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Fulfilment centres are third-party logistics providers that allow ecommerce retailers to outsource the ecommerce fulfilment process. If you are looking for a fulfilment centre in the Dallas – Fort Worth area, look no further. ShipBob allows merchants to outsource warehousing, picking, packing, and shipping, while providing best in-class fulfilment software to manage it all at no additional cost.

As soon as an order comes in, ShipBob is automatically notified and begins the fulfilment process. A ShipBob employee will receive a picking list and pick the items from their locations in the warehouse, and pack it into either a business-provided branded box or free plain packaging.

ShipBob price checks shipping rates to ensure that you get the quickest shipping at the lowest possible cost. As long as an order rolls in before 2:00 PM, ShipBob will have it out the door the same day.

With ShipBob as your fulfilment centre, Dallas, Texas-based companies can offer incredibly fast and efficient service to their customers. Whether you’re a startup or established brick and mortar shop, you can offer service that’s on par with multi-national retailers.

ShipBob’s order fulfilment services in Dallas – Fort Worth

ShipBob’s outsourced fulfilment services are available nationwide! ShipBob helps you streamline inventory management, warehouse and storage, order fulfilment, and the returns process. You probably aren’t in business to pack and ship boxes and become a fulfilment logistics expert. However, ShipBob is. Let them do what they do best, so you can do the same. Here are some of the ShipBob services that Texas-based ecommerce businesses have available to them:

Distributed inventory

With multiple warehouses across the country, in addition to Dallas, you can split your inventory across any combination of them to keep product closer to your end customer, so that you can easily offer two-day shipping. This not only reduces shipping costs, but also the time you spend on it.

Inventory management

Managing inventory has never been easier with ShipBob’s integrated cloud-based software. It tracks your stock levels in real-time so you have the most up-to-date numbers at all times. ShipBob even sends you notifications when inventory is getting low, so you have plenty of time to re-stock before you sell out.

Order management

ShipBob’s application includes full visibility into any order to offer your customers quick answers to their questions. Updated in real-time, you can answer questions quickly, with confidence.

Proprietary hosted software

ShipBob’s software seamlessly integrates with the top ecommerce software, including WooCommerce, Amazon, and Shopify. You’ll have access to a range of features, such as inventory and order management, real-time ecommerce order tracking, advanced distribution metrics, and much more. Oh, and it’s available at no additional cost.

Free white label service

Unboxing an order is key to any brand experience. ShipBob offers free white label service, so you can keep your branded packaging, uninterrupted. The only place you might see our name is on the shipping label.

Free packing supplies

If you want to use plain brown boxes, ShipBob offers them for free, in addition to all the packing supplies in the box. The ShipBob brand is not the focal point of your package; your brand should be the one to stay in the spotlight. Your customers don’t even to know ShipBob exists.

Fast onboarding

ShipBob’s software is very easy to set up. You’ll get started in less than 15 minutes.

Merchants in the Dallas – Fort Worth Area that will benefit the most from partnering with a fulfilment centre like ShipBob are experiencing at least one of the following scenarios:

  • Running out of room to store product
  • Sales and inventory levels fluctuate seasonally
  • Paying too much for shipping that takes too long to get to customers
  • Trying to expand into new markets
  • Wanting to reduce the time spent on administrative tasks
  • Too busy to keep up with the influx of orders

If you’re in Dallas, Texas and considering a fulfilment centre, try ShipBob.

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