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Ecommerce accounting can be complicated due to the fact that ecommerce inventory levels are constantly moving. For growing ecommerce businesses, manually keeping track of inventory, rather than implementing an inventory accounting system, can be time-consuming and stressful, especially during tax season.

To optimise workflows and improve accounting accuracy, it’s important to find a way to streamline and automate your inventory accounting operations, which can be achieved by integrating your inventory and accounting systems. 

What is inventory integration?

Inventory integration refers to the process of optimising and streamline an inventory management system with accounting software, as well as other solutions that power your ecommerce tech stack, such as order fulfilment

Accurate inventory and accounting systems

Integrating your accounting and inventory management systems is a strategic move that can dramatically optimise your ecommerce supply chain. Through integrations, your company can match the specifics of financial reports with items that are physically in your inventory.

ShipBob brings real benefits to your inventory accounting

ShipBob offers direct integrations with leading inventory and accounting solutions to complement your workflow by providing real-time data and the ability to manage it all from one dashboard. Here is what ShipBob offers: 

1. Optimises inventory management and finances

Inventory management is a balancing act, with business owners unsure if they’re overstocked or overspending while managing large amounts of inventory.  ShipBob is an order fulfilment solution that has inventory management software built in. Merchants get the tools, guidance, and reporting necessary to efficiently manage their inventory across multiple stores and ShipBob’s fulfilment centres.

ShipBob’s integrated software helps businesses track inventory levels in real time and the ability to set automatic reorder notification points to prevent stockouts

2. Optimises and minimises labour costs

Inventory tracking is an integral part of optimising the supply chain and reducing labour costs. With useful data and analytics concerning manufacturing lead times, your facility’s receiving timelines, and consumer demand, your company can determine accurate reorder points. By using ShipBob’s inventory management system, you can track fulfilment performance and shipping insights to get insights on what parts of the supply chain need to be optimised or improved. 

3. Instant and reliable financial reports

ShipBob understands that all companies need to balance out their inventory with accounting and that’s why using an integrated inventory system makes this process easier with fewer delays and inaccuracies. With ShipBob’s advanced data and analytics tool, business owners can gain insight into key figures such as shipping expenditure, profitability by order, and how much the average consumer spends on your store.

How to get started with ShipBob’s inventory management integration

Optimising inventory and accounting management begins when you partner up with ShipBob. To take full advantage of our inventory management integration, follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Get in touch

The first step is to get in touch with our fulfilment experts! Contact our team now by requesting a quote for your brand.

Step 2: Integrate your store with ShipBob

From ShipBob’s app store, you can access all integrations built by us and external parties. For ShipBob-built applications, integrations can be done through our central dashboard, whereas for third-party integrations you’ll need to follow the partner website’s instructions. For comprehensive guidelines on how to integrate your store, visit our integration support page.

Step 3: Send us your inventory

After integrating your store with ShipBob, it’s time to send your inventory over to ShipBob so we can store it in one of our many fulfilment centres across the US and internationally. 

Step 4: Use our inventory tools

With ShipBob, your brand has access to many useful tools for inventory management and inventory forecasting. ShipBob’s industry-leading inventory management software lets business owners check inventory counts at each distribution centre, and easily set automatic reorder points to monitor stock levels. In addition, there are no extra fees for using ShipBob’s software. ShipBob also partners with leading inventory solutions to help you further optimise your inventory management process. 

ShipBob integrates easily with all leading ecommerce platforms

ShipBob integrates with popular ecommerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and others with ease. While ShipBob has built-in inventory management software, we also integrated with tools like Inventory Planner, Cin7, Zentail, and more, in addition to our ecommerce platform integrations listed below.


Shopify is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms and integrates seamlessly with ShipBob.


WooCommerce merchants can take advantage of ShipBob’s software for inventory and accounting integration, providing merchants with on-demand financial reports, real-time inventory tracking, and more.


You can integrate your BigCommerce store with ShipBob with just a few clicks. Business owners can then forecast demand and monitor inventory levels right from ShipBob’s central dashboard.


ShipBob’s software helps Wix retailers track inventory levels and determine accurate reorder points.


Integrating your Squarespace store with ShipBob provides you with the opportunity to track the entirety of the fulfilment process right from our dashboard. This includes real-time inventory forecasting and tracking.


Square stores can be integrated with ShipBob effortlessly, providing you with the necessary tools for inventory tracking and forecasting.


The key to supply chain optimisation is to establish a seamless flow of business operations with maximum productivity. Integrating your inventory and accounting systems is a step in the right direction, and can be achieved effortlessly thanks to ShipBob’s best-in-class software.
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Which software is best for inventory management?

There are several inventory management solutions on the market, but ShipBob’s fulfilment software provides you with all the necessary inventory management tools needed to track inventory levels in real time. 

How do you keep track of inventory?

There are several ways to keep track of inventory. One way is to do it manually using spreadsheets and conduct inventory audits frequently. A more efficient way is to integrate an inventory management solution that automates the process. 

Does ShipBob integrate with Shopify?

Yes, ShipBob integrates seamlessly with your Shopify store. All you have to do is select ‘Quick Setup’ from our central dashboard, click ‘Store Integration’, and then choose Shopify from the dropdown menu.