How to Choose a 3PL for Your E-Commerce Business

Learn which questions to ask a potential 3PL to find a partner you can trust to help your e-commerce business grow.

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State of E-Commerce

Stay on top of the latest online shopping trends and better navigate the e-commerce landscape with this infographic.

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Inventory Distribution Calculator

Enter order history into this template to learn the optimal fulfillment center locations for your e-commerce business.

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Complete Crowdfunding Fulfillment Guide

Learn how to master crowdfunding fulfillment for your backer rewards to save money and build customer loyalty.

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Transform Your Logistics

Learn if distributing your inventory across multiple fulfillment locations is beneficial for your business.

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Distributed Inventory

Learn how distributed inventory can save your business time and money.

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Interior Define

Hear from Interior Define on how ShipBob’s technology and fulfillment services have helped them grow their business to what it is today.

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Creepy Co.

Hear how working with ShipBob allows Creepy Co. to focus on strategic initiatives to grow their business without worrying about the hassle of fulfillment.

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Hear why Bierstick uses ShipBob’s order fulfillment software and services to manage and ship orders that are placed on their website.

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Learn how Lume Deodorant chose ShipBob to handle order fulfillment and ended up with a partner in tackling unexpected challenges.

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Learn how baKblade simplified e-commerce order fulfillment by partnering with ShipBob, resulting in zero customer complaints and quick deliveries.

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Learn about BRIK, a fast-growing e-commerce company that was in need of a scalable 3PL provider with the best-in-class software.

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