Miva: How to Set Up Ecommerce Shipping with ShipBob

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The best thing about starting an ecommerce business is you have access to several different ecommerce platforms on the market. Each platform provides different features and capabilities that fit a brand’s unique needs.

Miva is a flexible ecommerce platform that is gaining popularity. If you’re considering Miva as your ecommerce platform, read on to learn about to integrate your fulfillment and shipping to create an end-to-end ecommerce solution.

What is Miva?

Miva is an ecommerce platform that focuses on modern design and modern ecommerce functionality. Miva is a great option for mid-size to enterprise ecommerce brands that need a sophisticated ecommerce solution to manage a large product catalog.

What Miva provides for modern businesses

Miva offers everything you need to manage your ecommerce site, from multi-channel marketing to returns management. Here is an overview of the features Miva provides.

Easy inventory management for many SKUs

Managing inventory can be a time-consuming tasks, especially when you have a vast catalog of products. Miva simplifies the inventory management process by making it easy to manage a large volume of SKUs from one dashboard.

High-volume order processing

Miva’s enhanced order processing system is capable of processing large volumes of orders. You also have full control over your orders with the ability to cancel items, split, and mark items as being on back order.

Cloud-based hosting

Because Miva is a cloud-based platform, you can make updates to your website on demand, as well as track inventory and orders in real time. This allows you full visibility into all orders and inventory in real time.

Miva handles your ecommerce, ShipBob handles your shipping

Miva is a great option for your online store, but what about logistics? ShipBob can help you streamline your shipping strategy by integrating ShipStation with Miva or OrderDesk with Miva to access ShipBob’s fulfillment solution. Click here for more information on ShipStations’s Miva integration, or click here for more information on OrderDesk’s Miva integration.

Fast shipping

ShipBob offers multiple fulfillment center locations, which gives you the the ability to offer affordable 2-day shipping via ground to customers. This way, you can stay competitive and meet customer demand keeping shipping costs down while speeding up transit times.

Return management

ShipBob can help you manage ecommerce returns by processing and reintegrate your returned products back into your supply chain to optimize your fulfillment.

Warehousing and inventory management

ShipBob provides receiving and warehousing services, as well as built-in inventory management software that allows you to closely track inventory levels at each location, view order status in real-time, identify slow-moving inventory, set reorder points to avoid stockouts, and much more. You can also manage subscriptions, make changes to your orders post-purchase, map your store’s shipping options to ShipBob, and automatically share tracking information with your customers.

Forecasting and reporting

Partner with ShipBob and access a wealth of data-driven analysis that can inform business decisions and help you grow faster. Keep track of distribution metrics, purchasing trends, predict demand, and forecast inventory to make your business more efficient than ever. Save time and use this data for accurate inventory accounting. You can even keep us accountable with transparent fulfillment performance data.

Why ShipBob is a top choice for Miva shop owners

By connecting ShipStation with Miva, you can create a comprehensive fulfillment and shipping solution for your online store. Here is why ecommerce brands that use Miva choose to ShipBob as their fulfillment provider.

You can also connect OrderDesk with Miva to streamline fulfillment in a similar manner.

Robust technology

ShipBob provides ecommerce brands with reliable order fulfillment services and 3PL software solutions. We own the entire tech stack, meaning we don’t use anyone else’s software. We built our own warehouse management system (WMS), which acts as a control center to compile all fulfillment metrics across all elements of our fulfillment centers.

Owning this deep of a tech stack increases the velocity and scale at which we can make any type of change to our technology based on real-time customer feedback. Here are some of the downstream benefits for ecommerce brands.

Intuitive reporting on shipping and fulfillment performance

Our proprietary merchant dashboard connects to our WMS and gives each merchant deep insights into fulfillment performance, how we’re hitting our SLAs, visibility into order status and inventory counts, and much more.

Rather than requesting someone to create a report for you, you can automatically pull them on-demand, eliminating back and forth while increasing transparency. You get real-time analytics with charts to help you with everything from year-end reporting, to better supply chain decision-making.

Is your store set to ship with ShipBob?

There is no “right” time to get started with a fulfillment provider like ShipBob. But here are some common signs it’s time to outsource fulfillment:

  • You are looking to automate fulfillment for your Miva store
  • You spend an unsustainable amount of time packing and shipping orders
  • You are running out of space to store inventory
  • You want to meet rising customer expectations around shipping
  • You want to get affordable bulk shipping rates across delivery speeds

If you meet some or all of the above criteria, ShipBob can help streamline Miva shipping for your business.

How to set up ShipBob on Miva in 3 steps

Both Shipstation’s and OrderDesk’s softwares integrate with online platforms like Miva and can work as a middleman for stores that cannot directly integrate with ShipBob’s dashboard. It can also be used to bridge all stores together and have all orders sync through one main portal. Here’s how you set up ShipBob and ShipStation or ShipBob and OrderDesk to ultimately connect to your Miva store:

1. Start an account with ShipStation or OrderDesk

ShipStation allows you to manage over 100 stores and marketplace integrations, helps you track inventory, and makes returns easier. To get started with ShipStation, fill out the form here to create an account.

Similarly, ShipBob’s integration with OrderDesk lets you do the same. You can sign up for OrderDesk here.

2. Integrate ShipStation or OrderDesk with ShipBob

Create a free account with ShipBob to access ShipBob’s fulfillment dashboard, then follow the steps here to integrate ShipStation with ShipBob in just a few clicks.

Alternatively, follow the instructions to integrate ShipBob with OrderDesk here. It will take only a few clicks.

3. Sync your products

From the ShipBob dashboard, click on “Quit Setup” and select “Sync Your Products” to sync products from your online store in seconds. You also have the option to add products manually or upload an Excel sheet. For more information, click here.

4. Send inventory to ShipBob

Once you’ve successfully synced your products with ShipBob’s dashboard, you can create a WRO and ship products to one or more ShipBob’s fulfillment center locations. Once we receive your inventory, orders placed on your online store will be automatically sent to ShipBob to be picked, packed, and shipped.

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Can I set up shipping zones with ShipBob?

We determine the zone for each shipment based on zip codes (where the shipment is originated >> the final shipment destination). To reduce shipping costs and reach your customers faster, you can distribute your inventory across ShipBob’s extensive fulfillment network.

Does ShipBob provide carrier discounts?

Yes! When you ship with ShipBob, you’re able to tap into carrier discounts with USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL. This reduces shipping costs and makes your business more profitable.