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Growing an ecommerce store built on WordPress is an exciting feat, yet you might find that you’re unable to keep up with demand. Orders are shipped late, customers become unhappy, and you need to find more storage space and hire labor to keep up with the demand.

The retail fulfillment process takes a lot of time and money and distracts you from the day-to-day management of your ecommerce business. So how do you handle WordPress fulfillment in a way that helps grow your business, but doesn’t break the bank?

3PLs like ShipBob have best-in-class integrations with WooCommerce, a robust and growing fulfillment network, and the tools to help your business grow. Here we’ll cover how to work with a 3PL to grow your WordPress store and turn warehousing, logistics, and fulfillment into a revenue driver.

Ready to grow your WordPress store? ShipBob can help

Many online stores built on WordPress or WooCommerce have a lot of tools and supporting players working behind the scenes to provide the best experience. One commonly outsourced task is order fulfillment.

Partnering with a 3PL like ShipBob who handles warehousing, fulfillment services, and other important operations saves money in the long run and frees up time to focus on other areas of your business. Here’s why you should let ShipBob handle your WordPress fulfillment:

Compete against Amazon with 2-day shipping nationwide

Customers want their products delivered as quickly as possible. Amazon is the market leader, and many small and mid-sized businesses struggle to offer free or affordable 2-day shipping because of the costs and vast logistics network needed.

However, partnering with ShipBob lets you offer affordable 2-day ground shipping, helping you compete, provide a great experience, and ensure your customers don’t go elsewhere.

Minimize stockouts: insightful reorder points and stock audits

Your inventory is stored in ShipBob’s warehouses, and you can track stock levels from ShipBob’s merchant dashboard. With our easy-to-use technology, you can set reorder points to let you know when it’s time to re-order each SKU. This means no more stockouts or over-ordering.

Warehouses near your customers

With ShipBob, you get warehouses that touch every corner of the US and an ever-expanding network. If your customers are coast-to-coast, you can expand into additional fulfillment centers for reduced transit times and shipping costs. Orders are automatically sent to the warehouse closest to the customer.

You get to choose where to store your goods and we provide the inventory allocation recommendations with the data you need to make informed decisions.

Shipping discounts from all the big carriers

ShipBob partners with UPSUSPSFedEx, and DHL to cover all of your domestic and international shipping needs and has fulfillment centers across the globe. Because of these partnerships, ecommerce businesses working with ShipBob can save thousands a year on shipping costs.

Better shipping, with none of the hassle

If you’re running a WordPress store, you’re likely using WooCommerce to power it. With ShipBob, you can integrate your store with our software to pull in all of your product and order information for a streamlined WordPress fulfillment process.

1. Ship inventory to a ShipBob warehouse

Once you go through onboarding with ShipBob, you ship your inventory to a predetermined ShipBob warehouse (your manufacturer can send inventory directly) using our warehouse receiving order process. You can start with one fulfillment center location of your choice, and expand over time as it makes sense for your business.

2. A customer places an order

A customer makes an order and the order is sent to the warehouse with inventory closest to the shipping destination. You can track every stage of the fulfillment process, and your customers can track their order status.

3. ShipBob ships the order fast

No more printing labels, packing and driving to the post office. ShipBob takes care of everything (and even has a guaranteed a 2-day shipping program for the best WordPress fulfillment). Since 2-day shipping increases conversion rates, you’ll likely see more orders coming in or a higher AOV.

4. Grow

When you outsource WordPress fulfillment to ShipBob, you can increase efficiencies, sales, customers satisfaction, and scale your business in a smart way.

Fast-growing WordPress stores use ShipBob

Some of the fastest-growing and established WordPress stores have used ShipBob for WordPress fulfillment. ShipBob has thousands of customers across verticals who trust us for order fulfillment. Don’t just take our word for it.

Here’s what some customers have to say:

Easy integration

“Our store is on WooCommerce, which integrates well with ShipBob. I loved how easy it was to set up my products in the dashboard for all SKUs. I’ve already referred a friend and fellow founder to ShipBob, who already loves how easy the dashboard is to use, since he was using a 3PL’s technology that was less than ideal and very manual.”

Leonie Lynch, Founder & CEO of Juspy

Keeping focused on your mission

“ShipBob has been a great partner as we grow. Our focus is to grow our business, and that will not be achieved by packing up orders, sending out boxes, and dealing with enormous carriers like FedEx and UPS ourselves. That’s what ShipBob has mastered. We want to focus on engaging with our customers, building our community, and continually developing new products that keep pace with customer needs. ShipBob lets us do just that.”

Pablo Gabatto, Business Operations Manager at Ample Foods

Getting your life back

“I was leashed to my label printer and my house to fulfill orders constantly. Now I’m free. To say that switching to ShipBob has been life-changing is an understatement. Thinking big picture, it was an incremental cost for me to ultimately sell a lot more. My business has tripled and I got my life back.”

Anastasia Allison, Founder of Kula Cloth

Integrate with ShipBob in minutes

ShipBob helps with WooCommerce and WordPress fulfillment by exceeding customer expectations with faster, more affordable shipping. ShipBob’s software integrates with WooCommerce to automate order fulfillment and inventory management for a more streamlined process.

Here’s how to outsource WordPress fulfillment to ShipBob:

1. Connect your WooCommerce store with a few clicks

ShipBob integrates with WooCommerce, making it possible for you to link your store with the click of a button. You can then import your products and orders. There’s no development work needed! It’s one of the easiest options for WooCommerce shipping.

2. Store inventory and ship orders from major US cities

ShipBob has fulfillment centers in major US markets in all pockets of the country, including Los AngelesChicagoDallas, and much more. Storing inventory and shipping from multiple fulfillment centers near your customers can reduce shipping costs and transit times.

3. Have orders automatically fulfilled by ShipBob

When you connect your WordPress store to ShipBob, the staff at our fulfillment centers will receive the order. ShipBob automatically routes the order to the fulfillment center that can ship it to your customer in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

4. Install ShipBob 2-Day Express

ShipBob has a WordPress ecommerce shipping plugin called ShipBob Express Rates exclusively for merchants that use ShipBob’s fulfillment services. This enables a 2-Day Express shipping option to provide an Amazon-like shipping experience.

ShipBob’s guaranteed 2-Day Express Shipping Program enables 2-day shipping to all of your customers in the continental US across all of your platforms. By leveraging ground shipping services along with UPS 2-day air, you can now offer 2-day shipping at prices lower than expedited shipping to all zip codes in the continental US. Learn more here.

5. Send shipping information back to customers

ShipBob’s technology lets you view the status of each order as it moves from processing to shipping. Once an order ships, ShipBob automatically sends a confirmation back to your WooCommerce store, so your customers receive the order tracking information and stay updated throughout the delivery process.

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