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Keeping up with fulfilment as you scale requires shipping expertise, infrastructure, and integrated technology that few ecommerce businesses have. The result is often an in-house fulfilment process that is inexact and inefficient. Ecommerce shipping is viewed as a burden, rather than an opportunity to provide a better customer experience.

That’s why ecommerce businesses often turn to 3PLs to outsource fulfilment as they scale. But not all 3PLs are built to scale quickly, and even fewer have the technology and resources to offer you and your customers better, cheaper shipping options.

ShipBob is a modern 3PL built to do exactly that. Instead of storing your products in a single Austin fulfilment centre, store them in multiple fulfilment centres across the country. ShipBob’s technology routes orders to the fulfilment centre closest to the customer, which brings down shipping times and costs.

“Running an Austin-based company, it’s convenient to use ShipBob’s Dallas fulfilment centre. A big part of my strategy right now is focusing on Texas. Using my order history, I can understand which ShipBob warehouse I should use next and leverage their locations all over the US as we continue to expand.”

Tracey Wallace, Founder of Doris Sleep

Improved margins allow you to offer customers 2-day shipping. And when customers see better and more cost-effective shipping options in their shopping cart, AOV goes up and cart abandonment goes down.

How ecommerce fulfilment works with ShipBob

Shipping products with ShipBob works like this:

  • Connect your online store to ShipBob’s technology and ship us your products.
  • We store your products in our fulfilment centres across the US.
  • Orders placed on your store are forwarded automatically to ShipBob.
  • We pick, pack, and ship the order to the customer, with packing slip and tracking info included.
  • You monitor orders and track inventory from your ShipBob dashboard, and gain new insights.

Sync your store with ShipBob

ShipBob makes syncing your store simple — no programming knowledge or work is required. ShipBob’s technology routes orders to the optimal fulfilment centre, and then our fulfilment team prepares and ships the order.

Track orders throughout the fulfilment process

Maintain end-to-end control of the fulfilment process from your ShipBob dashboard. Search for orders, monitor order status, and track packages as they ship to customers.

Manage inventory virtually

ShipBob offers more than just warehousing: once your store is connected to ShipBob, you get a number of valuable inventory management tools at your disposal. View inventory levels in real-time, set reorder points, keep a safety stock, and distribute your inventory strategically so you always have product in the right place at the right time.

The best 3PL serving Austin-based ecommerce companies

ShipBob’s technology keeps us ahead of the curve and gives us an advantage over other fulfilment companies. We sync seamlessly with your tech stack, optimise order fulfilment processes, and provide you with analytical tools to improve and grow your business.

Distributed inventory

Distributed inventory is the practice of storing your inventory across multiple warehouses in different regions, rather than one Austin fulfilment warehouse. Unless you only have local customers (in which case, you can use our Dallas fulfilment and distribution centre), distributing your inventory means your products are stored closer to your customers. The result is:

  • Shorter shipping distances and transit times
  • Lower inventory carrying costs
  • More affordable two-day shipping for your customers
  • Better shipping margins

Insightful reports

Know how your business is performing and find ways to improve with ShipBob’s reports and analytics. Inventory reports give you crucial insights on your customers’ orders, purchasing trends, inventory levels, and more.

Proactive customer support

Speak with dedicated support reps and get solutions fast any time an order or inventory problem comes up.

ShipBob integrates with the best ecommerce solutions

ShipBob’s full network of partners covers every step of the ecommerce process, from shipping and marketing services to custom branded packaging.

We are partnered with ecommerce platforms:

And shipping platforms:

Ecommerce order fulfilment success stories: ShipBob customers

Not every retail order fulfilment company is equal, as you can read in the below case studies. ShipBob works with thousands of ecommerce merchants to store their inventory and pick, pack, and ship their orders.


Austin-based baseball gear brand BRUCE BOLT leverages a ShipBob fulfilment centre in Texas to ship 25,000 DTC and B2B orders per month. Despite their order volume, they decided against opening their own warehouse in order to utilise a fulfilment partner because “fulfilment is a business within a business.”

ShipBob has been able to provide the white-glove support, advanced analytics and reporting, and EDI automation BRUCE BOLT needs to run their business.

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Health and wellness brand Synchro experimented with ShipBob and another fulfilment solution. They found that only ShipBob could follow through on promises to bring down shipping costs and transit times. Synchro now ships over 3,000 orders per month, and offers two-day shipping to 80% of their customers.

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Austin-based Prymal was able to move her business forward by switching to a 3PL that offered savings and real-time fulfilment data. Founder Courtney Lee loves working with a tech-enabled 3PL that seamlessly provides data to help her team make business decisions.

ShipBob’s fulfilment services and analytics tool is has been a “game-changer” that have helped her grow her business tremendously, making it easy for any of her team members to pull data in real-time.

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The CEO of menswear brand Brummell Co. received 15,000 units of his debut product on Thanksgiving, intending to launch on the first of December. He rapidly partnered with ShipBob and was shipping products to customers just four days later, en route to 5,000 units sold in the first month.

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ShipBob is proud to provide third-party logistics fulfilment for the above companies. If you feel like your business needs help with ecommerce warehousing, inventory management, order processing speed, or even lowering shipping rates and fulfilment costs, ShipBob can help.
Want to learn more about ShipBob’s fulfilment services, technology, and geographic footprint? Get in touch today.

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