grow and succeed, so we guarantee high-quality service to our clients, including same-day fulfillment for all orders placed by noon locally. You can also reach our dedicated fulfillment experts by submitting a ticket through the dashboard itself. We also staff our own fulfillment centers, so there are always representatives at our fulfillment centers to help you succeed.

ShipBob works with New York City brands

New York-based brand, Hero Cosmetics, has been using ShipBob’s fulfillment services for years. As a fast-growing brand that has introduced many new SKUs and launched in Target, Ulta, Amazon, and other channels, they need reliable partners to manage the complexities.

“The fact that ShipBob is always scaling and expanding their footprint is very important to me. It’s difficult to scale, but ShipBob has figured it out. They’ve been a great partner in our growth.”

Dwight Lee, Co-Founder & COO of Hero Cosmetics

Is ShipBob right for you?

If you are wondering if ShipBob’s network of fulfillment centers is right for you compared to a single fulfillment center in New York is right for you, consider if any of the following apply to your business:

  • I spend several hours a week packing boxes and shipping orders
  • I ship over 100 orders per month
  • I’m running out of space to store my inventory
  • I need more time for strategic projects, like marketing and product development
  • I am selling on an ecommerce platform, such as Shopify or BigCommerce
  • I can’t/don’t want to invest in a distribution infrastructure (think warehouses, forklifts, labor, etc.)

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