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Shipping and logistics is a pain point for many ecommerce merchants. Choosing shipping methods, calculating shipping costs, overseeing orders, ensuring you have enough inventory to meet demand, and packing boxes are just some of the challenges involved with order fulfilment.

It’s no wonder that so many ecommerce merchants outsource fulfilment to a 3PL. There’s a lot that can go wrong, and a lot of time is spent on tedious tasks that could be spent better elsewhere. 

ShipBob is a tech-enabled 3PL that takes care of every step of fulfilment for you: we offer a robust fulfilment network powered by our best-in-class, proprietary technology. 

Instead of storing your inventory in one local North Carolina fulfilment centre, you can use the ShipBob fulfilment centre(s) in the region that makes the most sense for your customers. We take a data-drive approach to help you understand this, so you can make the most informed decisions. 

By keeping your inventory closer to your customers, you shorten the distance each package must travel to reach its destination. This allows you to offer 2-day shipping to more of your customers, increasing sales and reducing shipping costs for you. 

Who do brands choose ShipBob over other 3PLs?

ShipBob has thousands of ecommerce brands trusting us with retail order fulfilment.

“ShipBob helps us offer new products to our customers with hardly any extra effort on our part. Our focus is to grow our business, and that will not be achieved by packing up orders, sending out boxes, and dealing with couriers ourselves. That’s what ShipBob has mastered. They have been a great partner.”

Pablo Gabatto, Business Operations Manager at Ample Foods

Full-stack fulfilment services for North Carolina ecommerce businesses

Getting started with ShipBob is easy. There is no coding required (unless you want to build something custom with ShipBob’s Developer API), and we walk you through every step of the process. Here’s how it works: 

  • Connect your online store with our technology.
  • Get walked through how to set up your ShipBob ship options to match your store’s shipping methods.
  • Ship your products to the ShipBob fulfilment centre(s) closest to your customer base. 
  • When an order is placed on your store, our professionals automatically pick, pack, and ship the order.
  • You and the customer get tracking info for the package. 

Inventory management

Keeping track of inventory counts and ensuring that you always have enough product on hand despite seasonal fluctuation are two big challenges of fulfilment. ShipBob takes both off your hands with our inventory management platform. You can view real-time inventory counts at each fulfilment centre, easily calculate safety stock, and set reorder points with ease.

Order management

Does a customer have a question about their order, need to change their address after they placed the order, or say they never received it?  ShipBob makes the order management process easy. Just go to your ShipBob dashboard, where you can quickly look up info for any order, whether it’s been shipped yet or not.

Top integrations

ShipBob integrates with many of the top solutions in ecommerce (e.g., ecommerce platforms or ERP inventory systems), so you can keep your fulfilment process synced and we can grow with you. 

We also partner with many ecommerce technology companies, marketing agencies, and other tools to help you with everything from freight and custom packaging to calculating sales tax or building a website. 

ShipBob: the best 3PL for North Carolina ecommerce businesses

With a network of fulfilment centres and a proprietary technology, ShipBob can optimise your shipping and help boost your business in a number of ways. Here are a few examples. 

Ship from multiple fulfilment centres

One of the big advantages of distributed inventory is that you aren’t restricted to shipping from your backyard: you can choose from a multitude of warehouses depending on where your customers live. Using multiple fulfilment centres near where your customers live means that your packages never have to travel too far.

For example, men’s grooming company BAKblade partnered with ShipBob and over time has used five different fulfilment centres. They have achieved 291% growth and doubled in size each year, and they’ve effortlessly scaled their footprint by partnering with ShipBob.

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Offer 2-day ground shipping for less

Once you start shipping from strategic (and even multiple) fulfilment centres, you can drastically expand your 2-day shipping coverage. This gives you a huge advantage over other businesses that either overpay for fast shipping options or don’t offer them at all. 

After selling out quickly when the pandemic hit, Touchland was able to deliver hand sanitiser orders to customers across the US quickly and affordably with ShipBob.

“ShipBob has been a great ally as they have fulfilment centres all over the US, facilitating a 2-3 day delivery time for any customer in the US. This is helpful especially when weather challenges happen; being able to have different locations to ship from allows for a more seamless supply chain.”

Andrea Lisbona, Founder & CEO of Touchland

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Save time and grow faster

Fulfilment eats up precious time and resources for ecommerce businesses, and once fulfilment is taken off their hands, it’s easier to focus on priorities like scaling your business. 

Anastasia Allison, the founder of outdoor gear brand Kula Cloth, used to spend all her time dealing with the tedious details of fulfilment. Since partnering with ShipBob, Kula Cloth has tripled in growth and Anastasia hasn’t had to lift a finger for fulfilment. She got “her life back” and has been able to travel while orders are fulfiled seamlessly. 

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Outsourcing fulfilment: when’s the right time?

While there’s no “right time” to outsource fulfilment, there are a number of common pain points that a 3PL can solve for ecommerce businesses to speed up growth and enhance customer satisfaction, while making your life easier along the way. 

If you recognise any of the following scenarios, it might be time to outsource: 

  • You need more warehousing space, or a more effective inventory management system.
  • You want to expand your shipping reach so you can offer customers affordable 2-day shipping no matter where they live. 
  • Your order volume is rapidly increasing and your team is struggling to handle it. 
  • You are overpaying for shipping that takes too long. 

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