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Order fulfillment is an area of ecommerce that many businesses struggle with. Most ecommerce businesses got into the industry to sell a product they’re passionate about, and not to deal with the ins and outs of logistics operations. But, fulfillment is also one of the most important factors that will determine the success of an ecommerce company. 

Everything from shipping cost and speed to having enough inventory to prevent stockouts depends on a streamlined fulfillment strategy. Fulfillment is also particularly important for businesses that ship internationally, since there are greater challenges associated with getting your packages through customs. This is where a third-party logistics (3PL) partner can help.

A 3PL can take the various components of fulfillment off your hands, save you time, and streamline your shipping strategy. ShipBob is a best-in-class fulfillment and logistics provider with fulfillment centers locations across the globe, so you can reach customers from Los Angeles to Rome with ease. 

With a robust and fast-growing fulfillment network, ShipBob makes it easy to distribute inventory, which allows you to store your inventory in multiple fulfillment centers in different locations based on where your customers live. That means your packages cross fewer shipping zones and you get more affordable, faster shipping, regardless of where your customers live. 

“When I found out ShipBob was expanding into both Canada and Europe, I knew we wanted to expand our physical footprint with them. This would offer us the ability to reduce taxes and tariffs that come with international shipping. Now, Canadian-based orders will see a large reduction in shipping costs.”

Nikolai Paloni, Co-Founder of Ombraz Sunglasses

Ecommerce order fulfillment in Rome

Interested in shipping to customers in Rome? ShipBob’s international fulfillment capabilities makes it easy. Here’s how ShipBob works:

  • Get started by connecting your store to ShipBob’s platform. This doesn’t require any programming or coding and can be completed quickly. 
  • Check your data and determine where your customers live.
  • Choose the ShipBob fulfillment centers closest to your customers, and ship your inventory to those fulfillment centers.
  • ShipBob is notified when orders are placed at your store, picking lists are auto-generated at our fulfillment center, and our team picks, packs, and ships the order.
  • You and the customer receive tracking info on the order. 

Bulk international shipping discounts

ShipBob partners with top mail carriers and negotiates shipping rates, so you can pass the savings off to your customers. For instance, if you want to reach customers in Rome, you can bulk ship your inventory to our European fulfillment center at a discounted price. We’ll then ship your products from there. That way, not every order has to pass through customs. 

Full transparency into orders & inventory

ShipBob’s platform comes with built-in order and inventory management software that allows you to closely track inventory levels at each location, view order status in real-time, identify slow-moving inventory, set reorder points to avoid stockouts, and much more. You can also manage subscriptions, make changes to your orders post-purchase, map your store’s shipping options to ShipBob, and automatically share tracking information with your customers.

Distributed inventory

If you want to ship orders to Rome-based customers but you operate outside of Italy, you can bulk ship your inventory to ShipBob’s Ireland fulfillment center, and we’ll ship to Rome from there. If you also have US-based customers, we have a robust network of fulfillment centers nationwide. The more shipping zones a package must travel through to reach its destination, the more expensive it will be to ship. Distributing inventory is a great way to expand your customer reach while keeping shipping costs low.

Picking the best 3PL for Rome fulfillment

Scaling an ecommerce company can be a challenging endeavor — especially if you’re trying to expand internationally. ShipBob can help you get started with international fulfillment, so you can focus on more important tasks like product development, marketing, and customer service.

Speed up growth

Retail fulfillment is often one of the factors holding businesses back from growth, since it encompasses various time-consuming and complex logistical challenges. Many of our partners experience rapid growth once they’re able to offer more affordable, faster shipping. For example, men’s grooming company BAKblade grew 291% in 3 years by using 5 ShipBob fulfillment centers to lower their shipping costs and speed up deliveries. 

“As we’ve grown internationally and in our general order volume, we’ve seen satisfaction go up. ShipBob was a key player and significant partner in helping manage what became unmanageable when we were shipping orders out ourselves.”

Matt Dryfhout, Founder & CEO of BAKblade

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Improve cart abandonment

High shipping costs are one of the biggest causes of cart abandonment. One of the easiest ways to improve your conversion rates is to offer lower shipping rates. With ShipBob, founder of My Calm Blanket was able to see a significant reduction in cart abandonment.

“With ShipBob’s 2-Day Express Program, we’ve seen an 18% reduction in cart abandonment.”

Founder of My Calm Blanket

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Ship all over the world

ShipBob has helped ecommerce brands ship to thousands of customers on every continent. We understand the intricacies of international shipping and can help you ship internationally at a more affordable cost. Our European fulfillment center allows us to ship to customers in Rome affordably and quickly, so each package doesn’t have to cross the Atlantic to get there.

How to know when you’re ready to outsource fulfillment

There’s no one “right” time to outsource fulfillment. Instead, you have to consider the various components of fulfillment and determine whether they are holding you back from growth. A 3PL can take these processes off your hands and let your business thrive without having to worry about inventory management, order management, or the pick, pack and ship process.

Here are some common problems that a 3PL can solve for you. If any of these sound familiar, it might be time to outsource fulfillment.

  • Your business is growing too fast and your fulfillment team can’t keep up with new orders. 
  • You want to expand to customers in Italy (or the rest of Europe) but don’t have the time, energy, or resources to manage international fulfillment.
  • You want faster or more affordable shipping, but don’t have the infrastructure to make it happen. 
  • Your business has seasonal influxes in orders and you need help for certain times of the year.

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