Finding the best fulfillment provider for your ecommerce business can seem overwhelming. Order fulfillment is an integral part of every ecommerce business. And with the most popular online retailers offering two-day shipping and free shipping options, customers expect both fast and affordable shipping at the click of a button.

If your business is ready to outsource fulfillment, a third-party fulfillment provider can help. Partnering with the best fulfillment provider for your business can help you save time and money, freeing up resources to focus instead on product development, marketing, and business growth. However, when it comes to choosing the best fulfillment provider to handle your online store’s order fulfillment, the options can seem endless.

It’s important to find a fulfillment company that you trust to handle your inventory, provide a positive experience to your customers, and ultimately help you grow your business. ShipBob is a top fulfillment provider that can do all of the above — and more.

ShipBob features and services

ShipBob may be the best fulfillment provider for your business. Fulfillment services include:

Inventory management

The best fulfillment provider for your business will give you all the insights you need to manage your inventory without having to store products at home or own your own warehouse. Keep track of your inventory levels for all of your products with just a few clicks, and set automatic reorder notifications to make sure you never run out of inventory in any fulfillment centers.

Distributed inventory

You can leverage ShipBob’s network of fulfillment centers to get your products to your customers as quickly and affordably as possible. The best fulfillment provider will be able to store products close enough to your customers that you don’t have to choose between fast shipping and affordable shipping. When you distribute your inventory across ShipBob’s nationwide fulfillment center network, your shipping costs and times will improve, leading to happier customers.

Two-day shipping

Working with ShipBob puts your inventory closer to your shipping destinations, meaning you can offer guaranteed two-day shipping via ground for customers in those surrounding areas instead of only offering costly expedited air shipping.

Order management

Access full real-time visibility into your orders from the ShipBob dashboard. Whether you need to look up customer information, pull up order metrics, or track the picking, packing, and shipping of a package, the dashboard makes it easy to do so. ShipBob’s proprietary software allows you to track the entire fulfillment provider process in real time. Once an order has shipped, the 3PL’s system can automatically send confirmation back to your ecommerce platform, which in turn will forward tracking information to your customers. If customers ask you questions about their orders, you can quickly and confidently answer them with the most up-to-date information.

Client support

The best fulfillment provider for your business will want to help you grow and scale no matter the size or location of your business. ShipBob automates your order fulfillment, helping you meet customer expectations around shipping and save time and money. We guarantee high-quality service to all of our clients, including same-day fulfillment for all orders placed by noon locally. If you have a specific question, you can reach our dedicated fulfillment experts by submitting a ticket through the dashboard or browse our Help Center.

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