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Creating a positive experience for your customers and cultivating brand loyalty can’t be more difficult for ecommerce sales than retail. You don’t have the physical location or the person-to-person interactions that often shape the customer experience.  That’s why ecommerce shipping one of the most important touch points that customers have with your business.

How quickly customers can get their products, the shipping costs, and the unboxing experience are all critical to how a customer will assess your business (and determine whether they’ll come back or not).

But shipping is also often neglected and overlooked, or seen as just a logistical challenge to be dealt with. Many businesses turn to a 3PL to take this burden off their hands. And ShipBob is a 3PL that can do much more.

You might be looking for a Raleigh fulfilment centre, but what if there’s a different approach that reduces inventory carrying costs and lets you offer faster deliveries? This is what ShipBob’s distributed inventory model can do for you.

With ShipBob you can use multiple fulfilment centres across the US instead of one at home, and store your products in close proximity to your customers to shorten shipping distances and costs.

By optimising your shipping like this you can reduce costs by eliminating the need to ship to the highest zones and pass this savings along to your customers. Keep reading to find out what else we can do for your business.

Customer Quote

Hear from a ShipBob customer on how partnering with ShipBob helped her meet customer expectations.

“One of my first customers was an ecommerce influencer, and he left a raving review about the checkout experience in his newsletter. An hour after ordering, he had already received an email saying his order had shipped. If I was fulfiling orders myself, it would have taken much longer. This was the perfect example of ShipBob working how it should, automatically sending my customers everything they needed.”

Tracey Wallace, Founder of Doris Sleep

ShipBob’s order fulfilment services for Raleigh-based ecommerce businesses

Here’s a quick summary of ShipBob’s fulfilment process:

  • Sync your store: Connect your store to ShipBob’s technology in a few minutes without any coding required.
  • Send us your products: Ship your inventory to different ShipBob fulfilment centres based on where your customers live.
  • Your store sends over orders: ShipBob is notified with a picking list when orders are placed.
  • Let ShipBob fulfil: The order is picked, packed, and shipped, packing slip included.
  • Automate ecommerce order tracking: The customer is sent tracking info and kept in the know.

ShipBob also provides you with a host of powerful tools for managing and optimising order fulfilment. Here are a few examples.

Distributed inventory

The longer distance a package must travel to reach its destination, the more it costs to ship. Distributed inventory shortens these shipping distances, and thus reduces costs. The result? You can save on shipping while delivering products faster. A win-win!

Proprietary software that optimises your shipping

It takes more than using multiple fulfilment centres to optimise your shipping. ShipBob has proprietary technology that powers its fulfilment centres and used by merchants that routes orders placed online to the fulfilment centre that’s closest to your customer. Picking lists are automatically generated for that fulfilment centre, and our fulfilment professionals take it from there.

ShipBob’s dashboard: centralised order, inventory, and data management

Your ShipBob dashboard has all the info you need on your orders and inventory tracking. Centralising this information also enables much more effective data analysis and decision-making. You can forecast inventory by tracking critical metrics and purchasing trends, all with ease from your dashboard.

The unique value ShipBob offers Raleigh ecommerce businesses

If you’re not offering the fastest, most affordable shipping options possible, then you’ll be at a competitive disadvantage with any business that does. ShipBob can instantly provide you with the infrastructure, manpower, resources, and technology to offer your customers the best shipping options.

Ship fast to customers across the US

Storing inventory in multiple locations across the US makes it easier to reach your customer base regardless of where they live. Health and wellness brand Synchro partnered with ShipBob and was able to offer 2-day shipping to 80% of their entire customer base. Synchro now ships 3,000+ orders per month through ShipBob.

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Stop spending time packing boxes

Ecommerce businesses usually don’t have time or manpower to spare. Partner with ShipBob and you can get back to the important parts of your business like strategy, marketing, and product development. Sunglasses brand Rainbow OPTX was spending a staggering 20 hours per day packing boxes. Once they outsourced to ShipBob they were able to allocate their time and manpower more efficiently, en route to 115% growth.

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Scale your business faster

As long as you are fulfiling orders in-house, your shipping capacity will be limited. Outsource fulfilment to ShipBob and you’ll have the infrastructure and resources to keep up with order volume no matter how fast you’re growing. Menswear brand Brummell Co. partnered with ShipBob for their holiday launch and went on to sell 5,000 units in the first month.

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ShipBob’s integrations

As your business grows, you’ll need a 3PL that can grow with you. ShipBob is integrated with top ecommerce solutions and plugs seamlessly into your tech stack, so you can enrich your packaging, marketing, inventory, and more. Here are some of our partners.

Ecommerce platforms

Shipping platforms & couriers


Design inserts and custom-branded packaging with our partners:

Is your Raleigh-based ecommerce business ready to outsource order fulfilment?

The right time to outsource ecommerce fulfilment is different for each business. Some businesses need more warehousing space, better order and inventory management systems, or a more efficient and accurate fulfilment process.

Other businesses simply want to enhance their shipping capacity: reduce shipping costs, shipping distances, and transit times. If you are currently using a Raleigh fulfilment warehouse and find yourself paying a premium when shipping internationally or even to the West Coast, then a global 3PL with multiple fulfilment centres can be very beneficial.
Any of this sound familiar? Then it might be time to outsource fulfilment.

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