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To get your products on Walmart shelves, your store needs to comply with Walmart’s EDI requirements. ShipBob’s B2B Fulfilment Suite is powered by leading EDI providers, and offers you the turnkey EDI integration you need to start selling through the world’s largest retailer.

Through ShipBob’s retail dropshipping and retail distribution capabilities, you can automate fulfilment for Walmart orders, translate and communicate information and documents according to Walmart’s standards, and unlock omnichannel efficiency for your business

Become Walmart EDI-compliant with ShipBob’s B2B Fulfilment Suite

As a Walmart-approved service provider integrated with market-leading EDI providers, ShipBob meets Walmart’s unique EDI compliance guidelines to automate shipping and fulfilment for your business’ Walmart orders. Specifically, ShipBob supports:

  • ANSI X12, UCS, and VICS formatting standards
  • AS2 communication security protocol
  • Document translation and communication capabilities

This allows you to bypass the complexities of setting up EDI on your own, and achieve Walmart EDI compliance with ease — along with other benefits.

No fees

We know how complicated EDI-enabled orders can be, which is why we are paving the way for transparent wholesale fulfilment pricing that is easy to understand.

When you partner with ShipBob, there are:

  • No one-time or monthly EDI integration fees
  • No hidden compliance or hourly fees
  • No monthly platform or technology fees
  • Easy line item invoices per order

A single source of truth

ShipBob’s cloud-based EDI solution is reliable, easily accessible, and provides all stakeholders with end-to-end visibility. 

ShipBob lets you manage EDI-automated online and/or in-store Walmart order fulfilment through one easy-to-use web-based dashboard, to help you keep things simple.

Constant innovation

As new advancements in B2B and EDI change the retail fulfilment landscape, you’ll want a partner that can keep up. 

ShipBob is always developing new initiatives to improve our  B2B fulfilment services, from adding retailer integrations, to B2B order lot detail editing, to real-time data syncing and tracking capabilities.

EDI transactions supported by ShipBob

Whether you want to sell your goods directly to Walmart or sell DTC through Walmart Marketplace, ShipBob’s got you covered. ShipBob’s EDI integration with Walmart enables both retail distribution and retail dropshipping, so that you can get your products in front of the largest possible audience.

Retail distribution

In retail distribution, merchants or suppliers sell their products to a retailer, which then either fulfil orders for their end customers, or place the inventory in physical storefront locations. 

ShipBob supports retail distribution to Walmart stores across the US. Powered by EDI integrations with SPS Commerce, LogicBroker, and Cymbio, ShipBob’s retail distribution solution automates order management and enables third-party shipping — all according to Walmart’s EDI compliance guidelines. 

Retail dropshipping

ShipBob offers an automated solution for product fulfilment that allows merchants to fulfil orders from retailer websites. We offer direct integrations with select EDI vendors to connect with retailers like Walmart and automate order management and third-party fulfilment. 

When you decide dropshipping is right for your business, the ShipBob team will provide you with a customised solution for connecting your EDI provider to ShipBob and Walmart.

Connect your business with more leading retailers

With ShipBob, you can onboard new retailers in a matter of weeks versus months. ShipBob is EDI compliant with leading retailers besides Walmart, including Target, Neiman Marcus, Macy’s, and Nordstrom. With dozens of retailing partners to integrate with and new integrations being added weekly, ShipBob is an omnichannel retail solution that’s compatible wherever you sell.

Manage Walmart order fulfilment with ShipBob

Selling through Walmart opens up a world of opportunity for your business, with new customers, increased brand awareness, and more sales. With ShipBob as your global omnifulfillment partner across your B2B and DTC ecommerce channels, your business can finally scale with the speed and ease the ecommerce industry expects. 

By handing over retail dropshipping & distribution to an approved Walmart partner, you save yourself the hassle of navigating EDI requirements, and gain more time through automated fulfilment and shipping.

Through ShipBob’s EDI fulfilment integration, you’ll be able to sync purchase orders, standardize and communicate documentation, and more — all while multichannel inventory movement, performance analytics, and real-time order tracking is available via ShipBob’s dashboard.  

To learn more about ShipBob’s B2B Fulfilment Suite or other services, click here to speak with a fulfilment expert.

Walmart EDI FAQs

Here are some common questions about Walmart and EDI.

What is EDI compliance?

EDI (or “electronic data interchange”) is a combination of both systems and processes that give retailers the capacity to exchange documents and transactions with their suppliers, vendors, and brands in a standard electronic format.

When a merchant is “EDI compliant”, they have software or integrations that enable their business to send documents to and receive documents from their retail partners, according to that retailer’s specific requirements.

Why do businesses need to be EDI compliant?

Businesses need to be EDI compliant if they want to sell their products to a retail partner, or if they want to sell their products to consumers via a retail partner’s online ecommerce store. EDI simplifies, streamlines and (in some cases) automates document translation and communication, which speeds up the retail fulfilment processes while preventing mistakes.

How do you become Walmart EDI compliant?

To become Walmart EDI compliant, a merchant must obtain access to the retail link; read, follow and understand all the available documentation; choose a preferred computer software, install it, and complete all the internal testings; obtain the GEM mailbox and the upload/download security certificate; and complete applicability statement 2 (AS2) testing. 

Alternatively, a merchant can partner with ShipBob, which is an approved EDI service provider for Walmart. Our EDI integration enables retail distribution and retail dropshipping for Walmart as well as other leading retailers.

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