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One of the biggest challenges that ecommerce businesses face is finding a way to ship their products affordably and quickly without passing along a huge cost to the customer. Most businesses don’t have an extensive distribution infrastructure in place, and they are often forced to fulfil orders in-house using inefficient, manual methods.

By partnering with a 3PL, ecommerce businesses can benefit from having a team and a fulfilment centre in place, along with the technology to automate fulfilment logistics. But not all 3PLs have the technology and infrastructure to integrate with your ecommerce stack.

That’s where ShipBob comes in.

ShipBob is a technology-enabled 3PL with a network of fulfilment centre locations, including one near the Tucson, Arizona area. With ShipBob, you can store inventory close to home. As you grow your business, you can easily expand into new markets by storing inventory in more than one ShipBob fulfilment centre location.

What do ShipBob customers say?

ShipBob has helped thousands of ecommerce businesses with order fulfilment. By outsourcing fulfilment to ShipBob, our merchants have the option to store inventory in more than one fulfilment centre location, also known as distributed inventory. This not only lowers shipping rates and cart abandonment, but it also provides plenty of room for growth.

“With ShipBob, we have the option to use more of their warehouses to further reduce shipping costs. Because ShipBob has a lot of people to handle our orders and additional warehouses we can expand into, we can scale up with ease as we continue to grow quickly. If we ran our own warehouse, it would be much harder to hire people and we’d inevitably outgrow the space.”

Oded Harth, CEO & Co-Founder of MDacne

Ecommerce order fulfilment in Tucson

If you’re a Tucson-based business looking to outsource retail fulfilment, you can take advantage of our Phoenix, Arizona fulfilment location, so you can store inventory close to home.

You can also expand into new locations in East CoastWest Coast, and in the South. ShipBob also offers international fulfilment services. That way, you can reach customers all over the country with affordable 2-day shipping.

With the help of our implementation specialists, here’s what it takes for you to get started:

  • First, easily sync your store with ShipBob’s platform and ship your products to our Arizona-based fulfilment centre.
  • When an order is placed at your store, it is automatically forwarded to a ShipBob fulfilment centre storing your products.
  • Our fulfilment teams pick, pack, and ship the order.
  • Tracking info is emailed to the customer (and you can track shipments as well from your dashboard).

Split your inventory

Storing all of your inventory in one fulfilment centre is not your only warehousing option. With ShipBob, you can store inventory in multiple fulfilment centres to reach customers across the country faster, while also tracking your inventory levels across all fulfilment centres in real-time. This keeps your products closer to your customers, which lowers the cost of shipping and reduces the length of delivery times.

Integrate with your ecommerce stack

Onboarding with ShipBob is simple. We partner with major ecommerce platforms and marketplaces, including ShopifyBigCommerceSquarespace, and more. Our partner network includes ecommerce specialists in everything from online taxes and marketing, to package design and freight shipping.

Optimise your shipping

ShipBob can help you reduce your overall shipping costs in a variety of ways. One way is through our proprietary technology, which automatically searches mail couriers for the most cost-effective and timely routes. You’ll get the best possible rates on each package without lifting a finger.

Why ShipBob is the best choice for Tucson-based ecommerce businesses

Shipping is one of the most important factors that customers consider when deciding whether or not to buy from an ecommerce business, so the faster and cheaper your shipping options, the more likely customers will convert. Here are some of the other benefits we’ve delivered for our partners.

Spend less time packing boxes

Picking, packing, and shipping orders eats up the time that could be better spent focusing on strategy and growing your business. Many of our merchants experience faster growth than ever once they decide to outsource fulfilment.

For example, after outsourcing fulfilment to ShipBob, sunglasses company Rainbow OPTX saved 120 weekly hours, and experienced 115% growth and 2.5x more order volume.

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Get affordable 2-day shipping (for you and your customers)

Most ecommerce businesses don’t have the distribution infrastructure to compete with the likes of Amazon, but with ShipBob’s help you can drastically expand your shipping reach and offer 2-day shipping at a reasonable margin.

After partnering with ShipBob, Ample Foods was able to increase their 2-day ground shipping reach by 103% compared to when they were using only a single fulfilment centre, while simultaneously achieving 13% cost-savings to their bottom line.

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Increase order volume

With ShipBob, your order volume is no longer limited to what your team can fulfil. We scale with you and fulfil as many orders as your customers can place. With fewer distractions and greater shipping capacity, you can raise the ceiling on your business’ growth potential.

One of our customers, Kula Cloth, tripled their order volume after partnering with us, and have seen as many as 73 orders shipped in a single day.

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When is a 3PL right for your Tucson-based business

The right 3PL offers more than just picking and packing services. There are a number of value-adds a 3PL can provide that touch on various areas of fulfilment: inventory management, data and analytics, distributed inventory, and more. But many ecommerce businesses struggle with identifying the right time to take advantage of the services provided by a 3PL.

If you recognise any of the following situations, then now might be the time to outsource:

  • Your fulfilment team makes too many errors and you want to professionalize your fulfilment process.
  • You want to expand your 2-day shipping coverage.
  • Your order volume is rapidly increasing and you are struggling to scale your fulfilment operation to keep up.

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