Fulfillment fees are the prices that third-party logistics (3PLs) providers charge for their services. Outsourcing fulfillment often reduces costs for e-commerce retailers because 3PLs are designed for high shipping volumes and fast turnarounds. Outsourcing reduces costs by:

  • Offering bulk discounts on shipping costs or packing supplies
  • Reducing the strain on your employees and their time.
  • Eliminating the need to budget for warehouse leases or heavy equipment
  • Growing with your business and helping you enter new markets

Fulfillment fees for each 3PL will differ. Generally, you will see four types of fulfillment fees: initial setup fees, receiving fees, storage fees, and fulfillment fees.

ShipBob only charges for receiving, storage, and fulfillment. After that, everything is a complimentary service or feature. These free services including white-label packaging, free shipping supplies, returns management, order kitting, and more.

In addition to our cost-saving free services, we’ve also negotiated reduced shipping costs with the four major U.S. carriers. No matter how many orders we fulfill for you each month, we pass those savings onto you.

Many fulfillment providers charge upwards of $300 for onboarding; however, ShipBob doesn’t charge setup fees — or onboarding process is fast, easy, and free. Our software is easy to integrate and is fully compatible with major e-commerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Amazon.

When it comes to fulfillment fees, we don’t charge additional fees for picking or packing. We only charge for outbound shipping, making us a cost-effective solution for sellers with high product turnaround.

For batch fulfillment, we drop our storage costs and charge a simple $1.00 per order plus outbound shipping fees. This allows crowdfunding campaigns to easily take advantage of our services without using too much of their crowd-sourced funding on fulfillment costs.

ShipBob is committed to offering the best fulfillment fees in a transparent, straightforward pricing structure, with no hidden fees or additional charges.



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