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Warehouse or Your House? Unpacking Hidden Shipping Costs Cutting into Your Margins

We get it.

Logistics and supply chain management may not be the most exciting aspects of running an ecommerce brand, but thanks to Amazon and ever-changing consumer demand around deliveries, it’s now an essential customer experience component that every DTC brand needs to pay attention to.

This transformational shift is happening at a rapid pace today, and thousands of newly established vertically integrated brands are getting on board.

Shipping and fulfillment can no longer be looked at as just standard operating expenses but as long-term investments in your business’s growth.

Join ShipBob’s CMO & BigCommerce’s GM of Shipping as they dive into a discussion around shifting your operations from a cost center to a long-term revenue-driver.

What You’ll Get out of the Webinar:

  • The true cost the ‘Amazon Effect’ has on your business
  • How to leverage your fulfillment operations to drive sales
  • Common mistakes merchants make with shipping as they grow
  • Proven ways that shipping directly impacts your customer LTV