Understanding DPD Parcel Sizes: A Critical Ecommerce Guide

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dpd parcel size

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DPD (Dynamic Parcel Distribution) is part of Geopost, with networks operating in nearly 50 countries and deliver 8.4 million parcels worldwide each day. It’s the second largest express parcel courier that services Europe.

In this article, we offer an in-depth understanding of DPD parcel sizes and delivery options to help you decide the best options for your ecommerce business.

Comprehensive guide to DPD parcel sizes

Understanding DPD parcel sizes is crucial for UK-based ecommerce businesses that want to ship locally and internationally.

Choosing the right options helps to optimise shipping processes, prioritises cost-efficiency and profitability, and increases customer satisfaction.

DPD max parcel size is something to consider when shipping large parcels. Make sure your DPD parcel size (girth + longest side) is not more than 3 meters. Meanwhile, its weight can be up to 31.5 kg, and length up to 1.75 m. 

Here is an overview.

Local DPD shipping
Service nameMaximum weightMaximum dimensions or size restrictions
Door 2 Door UK Services30 kgMaximum girth: 230 cm
Maximum length: 100 cm
ExpressPak Services5 kgMaximum girth: 82 cm
Max length: 52 cm
DPD Drop Off UK Services20 kgMaximum weight: 20 kg
Maximum length: 60 cm
DPD Ireland Two Day30 kgMaximum girth: 230 cm
Maximum length: 100 cm
International DPD parcel delivery
Service nameMaximum weightMaximum dimensions or size restrictions
DPD Classic / DPD Air Classic / DPD Air Express30 kgMaximum girth: 300 cm
Maximum length: 1.75 cm
DPD Classic/ DPD Air Classic / DPD Air Express– drop off20 kgMaximum girth: 180 cm
No side longer than 60 cm

DPD parcel sizes by use case

DPD shipping costs are different for each SKU that is shipped. It varies based on product size and weight, speed of delivery, insurance coverage, distance travelled, and even type of product.

Premium bag for items weighing up to 5kgs:

DPD 10:30£23.47 to £26.99 per parcel
DPD 12:00£16.58 to £20.10 per parcel
DPD Next Day Delivery£9.68 to £13.19 per parcel
Saturday and Sunday surcharge£26.24 to £36.68 per parcel

Parcels – For a single item weighing up to 30kg or up to 1 meter in length:

DPD 10:30£36.04 per consignment (inclusive of first 10 kg) + £0.87 per kg
DPD 12:00£29.14 per consignment (inclusive of first 10 kg) + £0.87 per kg
DPD Next Day£22.23 per consignment (inclusive of first 10 kg) + £0.71 per kg
Saturday and Sunday Surcharge£38.66 per consignment (inclusive of first 10 kg) + £0.71 per kg

Freight – for a single item weighing between 31 and 350kg:

DPD 10:30£60.57 per consignment (inclusive of first 31 kg) + £0.89 per kg
DPD 12:00£49.36 per consignment (inclusive of first 31 kg) + £0.89 per kg 
DPD Next Day£42.46 per consignment (inclusive of first 31 kg) + £0.89 per kg
Saturday and Sunday Surcharge£67.67 per consignment (inclusive of first 31 kg) + £0.89 per kg
International shipping serviceRates
DPD Air ClassicEuropean destinations: £98.46 to £120.90 (up to 30 kg), depending on the zone 
Non-European destinations: £54.56 to £79.86 (up to 30 kg), depending on the zone 

DPD Express
European destinations: £51.23 to £60.54 (up to 0.5 kg), depending on the zone 
Non-European destinations: £64.11 to £93.99 (up to 0.5 kg), depending on the zone 

All these rates have been sourced from DPD’s tariff card

Here are some sample shipping rates for different goods that have different fulfilment requirements (not all of which can be fulfiled by ShipBob): 

ItemDimensionsWeightDPD serviceDPD pricing starting from (for shipping within the UK and exclusive of VAT)*
A book22.9 cm x 15.2 cm 142 gmDoor 2 Door – Next Day£7.79
Door 2 Door – Saturday£17.99
Drop off at Shop£6.39
A canvas50 cm x 50 cm1 kgShop to Shop (You drop off at a chosen shopRecipient collects from their nearest shop)£3.99
A violin for kids33 cm  500 gmDoor 2 Door – Sunday£24.99
A chair175 cm x 80 cm30 kgDoor 2 Door – Next Day£16.99
A laptop38 cm x 26 cm4 kgDoor 2 Door – By 12£14.99

ShipBob partners with DPD for unparalleled order fulfilment

ShipBob partners with DPD, combining its fulfilment technology with DPD’s robust shipping network. Thanks to this partnership, ecommerce businesses can optimise their shipping strategy, save costs, and improve last-mile delivery for customer satisfaction.

Find out more about ShipBob’s DPD partnership.

“The UK is our home base, and all the customers we ship to are in the UK. We spoke to some classical, British-owned fulfilment companies in our search, but ShipBob turned out to be perfect for us.

We had no concerns about ShipBob’s HQ being in the US — if anything, it was more of a positive! ShipBob has done incredibly well in the US, and their track record reassured us that we can grow together with ShipBob as it ramps up its international operations.” 

Adelina Zotta & Connor Westby, Co-Founders of NutriPaw

Whether you are deciding on DPD vs Royal Mail or DPD vs DHL, ShipBob is a trusted omnichannel fulfilment and shipping partner for growing ecommerce businesses.

DPD parcel size FAQs

Below are answers to the most common questions about DPD parcel sizes.

What if my parcel exceeds the standard DPD size limit?

A surcharge of £21.20 per parcel applies if the parcel exceeds the maximum weight and dimensions offered by DPD for UK delivery. For overseas shipping, you need to also deal with the parcel’s volumetric dimensions (L x W x H / 5000). If its max weight is more than 31.5 kg, you will have to pay the surcharge.

How is the shipping cost calculated based on parcel size?

Shipping cost is calculated by the girth of the package by adding together the width and the height – and doubling the total.

Can I send multiple small items in one large parcel with DPD?

When shipping from UK, you can pack a few small items together into one large parcel as long as it falls under DPD’s acceptable dimension and weight limit.

How does ShipBob manage returns with DPD?

ShipBob provides merchants with the option to choose return preferences. You can learn more about ShipBob’s return processes here.

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