3PL companies (also known as third-party logistics companies) offer services, including the warehousing, picking, packing, and shipping of orders. Online merchants can outsource the entire order fulfillment process to 3PL companies. This is often because self-fulfillment can be time-consuming and costly when companies factor in the time employees spend on these administrative tasks.

Online merchants send their products to 3PL companies to store until they fulfill each order. When an order comes in, the 3PL staff will pick, pack, and ship products to fulfil the order. 3PL companies complete so many orders that they can reduce the number of errors in regard to mis-picks and mis-ships, which helps increase customer satisfaction.


ShipBob is a 3PL company that offers many order fulfillment services, including:

  • Inventory management. Do you ever fear that you’ll run out of product? With ShipBob, it’s quick and easy to keep track of your inventory across warehouses. Additionally, there are advanced reporting features as well as real-time metrics into your inventory, orders, sales, and more. ShipBob will even send you notification warnings when inventory gets low, so you’ll have plenty of time to reorder before you run out.
  • Order management. Keep your customers in the know, and confidently answer their questions through in a central location. All relevant information for any order – including tracking numbers – is available to you at any time.
  • Distributed inventory. ShipBob has a network of strategically located warehouses across the country (with more to come). You can ship your products out from fulfillment centers that are closer to your end customers. This reduces the cost of shipping, as well as the delivery times.
  • Two-day shipping. Compete with national retailers when you choose ShipBob. They can turn around orders the same day. Today’s customers expect fast, accurate shipping, and with ShipBob, you can offer them just that.
  • White label service. With your customers, your brand should be front and center. ShipBob understands that and offers a free white label service. Whether you choose to use your own branded packaging or take advantage of ShipBob’s free packing materials, ShipBob’s name won’t be anywhere but the shipping label.
  • Quick and easy onboarding. You can get up and running in 15 minutes or less with ShipBob’s software. Their integrated technology is cloud-based and free. It’s intuitively designed so you can easily find everything you need without any in-depth training program.
  • World-class service. ShipBob cultivates relationships with their clients, and is there for them day or night.

3PL companies streamline inventory management, warehouse management, and order fulfillment. 3PL companies can help merchants reduce customer frustrations, by reducing the chance of overselling or stockouts. Most companies don’t go into business to pack and ship boxes, but ShipBob did. It’s what they do best, because it’s what they do day in and day out.

When you outsource order fulfillment to ShipBob, you can free up your staff’s time to focus on the core of your business. In addition, 3PL companies can actually reduce the expense of fulfillment. Choosing ShipBob means you don’t need expensive warehouse leases, the upkeep on heavy equipment, liability insurance for warehouse employees, or training for new trainees. They also provide free packing supplies and discounted shipping rates with the four major U.S. carriers.

ShipBob picks, packs, and ships boxes for less than you can on your own, because they’ve optimized all processes to do it quickly and accurately.

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