Inventory Placement Program (IPP) by ShipBob

Save money, reduce transit times, get better data, and grow without increasing your Operations headcount.

Unlock a supply chain ‘easy button’ for effective operations when you leverage ShipBob’s Inventory Placement Program (IPP) to seamlessly distribute, manage, and replenish inventory across ShipBob’s US fulfillment network.

Having the ability to reduce shipping costs through distributed inventory is probably the difference between profitability and unprofitability for most businesses in the DTC space – so the fact that ShipBob’s network enables brands to do it so easily is a huge differentiator.

Neil Blewitt, SVP of Operations at Bloom Nutrition

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Save Money and Reduce Transit Times for a Win-Win

When you place inventory closer to more end customers in the US, more shipments bypass the highest, most expensive shipping zones, lowering your outbound shipping costs and speeding up average transit times.  

Reducing zones not only impacts your bottom line, but also speeds up shipping, delighting your customers, encouraging repeat purchases, and minimizing ‘Where is my order?’ (WISMO) questions to alleviate pressure from your customer service team. 

See How Semaine Health Saves $2/Order While Quadrupling Their Order Volume

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Save Time With More Optimal Distribution

ShipBob’s IPP is for merchants who want to automate the process of distributing and rebalancing their inventory across the US.

With IPP, ShipBob coordinates, manages, and places inventory closer to your end customers, reducing the shipping zones orders must pass through to facilitate faster and cheaper shipping.

Ship your inventory to one hub location, and ShipBob strategically distributes it across our network, having our algorithms take your unique customer mix and order history into account so we ship each order from the most optimal fulfillment center

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Power Intelligent Distribution for Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility

IPP is much more than a distribution and transportation network – it’s a data-driven system that factors in many variables, in addition to your preferences.

Each distribution plan is powered by ShipBob’s AI Decision Engine, which pulls information from our demand forecasting algorithms, your historical sales trends by SKU, and real-time sales data, using a time-series forecasting model to account for seasonality.

We take care of the calculations, while you get real-time visibility and analytics. From inbound tracking to inventory reconciliation, you can monitor your products, no matter where they are in the supply chain.

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Streamline Inbound Logistics

With IPP, you reduce both inbound freight costs and the headache of coordinating multiple inbound shipments. Instead of booking individual freight shipments to each location or making one-off costly inventory transfers, you send your inventory to one location and let us do the rest.

Once your inventory arrives at one of ShipBob’s US regional hubs, we distribute it to additional regions and fulfillment centers via our transportation network.

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Tailor Distribution to Your Needs

Inventory distribution is not a one-size-fits-all strategy. With ShipBob, you get white-glove, custom tailored onboarding from a dedicated IPP Implementation Specialist.

We work with you to create the most ideal fulfillment footprint, customizing inputs like days on hand, purchase order frequency, manufacturer lead time, regions of priority, customer geography, historical data, daily demand, real-time supply chain changes, and your preferences.

For all future inventory you send to ShipBob, you can edit your individual inventory distribution plans, overriding any automated selections.

We’ve been able to allocate our inventory across 4 of ShipBob’s fulfillment centers in the United States, which cut our shipping times by a third – from 5.2 days down to about 3.6 days. Not only has transit time dropped, but at the same time we reduced fulfillment costs by over $2 per order.

Matt Crane,

Chief Science Officer of Semaine Health

IPP has been a game changer for us. First, it reduces costs for us, because we’re shipping more orders a much shorter distance. Second, and maybe equally as important, it’s reducing the time that customers have to wait to get packages.

Tyler McCann,

Co-Founder of Taste Salud

By storing our inventory closer to more hubs of customers, we eliminated far distance shipping and now, 87% of our orders are shipped from Zones 1-4, which is amazing.  

Mithu Kuna,

CEO and Co-Founder of Baby Doppler