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ShipBob is a best-in-class fulfillment provider, serving a wide range of industries in ecommerce. From apparel to cosmetics fulfillment, ShipBob can help you expand your customer reach, reduce shipping costs, and speed up transit times — all while saving time and money so you can focus on growing your business.

Experts in health, beauty, and wellness fulfillment

ShipBob partners with thousands and thousands of ecommerce brands in the health, beauty, and wellness space. With so much growth and competition, those who wish to scale their health and beauty online store need support in creating a firm logistics strategy.

ShipBob can help! From unique packaging to fast and affordable shipping, ShipBob’s fulfillment solution is ideal for fast-growing health, beauty, and wellness brands.

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CBD products

ShipBob offers expertise in CBD fulfillment and shipping, so you can worry less about logistics and focus on your growing your online brand. Selling CBD products online can be tricky, but ShipBob can help you navigate the legalities and safety protocol behind selling and shipping all types of CBD products.

“Our fulfillment is on autopilot. ShipBob saves us so much effort, and the opportunity cost savings has been substantial. Today, our health and wellness brand sells three CBD products in the United States.”

Yannick Crespo, Co-Founder & President of Pot d’Huile

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Cosmetics and beauty products

ShipBob has partnered with a wide range of cosmetics and beauty brands to help them stay competitive in a growing industry. ShipBob can help you take your beauty brand’s logistics strategy to the next level with subscription fulfillment capabilities, international shipping, inventory management, and more.

“Utilizing ShipBob to get my time back meant that I could focus on all the other aspects of my business that actually drive sales, like marketing and product development. That’s a huge part of how I was able to build a six-figure revenue business within 11 months.”

Teri Miyahira, founder of Teri Miyahira Beauty

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Vitamins and supplements

When selling vitamins and supplements online, you have to consider FDA regulations, quality control, and additional safety measures. ShipBob’s fulfillment centers are FDA-certified, and we also offer lot management to better track expiration dates in the event of a recall. Our fulfillment software’s logic is designed to always ship items with the closest expiration lot date.

“From day one, I felt like ShipBob was a partner on our team. With other 3PLs, it never felt like a partnership. I could trust that ShipBob would help us launch our company successfully.”

Tim Fink, Co-Founder of EnduroSport

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