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As an ecommerce business, you need order fulfilment software that automates inventory management, picking lists, picking items, packing, shipping, and tracking processes. Fulfilment software is incredibly valuable to online merchants, whether they self-fulfil orders or use a 3PL like ShipBob.

Intuitive ecommerce shipping software

When using ecommerce shipping software, you need a technology that’s easy to use. Because of how complex shipping and order fulfilment can be, the right software will help you make running your business easier by automating and optimising parts of the order fulfilment process, while providing a transparent view of your orders and shipments in real-time. 

ShipBob’s easy-to-use software requires little to no training. Unlike other ecommerce shipping software solutions, ShipBob provides warehouses, fulfilment services, and customer support in addition to technology that helps you manage shipments. 

ShipBob works with your ecommerce business

ShipBob’s ecommerce software easily integrates with leading ecommerce platforms. This allows for easier and faster shipping. Our bulk discounts with major logistics companies mean we can ship orders out in the most cost-effective way. 

Negotiated rates from multiple couriers

ShipBob has negotiated bulk discounts from UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL. These savings are passed on to you in order to make your shipping costs even more affordable. From domestic ground options to expedited air shipping, we have the services you need to meet customer expectations. 

Ecommerce platform and marketplace integrations

ShipBob integrates with the leading ecommerce platforms and marketplaces to easily connect your online store with our technology. 


ShipBob helps merchants with Shopify and Shopify Plus sites fulfil orders as quickly and cost-effectively as possible to meet customer expectations every day.

Shopify seamlessly integrates with ShipBob’s advanced ecommerce shipping software to automate fulfilment and inventory management while offering inexpensive 2-day shipping. This lets you focus more business growth and less on fulfilment.

[Learn more: ShipBob & Shopify Plus: The Winning Fulfilment & Ecommerce Tech Stack]


ShipBob helps BigCommerce merchants meet customer expectations every day with fast, affordable shipping. ShipBob’s software integrates seamlessly with BigCommerce for automated shipping and inventory management, letting you focus on growing and scaling your business.


ShipBob helps WooCommerce merchants exceed customer expectations with faster, more affordable shipping. ShipBob’s software seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce to automate order fulfilment and inventory management for a more streamlined ecommerce supply chain.


ShipBob helps eBay sellers fulfil their orders in the most cost-effective way possible. ShipBob’s software integrates with your eBay store to fulfil orders as soon as they’re placed. With fulfilment centres in the largest US cities, ShipBob merchants can offer 2-day shipping using ground shipping rather than expensive expedited air.

This helps lower transit times and can increase your average order value and sales for your eBay store.


ShipBob offers fulfilment services for non-FBA Amazon orders including:

  • 2-day shipping
  • Branded packaging
  • Free packing supplies
  • Distributed inventory
  • Cloud-based fulfilment software
  • Discounted shipping rates


With ShipBob, you can fetch orders and sync ecommerce inventory with your store. Your store will connect with our 3PL warehouses, guaranteeing each and every product arrives to the customer with your unique packaging.


Squarespace integrates with ShipBob’s technology to automate the retail fulfilment process. Once your store is connected, you can send your inventory to ShipBob’s fulfilment centres. Your orders will automatically be sent to ShipBob to pick, pack, and ship them to your customers.

This integration streamlines fulfilment and lets you get back to what’s important — running your business.


ShipStation is an ecommerce shipping software that helps online shops that fulfil orders from home in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia. If your online store is not yet integrated with ShipBob, you can go through ShipStation to connect to one of their integrations.


With Wix, online brands can easily create a website with over 500 designer-made store templates to choose from, or they can fully customise their store, from product pages to checkout.For fulfilment, ShipBob’s Wix integration allows you to to split inventory across ShipBob’s fulfilment centre location and automatically have orders placed be picked, packed, and shipped.


ShipBob is Square Online’s first 3PL integration partner. After integrating your store with ShipBob’s technology, any orders that are placed from your Square store will automatically be sent to ShipBob to the fulfilment centre where inventory is stored. From there, a ShipBob fulfilment expert will pick, pack, and ship your order for you. Click here for an overview of the features and capabilities for ShipBob’s Square integration.

Developer API

ShipBob has a Developer API platform that allows anyone to integrate with our fulfilment technology and standardize the data flowing in and out of ShipBob’s system to ensure a seamless customer experience. If you want to build something custom, you can use the API. 

Faster order processing

With ShipBob, you don’t just get ecommerce shipping software and discounted shipping rates, but the complete fulfilment services needed to pack and ship your orders fast and error-free to customers. 

Fast fulfilment services

Because ShipBob integrates with your ecommerce platform, as soon as an order is placed on your store, it is automatically sent to the ShipBob fulfilment centre closest to the customer. With our warehouses located from the East Coast to the West Coast, you can ensure orders get to customers faster based on their selected shipping option.

Quick onboarding

With ShipBob, you can get started quickly. Connect your store, go through implementation, and send us your products. Unlike other fulfilment companies, we can have you up and running quickly. You’ll also get quick support and answers to your questions. As your business grows, you’re given the option to split inventory and expand into new fulfilment centres. 

Reports to improve your business

ShipBob has built-in analytics to help with inventory forecasting, data visualizations, and other distribution metrics that connects the upstream activities of purchasing and manufacturing to the downstream activities of sales and product demand.

Advanced reporting

Instead of spending a few hours per week creating reports, ShipBob provides standard and customisable reports that you can use to keep track of your order fulfilment and shipping. These reports include:

  • How quickly products are selling and which SKUs are slow-moving
  • How many days of inventory you have until you are expected to run out (based on SKU velocity)
  • Where your customers are and where you’re shipping from (with the ability to compare current and ideal distribution)
  • A breakdown of transit times and average cart value by shipping method (to see which shipping methods are most attractive to your customers)
  • Your best selling items and the percentage of your business they account for (and how they are performing compared to other periods)
  • And much more

ShipBob’s ecommerce shipping software makes order fulfilment easy

With ShipBob, you can turn your logistics strategy into a revenue driver. Read below to learn how ShipBob’s end-to-end fulfilment services and technology makes life easier for ecommerce merchants.

Kula Cloth

“I found myself on vacation constantly checking on new orders, finding wifi to print labels, and shipping inventory out of the back of my car. Now, I’m free. I could not have gone backpacking for 3 days without ShipBob.”

Anastasia Allison, Founder of Kula Cloth

Doris Sleep

“An hour after ordering, he had already received an email saying his order had shipped. If I was fulfiling orders myself, it would have taken me much longer. This was the perfect example of ShipBob working how it should, automatically sending tracking info and giving my customers everything they needed.”

Tracey Wallace, Founder of Doris Sleep

Brummell Co.

“Looking back, I’m still not sure how we pulled everything off, and I have no clue what I would have done without ShipBob. I probably would have recruited a ton of friends to pack boxes and bring hundreds of shipments to the post office at one time, which would be terrible.”

Steve Staffan, founder and CEO of Brummell

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With ShipBob, you don’t have to handle ecommerce fulfilment yourself. We provide ecommerce warehousing, technology, and the support you need to grow your ecommerce business so you can focus on other areas, such as customer support, marketing, product development and more.

With ShipBob’s technology, you can check on your inventory levels, order fulfilment, order tracking, and more all in real-time. 
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What is the best shipping software?

It depends on what you’re looking for in a shipping software. To manage shipments and print shipping labels, you can try a solution like ShipStation. To automate shipping, you can partner with a 3PL that offers fulfilment solutions and technology to ship faster and affordably.  

What is a shipping platform?

A shipping platform can help you ship faster and cost-effectively by helping you compare shipping rates, manage shipping labels, and organise orders. Many shipping platforms like ShipStation also integrate with ShipBob to streamline your shipping and fulfilment strategy.  

How can you ship with ShipBob?

Shipping with ShipBob is easy. Simply create an account with ShipBob, sync your ecommerce platform and upload your products, fill out a warehousing receiving order (WRO), and send us your inventory to one or more of our fulfilment centre locations. Once we store your inventory, as soon as an order comes in, we will pick and pack items and ship orders from the nearest fulfilment centre location.