How to Choose the Best Courier For Your Business: DPD vs. Hermes

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If your business operates out of the United Kingdom or regularly ships orders from the UK, you may be wondering which courier is the best option for you: Dynamic Parcel Distribution (DPD) or Evri (previously known as Hermes).

Researching which courier is right for you can be daunting, especially when you have to consider various nuances like shipping cost, transit speed, location of origin, shipping location, the type of product you’re shipping, and more.

You’ll want to vet these two courier options before committing, as each one offers varying benefits and cost options.

In this article, we dive into the differences between DPD and Evri, and also see how a 3PL can help you ship more efficiently.

We’ll also explore how ShipBob’s delivery and courier connections give ecommerce businesses the ability to get shipments to their customers in an effective and cost-efficient manner.

DPD vs. Evri (Hermes): simplified

Off the bat, you might have several questions about DPD and Evri.

First, is Hermes Evri? Yes, it is. Hermes was rebranded in March 2022 and is now known as Evri.

Next, you might be wondering which courier is best. That question is more difficult to answer. It really depends on what your retail transport needs are. It’s important to note that the biggest difference between DPD and Evri (formerly Hermes) is that DPD is usually preferred for shipping higher-value or larger parcels.

Here is a comparison table outlining the key features & characteristics of each courier:

Biggest dedicated parcel delivery company in the UKEurope’s largest parcel delivery network and best parcel delivery in the UK
Ranks very low in terms of customer trust and service qualityIdeal for shipping higher-value or physically heavier/larger orders
Offers more value for money and great bulk shipping deals for international couriersIncluded in the shipping costs are parcel tracking (from ship date to delivery) and proof of delivery
Offers Saturday delivery serviceOffers delivery on Saturday and Sunday

A breakdown of DPD services

If you are looking for a parcel delivery company to transport larger and more expensive items, DPD is the recommended choice. Their “Predict” interactive notifications service keeps customers informed of their parcel’s exact delivery time.

Furthermore, DPD offers various delivery options and exceptional customer service, making them a top choice in the industry.

It’s worth noting that DPD local and DPD differ in their suitability for businesses with smaller shipping volumes and domestic shipments within the UK.

International coverage

DPD International Express enables you to ship within the EU in just 1 to 2 days on average.

For those needing to send goods beyond Europe, DPD provides prompt transit using commercial or cargo flights. This service includes online tracking, £459.57 of insurance coverage, and pick up from the consignor. 

In addition to DPD International Express, DPD offers a range of other international shipping experiences such as:

International serviceShipping Timeline
DPD Air Classic2 to 5 business days
DPD Direct3 to 8 business days
DPD International Mail Priority2 to 7 days within Europe and 6 to10 days to the rest of the world
DPD International Mail Standard7 to 14 days within Europe and 14 to 21 days to the rest of the world

European coverage

Are you looking to expand your ecommerce into other parts of Europe? DPD Classic allows for Europe-wide shipping in 10 working days through road transport, depending on the destination. 

This service includes live tracking, delivery prediction notifications, £459.57 of insurance coverage, and pick up from the consignor.

In addition to DPD Classic, there are express delivery options available for urgent shipments within the UK, such as:

ServiceDelivery Time
DPD 8:30Next-business-day delivery by 8:30 AM
DPD 10:00Next-business-day delivery by 10:00 AM
DPD 12:00Next-business-day delivery by 12:00 PM
DPD 18:00Next-business-day delivery by 6:00 PM

Cost per shipment

DPD charges £22.23 per consignment for next day delivery of 1 kg parcels shipped within England, Scotland, and Wales.

In the table below, we have listed the shipping costs based on the delivery time, weight, and dimensions of the goods.

Premium bag for items weighing up to 5kgs
By 10:30£23.47 to £26.99 per parcel
By 12:00£16.58 to £20.10 per parcel
Next Day£9.68 to £13.19 per parcel
Saturday and Sunday Surcharge£26.24 to £36.68 per parcel
Parcels – For a single item weighing up to 30kg or up to 1 meter in length
By 10:30£36.04 per consignment (inclusive of first 10kg) + £0.87 per kg
By 12:00£29.14 per consignment (inclusive of first 10kg) + £0.87 per kg
Next Day£22.23 per consignment (inclusive of first 10kg) + £0.71 per kg
Saturday and Sunday Surcharge£38.66 per consignment (inclusive of first 10kg) + £0.71 per kg
Freight – for a single item weighing between 31 and 350kg
By 10:30£60.57 per consignment (inclusive of first 31kg) + £0.89 per kg
By 12:00£49.36 per consignment (inclusive of first 31kg) + £0.89 per kg 
Next Day£42.46 per consignment (inclusive of first 31kg) + £0.89 per kg
Saturday and Sunday Surcharge£67.67 per consignment (inclusive of first 31kg) + £0.89 per kg

When opting for DPD Classic, the consignment rate for the first 5 kgs ranges from £35.47 to £56.70. Retailers are required to pay £2.09 to £4.75 for every additional kilo thereafter.

International serviceRates
DPD Air ClassicEuropean destinations: £98.46 to £120.90 (up to 30 kgs), depending on the zone 
Non-European destinations: £54.56 to £79.86 (up to 30 kgs), depending on the zone 

DPD Air Express
European destinations: £51.23 to £60.54 (up to 0.5 kgs), depending on the zone 
Non-European destinations: £64.11 to £93.99 (up to 0.5 kgs), depending on the zone 

All these rates have been sourced from DPD’s tariff card. And keep in mind that their delivery rates are exempt from VAT when comparing rates with other couriers.

Insurance options

DPD offers various shipping options, but most include liability fees that can go up to £459.57. If your SKUs are worth more than that, you should purchase higher shipping insurance

For DPD Classic, extended insurance is charged at 1% of the value of goods, providing a maximum coverage of £5,000 per consignment. 

DPD Air Classic and DPD Air Express have a standard liability of $100 per parcel. Here too, insurance can be extended by paying an extra (1% of the value of the consignment).

Delivery policy

When transporting goods via DPD, here are some aspects of the shipping policy to be aware of: 

  • By accepting DPD’s services, the customer understands and agrees that DPD will not conduct any age verification upon delivery. 
  • Depending on the destination of delivery and/or the service, DPD may impose additional restrictions or require certain documents for shipping goods.
  • For more information on DPD’s policies, including the handling of unclaimed and undelivered goods, liability for loss and damage, and delay of goods, click here.

A breakdown of Hermes services

Evri UK, previously known as Hermes, is the largest parcel delivery company in the UK that specializes in providing parcel delivery solutions. 

The courier has established partnerships with 80% of the UK’s leading retail brands, which translates to over 650 million parcels delivered annually. 

International coverage

Evri ships to 190 countries worldwide, within 3 to 7 working days, via door-to-door courier collection and parcel dropoff. Parcels weighing up to 15 kg, and up to 115 cm in length, can be shipped with complete tracking and free coverage of up to £20.

Hermes has tied up with 18,000+ courier drivers, with their own vehicles, globally to offer door-to-door collections or deliveries. Or drop off customer orders at any of the 4,500 Hermes ParcelShops across the UK.

European coverage

When Hermes ships to Denmark, Finland, or Sweden, Evri UK only allows for delivery to the nearest post office or local shop, not the recipient’s address. The shipping time is 3 to 7 working days, depending on the distance between origin and destination.

DestinationPrice (inc. VAT) of shipping a small parcel

*This information was sourced from Evri’s website

Cost per shipment

The Evri next day delivery cost ranges between £3.20 and £10.97, depending on the parcel’s weight and the pick up and delivery mode.

Here are the costs of shipping with delivery to a home or work address:

Parcel weightParcelShop or Locker drop offCourier collection
Postable (Under 1kg)Next Day: £3.29 Standard: £2.70
Under 1kgNext Day: £3.68 Standard: £2.99Standard: £3.98
1kg to 2kgNext Day: £5.28 Standard: £4.44Standard: £5.44
2kg to 5kgNext Day: £6.96 Standard: £5.96Standard: £6.95
5kg to 10kgNext Day: £7.36 Standard: £6.36Standard: £7.36
10kg to 15kgNext Day: £10.97 Standard: £9.28Standard: £10.27

Here are the costs of shipping with delivery to a ParcelShop:

WeightStandardNext Day
Postable (Under 1kg)£2.62£3.20
Under 1kg£2.78£3.47
1kg to 2kg£3.88£4.72
2kg to 5kg£5.58£6.58
5kg to 10kg£6.16£7.16
10kg to 15kg£9.08£10.76

* Both tables are from the official Evri website.

Insurance options

Standard delivery of goods comes with a free cover of up to £20. It’s the same for Europe-wide shipments. You can boost the coverage amount to £1,000 by paying an extra premium if needed. 

Prohibited items, some non-compensation items, and postable parcels aren’t covered.

Delivery policy

  • In case of issues with delivering your parcel, Evri will make two additional attempts. And in case all three attempts fail, the courier company will return to the sender’s address. 
  • Evri doesn’t take responsibility for the loss or damage of non-compensation items or electrical or electronic equipment.
  • Evri will not deliver goods on its prohibited items list.
  • For more information on Evri’s policies, including the timelines for next day and standard delivery and process flows in case of delivery exceptions, click here.

DPD vs. Evri: who to choose

DPD ranks high in terms of partner and customer trust. It is also a much better option for international parcel delivery (for example, when shipping from US to UK) as compared to Evri. Evri on the other hand, is better suited for within-UK delivery.

For luxury or high-value products that need to be shipped internationally (let’s say freight shipping to China) you could use DPD. It is also very useful for urgent parcels since it has Saturday and Sunday delivery options.

If you’re looking for cheaper ship options or bulk delivery, you can opt for Hermes.

ShipBob connects you with a powerful courier network

If you’re looking for a fulfilment partner in the United Kingdom, consider ShipBob. We offer an extensive network of couriers and carrier partnerships that are available to all of our merchants. 

You’re able to avoid shipping mistakes because ShipBob helps you bridge the gap between inventory management and warehouse logistics. Our delivery management solutions ensure that your customers get their orders delivered to their doorsteps on time, every time.

With ShipBob you also gain access to extremely efficient services like last-mile delivery, white-glove delivery, and more.

We understand that accurate, real-time data helps you optimise your logistics, so we track metrics like OTIF, fill rate, inventory turnover, and more in our robust analytics dashboard. We also offer regular carrier updates for disruption-free shipping.

Get started with ShipBob

If you’re looking for a fulfilment partner for your UK-based business (or a 3PL that fulfils orders internationally), connect with the ShipBob team to learn more about our solution.

DPD vs. Evri (Hermes) FAQs

Below are answers to the most common questions about DPD and Evri. 

What is the main difference between DPD and Hermes?

There are a few major differences between the two couriers. DPD has a stronger international reach, better reputation among customers, and is a better option for heavy and high-value shipments.

Evri (formerly known as Hermes) is best known for its strong UK footprint. It also has a much more affordable courier option for wholesale shipping.

What is Evri?

Evri is a parcel delivery and courier company that has partnerships with 18,000 courier drivers. It started 50 years ago as a mail order company called Hermes. In 2022, Hermes was rebranded as Evri.

Is Evri the same thing as Hermes? 

Yes, Evri was previously known as Hermes. Hermes was rebranded as Evri in May 2022.  

Should consumers use DPD or Hermes?

Choose Hermes for transporting goods in bulk or cheap. Meanwhile, DPD is a good urgent transport of expensive goods.

What’s the best courier option for international shipping?

Some of the best courier options for international shipping are DPD, FedEx, DHL, and UPS.  Even during the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown, ShipBob worked with these parcel delivery firms to keep delivering your online shopping orders. Check out coronavirus updates here.

How can I ship internationally and quickly from the UK?

To quickly ship cross-border, from the UK even during peak shipping season, choose the next day delivery option offered by parcel delivery firms such as DPD, FedEx, & UPS. For shipping within the UK Parcel Force, Yodel, and Royal Mail are good options.

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