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Want to outpace your competitors? ShipBob’s portfolio of B2B and DTC solutions let you stay ahead and scale your business.

Our logistics platform, efficient operations, and expert support are here to delight your retail partners and consumers alike.

With ShipBob as your omnichannel fulfilment partner, you’ll find more time in your day as we navigate the complexities of retailer compliance and consumer expectations for you. 

“We use ShipBob’s EDI connection to automate B2B retail distribution, and it’s been really straightforward. Everything flows through the system so easily; we get a purchase order form a retailer, it ships out, and we don’t have to think about it.

Our goal was always for B2B to essentially work the same way as our DTC business: something we could have on autopilot, that requires very little oversight from us. With ShipBob’s B2B solution, we’ve got that.”

Matt Crane, Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer
of Semaine Health

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Retail Distribution
Have ShipBob ship fully-compliant B2B orders to retailers on-time and in-full to prevent costly retailer chargebacks. Learn how.


Retail Dropshipping
Sell your products on a retailer’s online store, and let ShipBob quickly fulfil and ship those orders straight to the end customer. Learn how.

Online Marketplaces
Using direct integrations with trusted online marketplaces like Walmart, expand your reach to millions of new customers while ShipBob fulfils your orders. Learn how.

Amazon FBA Prep
Take advantage of the Prime Badge by having ShipBob send inventory to Amazon warehouses to fulfil orders. Learn more. 

Amazon FBM
Leverage ShipBob’s direct integration with Amazon to have ShipBob ship FBM orders directly to customers. Learn more.

DTC Fulfilment
Achieve affordable 2-day shipping through ShipBob by integrating with your preferred ecommerce platforms and tools, automating the processing and shipping of DTC orders. Learn more.

Being an omnichannel brand is critical for us, so we can reach more pet lovers from more places. We’re glad that ShipBob helps us keep up with demand from all the places we reach our customers.

Stephanie Lee,

Co-CEO at PetLab Co.

Outsourcing both retail and DTC order fulfilment to ShipBob really just gave us the flexibility that we needed to effectively grow our business — not just the DTC segment, but the retail segment also. Honestly, it changed the game for us. So we were just thrilled that ShipBob has come to lead the way in providing fulfilment solutions for small to medium sized businesses like ours.

Nathan Garrison

Co-Founder & CEO at Sharkbanz

As we expand with B2B and B2C orders, ShipBob’s pricing structure remains simple without any add-on charges. With most 3PLs, you will see a lot of hidden fees when you do your homework. ShipBob doesn’t play games — the pricing is clear and easy to understand.

Matt Dryfhout,

Founder & CEO at BAKblade