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Shipping is central to success in growing a direct-to-consumer brand. No matter how good your product is, you’ll struggle to improve cart abandonment rates if your shipping takes two weeks and costs a fortune. 

Outsourcing fulfilment to a third-party logistics (3PL) partner allows you to adopt the fulfilment infrastructure you need to offer customers the fastest, most affordable shipping options. 

ShipBob’s growing global fulfilment network that offers customers the ability to split inventory across multiple fulfilment centres, also known as inventory distribution, to reduce the number of shipping zones a package must travel through to reach its destination. 

Distributing your inventory helps to reduce shipping costs and time in transit; it’s one of the many ways ShipBob helps ecommerce brands grow.

“Storing inventory in different regions is key to reducing costs and transit times. From expanding into a second ShipBob fulfilment centre, we are excited to be able to offer 65% of our customers with 2-day shipping, up from 32% by only having a single West Coast facility. Soon, this will be 100%.”

Pablo Gabatto, Business Operations Manager at Ample Foods

Fulfilment services in Orlando

ShipBob is a full-suite fulfilment service, which means we handle everything from when a customer places an order to when the order arrives at their door. Here’s how it works:

1. Sync your online store with ShipBob and go through the onboarding process. 

2. Ship your inventory to one or more of ShipBob fulfilment centre locations. 

3. Orders placed at your store are forwarded automatically to the closest ShipBob fulfilment centre where inventory is stored to be picked, packed, and shipped. 

4. Tracking info is accessible to you and the customer. 

Inventory control & demand forecasting

One of the big challenges of inventory management is ensuring you always have the right amount of the right product on hand. ShipBob solves this problem for you with tools like automatic reorder points to help avoid stockout.

ShipBob also offers transparent data and analytics to help make better decisions on your fulfilment strategy, including better demand forecasting and inventory allocation. Get answers to questions like: 

  • Which states do I ship the most orders to?
  • Which orders haven’t been delivered yet?
  • How much inventory do I currently have on hand at each ShipBob fulfilment centre?
  • What were my historical stock levels at any point in time in any location?
  • How many days do I have left until a SKU will be out of stock?
  • By when do I need to reorder inventory for each product?
  • What is the average cart value and shipping cost by shipping method and order?
  • How much money would I save on shipping if I changed the fulfilment centre locations my inventory is in?
  • And much more

You can set mandatory inventory minimums so you’re alerted when you need to reorder, and use our data analytics platform to forecast future inventory demand. 

Order management

ShipBob’s platform also comes with built-in order management software that provides full transparency into the order fulfilment process. Search for orders, view outstanding orders, track packages, manage returns, and more with ease.

Optimised shipping

Our distributed inventory system isn’t the only way we helps merchants lower shipping costs. ShipBob’s platform also uses proprietary software that searches top mail couriers to find the optimal route for each package. 

Why ShipBob is the only choice for Orlando-based ecommerce businesses

Other 3PLs often overpromise and underdeliver, but ShipBob has a proven track record of success and countless positive experiences from our partners. 

Lower fulfilment costs

Ocean & Co., a luxury accessory and jewellerybrand partnered with ShipBob and were satisfied, but jumped ship for a solution that promised more, but failed to deliver lower prices, manage inventory properly, and were given poor customer service.

So they came back to ShipBob. The result? 33% lower fulfilment costs compared to the other 3PL and $2 million in sales in their first year.

“The new fulfilment network sold us on their solution that was supposed to be superior, but they clearly did not think much through. They don’t understand the fulfilment game like ShipBob does. We were only gone from ShipBob for a month and a half, and it was a terrible experience.”

Gerard Ecker, Founder & CEO of Ocean & Co.

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Rapid turnarounds

ShipBob has the infrastructure, manpower, resources, and expertise to speed up your retail fulfilment process and deliver rapid turnarounds. Supplement company EnduroSport partnered with ShipBob for their big product launch under a tight time crunch.

Just nine days after EnduroSport started with our implementation team, ShipBob had received their inventory and were shipping orders the next day — and this was during the COVID-19 crisis. EnduroSport now uses 3 ShipBob fulfilment centres to service their customer base.

“From day one, I felt like ShipBob was a partner on our team. With other 3PLs, it never felt like a partnership. I could trust that ShipBob would help us launch our company successfully.”

Tim Fink, Co-Founder of EnduroSport

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Faster growth

By taking fulfilment off your hands and optimising the entire process, ShipBob can put your growth on autopilot. With more time to focus on growing their business and fewer distractions, many of our partners experience rapid growth.

One DTC brand, Prymal, who makes sugar free coffee sweetener, partnered with ShipBob in 2019 and have since experienced 4x growth while simultaneously saving $8,000 per month on fulfilment.

“Last July, Prymal reached $40,000 in revenue. After switching to ShipBob just four months later in November, we are reaching $160,000 a month in revenue — that’s 300% growth. We’re also saving $8,000 per month in fulfilment costs.”

Courtney Lee, founder of Prymal

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When should I outsource order fulfilment?

There’s no one right time to outsource fulfilment, but for most ecommerce businesses there is a window between when order volume is too low to justify outsourcing and when order volume is high enough that you’re slowing growth by not outsourcing.

The size of this window depends on how robust your in-house fulfilment process is and how fast and affordable your shipping options are. If your fulfilment process is flawless and high-capacity, and you can offer fast, affordable shipping, then you can hold off on outsourcing fulfilment for a while. 

But, for most businesses, the right time comes much sooner than that. After all, there’s a lot that goes into order fulfilment. Here are some common pains points that a 3PL can solve to speed up your growth:

  • You don’t have enough warehouse space to store your inventory.
  • Your fulfilment team is overburdened or makes too many mistakes. 
  • You want to streamline your order and inventory management processes. 
  • You want to offer faster shipping options, but you’re currently shipping from a single Orlando fulfilment centre.

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