[Infographic] The State of E-Commerce: What You Should Know About Online Shoppers

If you have an online store, it can be overwhelming to stay in the know of ever-evolving consumer expectations. There are many trends to pay attention to if you wish to be successful, including where people shop, reasons for cart abandonment, actions taken to qualify for free shipping, return preferences, and much more. That’s why we created this infographic to show you where the industry is, where it’s heading, and how to navigate the e-commerce landscape. Check it out! ShipBob: The State of E-Commerce To view our sources, click here.

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Download the PDF version of the infographic here. These trends can no longer be ignored. Online businesses that strive to meet customer expectations will come out on top. If you want to cater to consumer preferences, ShipBob is here to help! Learn how you can offer affordable two-day shipping with integrated technology and a network of strategically located fulfillment centers.

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